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The UnicodeĀ® Consortium welcomes your inquiries, submissions, suggestions, or error reports.

Unicode Consortium Notes
Report Problem with Website Including general feedback regarding improvement of the website.
Submit FAQ Suggestion See the FAQ pages.
Contact Office Staff For membership issues, licensing issues, donation inquiries, etc.
Press Inquiries For press inquiries and interview requests.
Unicode Technical Committee Notes
Submit Comment on PRI See list of Current Public Review Issues.
Report Error in Publication/Data Please refer to the posted list of known errata before reporting an error.
Submit UTC Proposal Document See the guidelines on Submitting Character Proposals.
Submit Emoji Encoding Proposal Emoji submissions must follow the formal process specified in those guidelines.
For concerns about emoji images, see Emoji Images and Rights.
Submit Other UTC Document For documents other than character encoding proposals, or to submit an extended comment on an existing proposal.
Request CLDR Submitter ID See CLDR Process.
Submit CLDR Change Request See the CLDR Issues page to check current issues and their status.
Submit ICU Bug or Feature Request See the ICU Issues page to check current issues and their status.

We do not send automated responses. Each report is reviewed by a staff member in our office. You can expect an acknowledgement of your report within 3-5 business days. Follow-up will depend on the type of issue you are reporting.

To pose technical questions, make comments about implementations, or make general observations about the Unicode Standard and other specifications please use the Unicode Public E-Mail List.


By submitting a bug report or patch, or providing information or suggestions, you agree that any contents of your submission are not proprietary or confidential to you or any third party, and the Unicode Consortium shall have the unlimited free, irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual right, for any purpose, to use, reproduce, modify, disclose, distribute, and make derivative works of any code, information, ideas, concepts, or know-how you provide.

The Unicode Consortium will not use the information collected here for future marketing or promotional contacts or other communications beyond the scope of this transaction. In particular, a valid e-mail address is requested in the form. The address you give us will only be used to contact you regarding this report. If you do not or cannot supply an e-mail address, we will have no means of contacting you for further information or resolution of your report.