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Locale Data Summary for Finnish [fi]

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1Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseMain Letters[a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z] [a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s š t u v w x y z ž å ä ö]
2Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliary[á à ă â å ä ã ā æ ç é è ĕ ê ë ē í ì ĭ î ï ī ñ ó ò ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ú ù ŭ û ü ū ÿ] [á à ă â ã ą ā ć č ċ ç ď ð đ é è ê ě ë ė ę ē ğ ǧ ģ ǥ ȟ ħ í î ï İ į ī ı ǩ ķ ĺ ľ ļ ł ń ň ñ ņ ŋ ó ò ô ő õ œ ŕ ř ś ŝ ş ß ť ţ ŧ ú ù û ů ű ų ū ý ÿ ü ź ż ʒ ǯ þ æ ø]
3Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: index[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z] [A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Å Ä Ö]
4Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: punctuation[\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \& # † ‡ ′ ″] [‐ – , ; \: ! ? . … ’ ” » ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \\ \& #]
5Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemdefault= latn
6Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemnative= latn
7Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocalePattern= {0} ({1})
8Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleSeparator= {0}, {1}
9Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleKeyTypePattern= {0}: {1}
10Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbackslanguageLanguage: {0} kieli: {0}
11Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksscriptScript: {0} kirjoitusjärjestelmä: {0}
12Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksterritoryRegion: {0} alue: {0}
13Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaaAfar afar
14Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AabAbkhazian abhaasi
15Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaceAchinese atšeh
16Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AachAcoli atšoli
17Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadaAdangme adangme
18Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadyAdyghe adyge
19Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaeAvestan avesta
20Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaebTunisian Arabic tunisianarabia
21Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafAfrikaans afrikaans
22Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafhAfrihili afrihili
23Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AagqAghem aghem
24Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AainAinu ainu
25Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakAkan akan
26Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakkAkkadian akkadi
27Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakzAlabama alabama
28Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaleAleut aleutti
29Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AalnGheg Albanian geg
30Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaltSouthern Altai altai
31Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AamAmharic amhara
32Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanAragonese aragonia
33Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AangOld English muinaisenglanti
34Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanpAngika angika
35Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarArabic arabia
36Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aar_001Modern Standard Arabic yleisarabia
37Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarcAramaic valtakunnanaramea
38Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarnMapuche mapudungun
39Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaroAraona araona
40Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarpArapaho arapaho
41Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarqAlgerian Arabic algerianarabia
42Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarwArawak arawak
43Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaryMoroccan Arabic marokonarabia
44Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarzEgyptian Arabic egyptinarabia
45Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasAssamese assami
46Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasaAsu asu
47Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaseAmerican Sign Language amerikkalainen viittomakieli
48Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AastAsturian asturia
49Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavAvaric avaari
50Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavkKotava kotava
51Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AawaAwadhi awadhi
52Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AayAymara aimara
53Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazAzerbaijani azeri
54Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aaz-shortAzeri azeri
55Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazbSouth Azerbaijani eteläazeri
56Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaBashkir baškiiri
57Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbalBaluchi belutši
58Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbanBalinese bali
59Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbarBavarian baijeri
60Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbasBasaa basaa
61Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaxBamun bamum
62Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbcBatak Toba batak-toba
63Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbjGhomala ghomala
64Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbeBelarusian valkovenäjä
65Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbejBeja bedža
66Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbemBemba bemba
67Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbewBetawi betawi
68Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbezBena bena
69Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfdBafut fut
70Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfqBadaga badaga
71Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbgBulgarian bulgaria
72Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbhoBhojpuri bhodžpuri
73Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbiBislama bislama
74Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbikBikol bikol
75Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbinBini bini
76Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbjnBanjar banjar
77Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbkmKom kom
78Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BblaSiksika siksika
79Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbmBambara bambara
80Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbnBengali bengali
81Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BboTibetan tiibet
82Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbpyBishnupriya bišnupria
83Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbqiBakhtiari bahtiari
84Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrBreton bretoni
85Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbraBraj bradž
86Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrhBrahui brahui
87Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrxBodo bodo
88Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbsBosnian bosnia
89Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbssAkoose koose
90Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbuaBuriat burjaatti
91Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbugBuginese bugi
92Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbumBulu bulu
93Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbynBlin bilin
94Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbyvMedumba medumba
95Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcaCatalan katalaani
96Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcadCaddo caddo
97Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcarCarib karibi
98Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcayCayuga cayuga
99Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcchAtsam atsam
100Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CceChechen tšetšeeni
101Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcebCebuano cebuano
102Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcggChiga kiga
103Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchChamorro tšamorro
104Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchbChibcha tšibtša
105Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchgChagatai tšagatai
106Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchkChuukese chuuk
107Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchmMari mari
108Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchnChinook Jargon chinook-jargon
109Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchoChoctaw choctaw
110Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchpChipewyan chipewyan
111Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchrCherokee cherokee
112Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchyCheyenne cheyenne
113Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CckbSorani Kurdish sorani
114Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcoCorsican korsika
115Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcopCoptic kopti
116Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcpsCapiznon capiznon
117Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrCree cree
118Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrhCrimean Turkish krimintataari
119Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Ccrh-secondaryn/a kriminturkki
120Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsCzech tšekki
121Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsbKashubian kašubi
122Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcuChurch Slavic kirkkoslaavi
123Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcvChuvash tšuvassi
124Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcyWelsh kymri
125Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdaDanish tanska
126Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdakDakota dakota
127Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdarDargwa dargi
128Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdavTaita taita
129Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdeGerman saksa
130Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_ATAustrian German itävallansaksa
131Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_CHSwiss High German sveitsinyläsaksa
132Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdelDelaware delaware
133Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdenSlave slevi
134Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdgrDogrib dogrib
135Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdinDinka dinka
136Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdjeZarma djerma
137Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdoiDogri dogri
138Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdsbLower Sorbian alasorbi
139Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdtpCentral Dusun dusun
140Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DduaDuala duala
141Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdumMiddle Dutch keskihollanti
142Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdvDivehi divehi
143Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyoJola-Fonyi jola-fonyi
144Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyuDyula djula
145Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzDzongkha dzongkha
146Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzgDazaga dazaga
147Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EebuEmbu embu
148Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeeEwe ewe
149Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EefiEfik efik
150Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeglEmilian emilia
151Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EegyAncient Egyptian muinaisegypti
152Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EekaEkajuk ekajuk
153Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelGreek kreikka
154Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelxElamite elami
155Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenEnglish englanti
156Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_AUAustralian English australianenglanti
157Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_CACanadian English kanadanenglanti
158Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GBBritish English britannianenglanti
159Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GB-shortU.K. English englanti (Britannia)
160Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_USAmerican English amerikanenglanti
161Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_US-shortU.S. English englanti (USA)
162Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenmMiddle English keskienglanti
163Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeoEsperanto esperanto
164Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesSpanish espanja
165Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_419Latin American Spanish amerikanespanja
166Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_ESEuropean Spanish espanjanespanja
167Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_MXMexican Spanish meksikonespanja
168Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesuCentral Yupik alaskanjupik
169Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EetEstonian viro
170Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeuBasque baski
171Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EewoEwondo ewondo
172Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EextExtremaduran extremadura
173Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfaPersian farsi
174Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffa-secondaryn/a persia
175Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfanFang fang
176Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfatFanti fanti
177Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FffFulah fulani
178Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfiFinnish suomi
179Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfilFilipino filipino
180Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfitTornedalen Finnish meänkieli
181Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfjFijian fidži
182Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfoFaroese fääri
183Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfonFon fon
184Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrFrench ranska
185Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CACanadian French kanadanranska
186Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CHSwiss French sveitsinranska
187Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrcCajun French cajun
188Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrmMiddle French keskiranska
189Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfroOld French muinaisranska
190Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrpArpitan arpitaani
191Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrrNorthern Frisian pohjoisfriisi
192Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrsEastern Frisian itäfriisi
193Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfurFriulian friuli
194Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfyWestern Frisian länsifriisi
195Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaIrish iiri
196Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaaGa ga
197Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgagGagauz gagauzi
198Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GganGan Chinese gan-kiina
199Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgayGayo gajo
200Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbaGbaya gbaja
201Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbzZoroastrian Dari zoroastrialaisdari
202Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgdScottish Gaelic gaeli
203Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgezGeez ge’ez
204Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgilGilbertese kiribati
205Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglGalician galicia
206Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglkGilaki gilaki
207Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgmhMiddle High German keskiyläsaksa
208Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgnGuarani guarani
209Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgohOld High German muinaisyläsaksa
210Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgomGoan Konkani goankonkani
211Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgonGondi gondi
212Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgorGorontalo gorontalo
213Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgotGothic gootti
214Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrbGrebo grebo
215Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrcAncient Greek muinaiskreikka
216Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgswSwiss German sveitsinsaksa
217Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguGujarati gudžarati
218Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgucWayuu wayuu
219Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgurFrafra frafra
220Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguzGusii gusii
221Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgvManx manksi
222Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgwiGwichʼin gwitšin
223Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaHausa hausa
224Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaiHaida haida
225Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhakHakka Chinese hakka-kiina
226Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhawHawaiian havaiji
227Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HheHebrew heprea
228Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhiHindi hindi
229Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhifFiji Hindi fidžinhindi
230Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhilHiligaynon hiligaino
231Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhitHittite heetti
232Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhmnHmong hmong
233Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhoHiri Motu hiri-motu
234Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhrCroatian kroatia
235Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsbUpper Sorbian yläsorbi
236Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsnXiang Chinese xiang-kiina
237Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhtHaitian haiti
238Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhuHungarian unkari
239Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhupHupa hupa
240Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhyArmenian armenia
241Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhzHerero herero
242Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiaInterlingua interlingua
243Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibaIban iban
244Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibbIbibio ibibio
245Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IidIndonesian indonesia
246Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IieInterlingue interlingue
247Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IigIgbo igbo
248Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiiSichuan Yi sichuanin-yi
249Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IikInupiaq inupiaq
250Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiloIloko iloko
251Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IinhIngush inguuši
252Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IioIdo ido
253Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IisIcelandic islanti
254Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IitItalian italia
255Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiuInuktitut inuktitut
256Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IizhIngrian inkeroinen
257Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjaJapanese japani
258Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjamJamaican Creole English jamaikankreolienglanti
259Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjboLojban lojban
260Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjgoNgomba ngomba
261Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjmcMachame machame
262Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjprJudeo-Persian juutalaispersia
263Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjrbJudeo-Arabic juutalaisarabia
264Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjutJutish juutti
265Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjvJavanese jaava
266Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaGeorgian georgia
267Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaaKara-Kalpak karakalpakki
268Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkabKabyle kabyyli
269Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkacKachin katšin
270Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkajJju jju
271Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkamKamba kamba
272Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkawKawi kavi
273Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkbdKabardian kabardi
274Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkblKanembu kanembu
275Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkcgTyap tyap
276Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkdeMakonde makonde
277Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkeaKabuverdianu kapverdenkreoli
278Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkenKenyang kenyang
279Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkfoKoro norsunluurannikonkoro
280Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgKongo kongo
281Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgpKaingang kaingang
282Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhaKhasi khasi
283Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhoKhotanese khotani
284Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhqKoyra Chiini koyra chiini
285Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhwKhowar khowar
286Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiKikuyu kikuju
287Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiuKirmanjki kirmanjki
288Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkjKuanyama kuanjama
289Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkKazakh kazakki
290Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkjKako kako
291Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklKalaallisut kalaallisut
292Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)Kkl-secondaryn/a grönlanti
293Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklnKalenjin kalenjin
294Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmKhmer khmer
295Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmbKimbundu kimbundu
296Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KknKannada kannada
297Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoKorean korea
298Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoiKomi-Permyak komipermjakki
299Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkokKonkani konkani
300Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkosKosraean kosrae
301Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkpeKpelle kpelle
302Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrKanuri kanuri
303Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrcKarachay-Balkar karatšai-balkaari
304Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkriKrio krio
305Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrjKinaray-a kinaray-a
306Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrlKarelian karjala
307Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkruKurukh kurukh
308Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksKashmiri kašmiri
309Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksbShambala shambala
310Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksfBafia bafia
311Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkshColognian kölsch
312Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkuKurdish kurdi
313Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkumKumyk kumykki
314Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkutKutenai kutenai
315Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkvKomi komi
316Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkwCornish korni
317Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkyKyrgyz kirgiisi
318Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlaLatin latina
319Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LladLadino ladino
320Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)Llad-secondaryn/a juutalaisespanja
321Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlagLangi lango
322Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlahLahnda lahnda
323Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlamLamba lamba
324Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlbLuxembourgish luxemburg
325Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlezLezghian lezgi
326Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlfnLingua Franca Nova lingua franca nova
327Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlgGanda ganda
328Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LliLimburgish limburg
329Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlijLigurian liguuri
330Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlivLivonian liivi
331Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlktLakota lakota
332Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlmoLombard lombardi
333Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlnLingala lingala
334Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LloLao lao
335Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlolMongo mongo
336Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlozLozi lozi
337Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltLithuanian liettua
338Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltgLatgalian latgalli
339Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluLuba-Katanga katanganluba
340Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluaLuba-Lulua luluanluba
341Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluiLuiseno luiseño
342Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlunLunda lunda
343Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluoLuo luo
344Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlusMizo lusai
345Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluyLuyia luhya
346Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlvLatvian latvia
347Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzhLiterary Chinese klassinen kiina
348Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzzLaz lazi
349Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmadMadurese madura
350Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmafMafa mafa
351Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmagMagahi magahi
352Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmaiMaithili maithili
353Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmakMakasar makassar
354Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmanMandingo mandingo
355Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmasMasai maasai
356Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdeMaba maba
357Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdfMoksha mokša
358Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdrMandar mandar
359Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmenMende mende
360Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmerMeru meru
361Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmfeMorisyen morisyen
362Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgMalagasy malagassi
363Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgaMiddle Irish keski-iiri
364Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmghMakhuwa-Meetto makua-meetto
365Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgoMetaʼ meta’
366Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmhMarshallese marshall
367Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmiMaori maori
368Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmicMicmac micmac
369Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MminMinangkabau minangkabau
370Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmkMacedonian makedonia
371Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmlMalayalam malajalam
372Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmnMongolian mongoli
373Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmncManchu mantšu
374Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmniManipuri manipuri
375Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmohMohawk mohawk
376Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmosMossi mossi
377Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrMarathi marathi
378Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrjWestern Mari vuorimari
379Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmsMalay malaiji
380Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmtMaltese malta
381Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmuaMundang mundang
382Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmulMultiple Languages monia kieliä
383Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmusCreek creek
384Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwlMirandese mirandeesi
385Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwrMarwari marwari
386Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwvMentawai mentawai
387Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyBurmese burma
388Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyeMyene myene
389Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyvErzya ersä
390Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmznMazanderani mazandarani
391Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaNauru nauru
392Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnanMin Nan Chinese min nan -kiina
393Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnapNeapolitan napoli
394Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaqNama nama
395Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnbNorwegian Bokmål norjan bokmål
396Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndNorth Ndebele pohjois-ndebele
397Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndsLow German alasaksa
398Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NneNepali nepali
399Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnewNewari newari
400Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NngNdonga ndonga
401Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniaNias nias
402Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniuNiuean niue
403Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnjoAo Naga ao naga
404Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnlDutch hollanti
405Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)Nnl_BEFlemish flaami
406Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnmgKwasio kwasio
407Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnNorwegian Nynorsk norjan nynorsk
408Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnhNgiemboon ngiemboon
409Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnoNorwegian norja
410Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnogNogai nogai
411Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnonOld Norse muinaisnorja
412Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnovNovial novial
413Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnqoNʼKo n’ko
414Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnrSouth Ndebele etelä-ndebele
415Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnsoNorthern Sotho pohjoissotho
416Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnusNuer nuer
417Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnvNavajo navajo
418Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnwcClassical Newari klassinen newari
419Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyNyanja njandža
420Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnymNyamwezi nyamwezi
421Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnynNyankole nyankole
422Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyoNyoro nyoro
423Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnziNzima nzima
424Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OocOccitan oksitaani
425Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OojOjibwa odžibwa
426Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OomOromo oromo
427Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OorOriya orija
428Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosOssetic osseetti
429Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosaOsage osage
430Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OotaOttoman Turkish osmani
431Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpaPunjabi pandžabi
432Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpagPangasinan pangasinan
433Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpalPahlavi pahlavi
434Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpamPampanga pampanga
435Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpapPapiamento papiamentu
436Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpauPalauan palau
437Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpcdPicard picardi
438Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdcPennsylvania German pennsylvaniansaksa
439Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdtPlautdietsch plautdietsch
440Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpeoOld Persian muinaispersia
441Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpflPalatine German pfaltsi
442Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PphnPhoenician foinikia
443Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpiPali paali
444Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PplPolish puola
445Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpmsPiedmontese piemonte
446Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpntPontic pontoksenkreikka
447Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PponPohnpeian pohnpei
448Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PprgPrussian muinaispreussi
449Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PproOld Provençal muinaisprovensaali
450Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpsPashto paštu
451Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PptPortuguese portugali
452Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_BRBrazilian Portuguese brasilianportugali
453Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_PTEuropean Portuguese portugalinportugali
454Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QquQuechua ketšua
455Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqucKʼicheʼ kʼicheʼ
456Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqugChimborazo Highland Quichua chimborazonylänköketšua
457Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrajRajasthani radžastani
458Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrapRapanui rapanui
459Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrarRarotongan rarotonga
460Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrgnRomagnol romagnoli
461Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrifRiffian tarifit
462Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrmRomansh retoromaani
463Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrnRundi rundi
464Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RroRomanian romania
465Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Rro_MDMoldavian moldova
466Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrofRombo rombo
467Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RromRomany romani
468Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrootRoot juuri
469Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrtmRotuman rotuma
470Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RruRussian venäjä
471Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrueRusyn ruteeni
472Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrugRoviana roviana
473Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrupAromanian aromania
474Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwKinyarwanda ruanda
475Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwkRwa rwa
476Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaSanskrit sanskrit
477Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsadSandawe sandawe
478Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsahSakha jakuutti
479Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsamSamaritan Aramaic samarianaramea
480Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaqSamburu samburu
481Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsasSasak sasak
482Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsatSantali santali
483Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsazSaurashtra sauraštri
484Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbaNgambay ngambay
485Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbpSangu sangu
486Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscSardinian sardi
487Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscnSicilian sisilia
488Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscoScots skotti
489Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdSindhi sindhi
490Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdcSassarese Sardinian sassarinsardi
491Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseNorthern Sami pohjoissaame
492Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseeSeneca seneca
493Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsehSena sena
494Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseiSeri seri
495Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SselSelkup selkuppi
496Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsesKoyraboro Senni koyraboro senni
497Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgSango sango
498Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgaOld Irish muinaisiiri
499Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgsSamogitian samogiitti
500Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshSerbo-Croatian serbokroaatti
501Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshiTachelhit tašelhit
502Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshnShan shan
503Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshuChadian Arabic tšadinarabia
504Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsiSinhala sinhala
505Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsidSidamo sidamo
506Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SskSlovak slovakki
507Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslSlovenian sloveeni
508Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsliLower Silesian sleesiansaksa
509Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslySelayar selayar
510Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmSamoan samoa
511Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmaSouthern Sami eteläsaame
512Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmjLule Sami luulajansaame
513Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmnInari Sami inarinsaame
514Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmsSkolt Sami koltansaame
515Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnShona šona
516Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnkSoninke soninke
517Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsoSomali somali
518Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsogSogdien sogdi
519Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsqAlbanian albania
520Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrSerbian serbia
521Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrnSranan Tongo sranan
522Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrrSerer serer
523Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssSwati swazi
524Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssySaho saho
525Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstSouthern Sotho eteläsotho
526Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstqSaterland Frisian saterlandinfriisi
527Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuSundanese sunda
528Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsukSukuma sukuma
529Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsusSusu susu
530Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuxSumerian sumeri
531Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsvSwedish ruotsi
532Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswSwahili swahili
533Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswbComorian komori
534Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswcCongo Swahili kingwana
535Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsycClassical Syriac muinaissyyria
536Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsyrSyriac syyria
537Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SszlSilesian sleesia
538Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtaTamil tamili
539Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtcyTulu tulu
540Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteTelugu telugu
541Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtemTimne temne
542Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteoTeso teso
543Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TterTereno tereno
544Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtetTetum tetum
545Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtgTajik tadžikki
546Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TthThai thai
547Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtiTigrinya tigrinja
548Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtigTigre tigre
549Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtivTiv tiv
550Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkTurkmen turkmeeni
551Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtklTokelau tokelau
552Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkrTsakhur tsahuri
553Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlTagalog tagalog
554Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlhKlingon klingon
555Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtliTlingit tlingit
556Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlyTalysh tališi
557Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtmhTamashek tamašek
558Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtnTswana tswana
559Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtoTongan tonga
560Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtogNyasa Tonga malawintonga
561Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtpiTok Pisin tok-pisin
562Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrTurkish turkki
563Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtruTuroyo turojo
564Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrvTaroko taroko
565Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsTsonga tsonga
566Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsdTsakonian tsakonia
567Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsiTsimshian tsimši
568Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TttTatar tataari
569Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtttMuslim Tat tati
570Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtumTumbuka tumbuka
571Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtvlTuvalu tuvalu
572Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwTwi twi
573Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwqTasawaq tasawaq
574Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyTahitian tahiti
575Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyvTuvinian tuva
576Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtzmCentral Atlas Tamazight keskiatlaksentamazight
577Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UudmUdmurt udmurtti
578Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugUyghur uiguuri
579Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugaUgaritic ugarit
580Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UukUkrainian ukraina
581Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UumbUmbundu mbundu
582Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UundUnknown Language määrittämätön kieli
583Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UurUrdu urdu
584Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UuzUzbek uzbekki
585Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvaiVai vai
586Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VveVenda venda
587Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvecVenetian venetsia
588Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvepVeps vepsä
589Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VviVietnamese vietnam
590Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvlsWest Flemish länsiflaami
591Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvmfMain-Franconian maininfrankki
592Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvoVolapük volapük
593Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvotVotic vatja
594Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvroVõro võro
595Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvunVunjo vunjo
596Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaWalloon valloni
597Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaeWalser walser
598Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwalWolaytta wolaitta
599Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwarWaray waray
600Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwasWasho washo
601Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwoWolof wolof
602Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwuuWu Chinese wu-kiina
603Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxalKalmyk kalmukki
604Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxhXhosa xhosa
605Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxmfMingrelian mingreli
606Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxogSoga soga
607Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyaoYao jao
608Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyapYapese japi
609Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyavYangben yangben
610Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YybbYemba yemba
611Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyiYiddish jiddiš
612Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyoYoruba joruba
613Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyrlNheengatu ñeengatú
614Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyueCantonese kantoninkiina
615Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzaZhuang zhuang
616Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzapZapotec zapoteekki
617Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzblBlissymbols blisskieli
618Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzeaZeelandic seelanti
619Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzenZenaga zenaga
620Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzghStandard Moroccan Tamazight vakioitu tamazight
621Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzhChinese kiina
622Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HansSimplified Chinese yksinkertaistettu kiina
623Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HantTraditional Chinese perinteinen kiina
624Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzuZulu zulu
625Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzunZuni zuni
626Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzxxNo linguistic content ei kielellistä sisältöä
627Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzzaZaza zaza
628Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArabArabic arabialainen
629Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArab-variantPerso-Arabic persialaisarabialainen
630Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArmnArmenian armenialainen
631Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBengBengali bengalilainen
632Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBopoBopomofo bopomofo
633Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseCyrlCyrillic kyrillinen
634Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseDevaDevanagari devanagari
635Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthiEthiopic etiopialainen
636Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthi-secondaryn/a ge’ez
637Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeorGeorgian georgialainen
638Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeor-secondaryn/a mkhedruli
639Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGrekGreek kreikkalainen
640Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGujrGujarati gudžaratilainen
641Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGuruGurmukhi gurmukhi
642Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHangHangul hangul
643Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHaniHan kiinalainen han
644Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHansSimplified yksinkertaistettu han
645Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHans-stand-aloneSimplified Han kiinalainen yksinkertaistettu han
646Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHantTraditional perinteinen han
647Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHant-stand-aloneTraditional Han kiinalainen perinteinen han
648Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHebrHebrew heprealainen
649Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHiraHiragana hiragana
650Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJpanJapanese japanilainen
651Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKanaKatakana katakana
652Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKhmrKhmer khmeriläinen
653Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKndaKannada kannadalainen
654Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKoreKorean korealainen
655Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLaooLao laolainen
656Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLatnLatin latinalainen
657Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMlymMalayalam malajalamilainen
658Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMymrMyanmar burmalainen
659Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseOryaOriya orijalainen
660Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseSinhSinhala sinhalilainen
661Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTamlTamil tamililainen
662Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTeluTelugu telugulainen
663Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaaThaana thaana
664Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaiThai thailainen
665Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTibtTibetan tiibetiläinen
666Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZyyyCommon määrittämätön
667Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalCansUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics kanadalaisten alkuperäiskansojen yhtenäistetty tavukirjoitus
668Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalMongMongolian mongolilainen
669Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalPlrdPollard Phonetic Pollardin foneettinen
670Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalTfngTifinagh tifinagh
671Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalYiiiYi yiläinen
672Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBaliBalinese balilainen
673Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBamuBamum bamum
674Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBatkBatak batakilainen
675Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCakmChakma chakmalainen
676Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseChamCham tšamilainen
677Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCherCherokee cherokeelainen
678Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseJavaJavanese jaavalainen
679Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseKaliKayah Li kayah li
680Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLanaLanna lanna
681Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLepcLepcha lepchalainen
682Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLimbLimbu limbulainen
683Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLisuFraser Fraserin aakkoset
684Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMandMandaean mandealainen
685Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMteiMeitei Mayek meitei
686Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMtei-secondaryn/a meitei mayek
687Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNkooN’Ko n’ko
688Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOlckOl Chiki ol chiki
689Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSaurSaurashtra saurashtra
690Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSundSundanese sundalainen
691Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyloSyloti Nagri syloti nagri
692Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyrcSyriac syyrialainen
693Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaleTai Le tailelainen
694Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaluNew Tai Lue uusi tailuelainen
695Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTavtTai Viet tai viet
696Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseVaiiVai vailainen
697Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAghbCaucasian Albanian kaukasianalbanialainen
698Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricArmiImperial Aramaic valtakunnanaramealainen
699Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAvstAvestan avestalainen
700Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBassBassa Vah bassa
701Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBrahBrahmi brahmi
702Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBugiBuginese bugilainen
703Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBuhdBuhid buhidilainen
704Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCariCarian kaarialainen
705Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCoptCoptic koptilainen
706Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCprtCypriot muinaiskyproslainen
707Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDsrtDeseret deseret
708Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDuplDuployan shorthand Duployén pikakirjoitus
709Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricEgypEgyptian hieroglyphs egyptiläiset hieroglyfit
710Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricElbaElbasan elbasanilainen
711Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGlagGlagolitic glagoliittinen
712Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGothGothic goottilainen
713Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGranGrantha grantha
714Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHanoHanunoo hanunoolainen
715Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHmngPahawh Hmong pahawh hmong
716Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricItalOld Italic muinaisitalialainen
717Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKharKharoshthi kharosthi
718Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKhojKhojki khojki
719Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKthiKaithi kaithi
720Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinaLinear A lineaari-A
721Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinbLinear B lineaari-B
722Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLyciLycian lyykialainen
723Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLydiLydian lyydialainen
724Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMahjMahajani mahajanilainen
725Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricManiManichaean manikealainen
726Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMendMende mende
727Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMercMeroitic Cursive meroiittinen kursiivikirjoitus
728Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMeroMeroitic meroiittinen
729Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricModiModi modi-aakkoset
730Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMrooMro mro
731Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNarbOld North Arabian muinaispohjoisarabialainen
732Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNbatNabataean nabatealainen
733Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOgamOgham ogam
734Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOrkhOrkhon orkhon
735Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOsmaOsmanya osmanjalainen
736Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPalmPalmyrene palmyralainen
737Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPaucPau Cin Hau zotuallai
738Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPermOld Permic muinaispermiläinen
739Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhagPhags-pa phags-pa
740Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhliInscriptional Pahlavi piirtokirjoituspahlavilainen
741Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhlpPsalter Pahlavi psalttaripahlavilainen
742Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhnxPhoenician foinikialainen
743Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPrtiInscriptional Parthian piirtokirjoitusparthialainen
744Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricQaac= Qaac
745Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRjngRejang rejang
746Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRunrRunic riimukirjoitus
747Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSamrSamaritan samarianaramealainen
748Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSarbOld South Arabian muinaiseteläarabialainen
749Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShawShavian shaw’lainen
750Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShrdSharada šarada
751Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSiddSiddham siddham-tavukirjoitus
752Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSindKhudawadi khudabadi
753Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoraSora Sompeng sorang sompeng
754Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTagbTagbanwa tagbanwalainen
755Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTakrTakri takri
756Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTglgTagalog tagalogilainen
757Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTirhTirhuta tirhuta
758Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricUgarUgaritic ugaritilainen
759Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricWaraVarang Kshiti varang kshiti
760Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXpeoOld Persian muinaispersialainen
761Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXsuxSumero-Akkadian Cuneiform sumerilais-akkadilainen nuolenpääkirjoitus
762Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherAfakAfaka afaka
763Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBlisBlissymbols bliss-symbolit
764Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBraiBraille braille-pistekirjoitus
765Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCirtCirth cirth
766Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCyrsOld Church Slavonic Cyrillic kyrillinen muinaiskirkkoslaavimuunnelma
767Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgydEgyptian demotic egyptiläinen demoottinen
768Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgyhEgyptian hieratic egyptiläinen hieraattinen
769Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeokGeorgian Khutsuri muinaisgeorgialainen
770Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeok-secondaryn/a khutsuri
771Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHluwAnatolian Hieroglyphs anatolialaiset hieroglyfit
772Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHrktJapanese syllabaries hiragana tai katakana
773Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHungOld Hungarian muinaisunkarilainen
774Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherIndsIndus induslainen
775Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherJurcJurchen džurtšen
776Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherKpelKpelle kpelle
777Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatfFraktur Latin latinalainen fraktuuramuunnelma
778Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatgGaelic Latin latinalainen gaelimuunnelma
779Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLomaLoma loma
780Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMayaMayan hieroglyphs maya-hieroglyfit
781Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMoonMoon moon-kohokirjoitus
782Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNkgbNaxi Geba naxi geba
783Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNshuNüshu nüshu
784Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherPhlvBook Pahlavi kirjapahlavilainen
785Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaa= Qaaa
786Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaab= Qaab
787Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaad= Qaad
788Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaae= Qaae
789Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaf= Qaaf
790Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaag= Qaag
791Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaah= Qaah
792Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaj= Qaaj
793Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaak= Qaak
794Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaal= Qaal
795Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaam= Qaam
796Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaan= Qaan
797Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaao= Qaao
798Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaap= Qaap
799Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaq= Qaaq
800Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaar= Qaar
801Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaas= Qaas
802Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaat= Qaat
803Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaau= Qaau
804Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaav= Qaav
805Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaw= Qaaw
806Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaax= Qaax
807Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaay= Qaay
808Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaz= Qaaz
809Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaba= Qaba
810Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabb= Qabb
811Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabc= Qabc
812Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabd= Qabd
813Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabe= Qabe
814Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabf= Qabf
815Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabg= Qabg
816Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabh= Qabh
817Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabi= Qabi
818Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabj= Qabj
819Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabk= Qabk
820Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabl= Qabl
821Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabm= Qabm
822Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabn= Qabn
823Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabo= Qabo
824Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabp= Qabp
825Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabq= Qabq
826Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabr= Qabr
827Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabs= Qabs
828Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabt= Qabt
829Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabu= Qabu
830Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabv= Qabv
831Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabw= Qabw
832Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabx= Qabx
833Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherRoroRongorongo rongorongo
834Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSaraSarati sarati
835Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSgnw= SignWriting
836Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyreEstrangelo Syriac syyrialainen estrangelo-muunnelma
837Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrjWestern Syriac syyrialainen läntinen muunnelma
838Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrnEastern Syriac syyrialainen itäinen muunnelma
839Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTangTangut tangut
840Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTengTengwar tengwar
841Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVispVisible Speech näkyvä puhe
842Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVisp-secondaryn/a Visible Speech
843Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherWoleWoleai woleai
844Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZinhInherited peritty
845Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZmthMathematical Notation matemaattinen
846Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsymSymbols symbolit
847Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZxxxUnwritten kirjoittamaton
848Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZzzzUnknown Script tuntematon kirjoitusjärjestelmä
849Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld001World maailma
850Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld019Americas Amerikka
851Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld002Africa Afrikka
852Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld150Europe Eurooppa
853Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld142Asia Aasia
854Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld009Oceania Oseania
855Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas003North America Pohjois-Amerikka
856Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas021Northern America pohjoinen Amerikka
857Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas013Central America Väli-Amerikka
858Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas029Caribbean Karibia
859Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas005South America Etelä-Amerikka
860Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas419Latin America Latinalainen Amerikka
861Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica015Northern Africa Pohjois-Afrikka
862Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica011Western Africa Länsi-Afrikka
863Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica017Middle Africa Keski-Afrikka
864Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica014Eastern Africa Itä-Afrikka
865Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica018Southern Africa eteläinen Afrikka
866Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope154Northern Europe Pohjois-Eurooppa
867Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope155Western Europe Länsi-Eurooppa
868Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope151Eastern Europe Itä-Eurooppa
869Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope039Southern Europe Etelä-Eurooppa
870Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia145Western Asia Länsi-Aasia
871Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia143Central Asia Keski-Aasia
872Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia030Eastern Asia Itä-Aasia
873Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia034Southern Asia Etelä-Aasia
874Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia035Southeast Asia Kaakkois-Aasia
875Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania053Australasia Australaasia
876Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania054= Melanesia
877Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania057Micronesian Region Mikronesia
878Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania061= Polynesia
879Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceaniaQOOutlying Oceania ulkomeri
880Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionZZUnknown Region tuntematon alue
881Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaBM= Bermuda
882Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaCACanada Kanada
883Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaGLGreenland Grönlanti
884Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaPMSt. Pierre & Miquelon Saint-Pierre ja Miquelon
885Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUSUnited States Yhdysvallat
886Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUS-shortU.S. USA
887Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaBZ= Belize
888Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaCR= Costa Rica
889Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaGT= Guatemala
890Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaHN= Honduras
891Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaMXMexico Meksiko
892Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaNI= Nicaragua
893Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaPA= Panama
894Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaSV= El Salvador
895Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAGAntigua & Barbuda Antigua ja Barbuda
896Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAI= Anguilla
897Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAW= Aruba
898Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBB= Barbados
899Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBLSt. Barthélemy Saint-Barthélemy
900Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBQCaribbean Netherlands Karibian Alankomaat
901Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBSBahamas Bahama
902Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCUCuba Kuuba
903Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCW= Curaçao
904Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDM= Dominica
905Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDODominican Republic Dominikaaninen tasavalta
906Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGD= Grenada
907Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGP= Guadeloupe
908Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanHT= Haiti
909Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanJMJamaica Jamaika
910Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKNSt. Kitts & Nevis Saint Kitts ja Nevis
911Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKYCayman Islands Caymansaaret
912Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanLCSt. Lucia Saint Lucia
913Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMFSt. Martin Saint-Martin
914Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMQ= Martinique
915Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMS= Montserrat
916Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanPR= Puerto Rico
917Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanSX= Sint Maarten
918Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTCTurks & Caicos Islands Turks- ja Caicossaaret
919Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTTTrinidad & Tobago Trinidad ja Tobago
920Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVCSt. Vincent & Grenadines Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinit
921Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVGBritish Virgin Islands Brittiläiset Neitsytsaaret
922Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVIU.S. Virgin Islands Yhdysvaltain Neitsytsaaret
923Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanANNetherlands Antilles Alankomaiden Antillit
924Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaARArgentina Argentiina
925Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBO= Bolivia
926Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBRBrazil Brasilia
927Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCL= Chile
928Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCOColombia Kolumbia
929Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaEC= Ecuador
930Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFKFalkland Islands Falklandinsaaret
931Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFK-variantFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Falklandinsaaret (Malvinassaaret)
932Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGFFrench Guiana Ranskan Guayana
933Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGY= Guyana
934Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPE= Peru
935Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPY= Paraguay
936Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaSRSuriname Surinam
937Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaUY= Uruguay
938Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaVE= Venezuela
939Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaDZ= Algeria
940Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEGEgypt Egypti
941Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEHWestern Sahara Länsi-Sahara
942Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaLY= Libya
943Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaMAMorocco Marokko
944Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSD= Sudan
945Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSSSouth Sudan Etelä-Sudan
946Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaTN= Tunisia
947Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEACeuta & Melilla Ceuta ja Melilla
948Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaICCanary Islands Kanariansaaret
949Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBF= Burkina Faso
950Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBJ= Benin
951Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCICôte d’Ivoire Norsunluurannikko
952Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI-variantIvory Coast Côte d’Ivoire
953Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCVCape Verde Kap Verde
954Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGH= Ghana
955Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGM= Gambia
956Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGN= Guinea
957Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGW= Guinea-Bissau
958Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaLR= Liberia
959Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaML= Mali
960Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMR= Mauritania
961Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNE= Niger
962Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNG= Nigeria
963Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSHSt. Helena Saint Helena
964Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSL= Sierra Leone
965Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSN= Senegal
966Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaTG= Togo
967Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaAO= Angola
968Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCDCongo - Kinshasa Kongon demokraattinen tasavalta
969Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD-variantCongo (DRC) Kongo-Kinshasa
970Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCFCentral African Republic Keski-Afrikan tasavalta
971Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCGCongo - Brazzaville Kongon tasavalta
972Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG-variantCongo (Republic) Kongo-Brazzaville
973Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCMCameroon Kamerun
974Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGA= Gabon
975Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGQEquatorial Guinea Päiväntasaajan Guinea
976Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaSTSão Tomé & Príncipe São Tomé ja Príncipe
977Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaTDChad Tšad
978Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaBI= Burundi
979Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaDJ= Djibouti
980Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaER= Eritrea
981Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaETEthiopia Etiopia
982Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKEKenya Kenia
983Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKMComoros Komorit
984Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMGMadagascar Madagaskar
985Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMU= Mauritius
986Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMW= Malawi
987Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMZMozambique Mosambik
988Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRE= Réunion
989Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRWRwanda Ruanda
990Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSCSeychelles Seychellit
991Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSO= Somalia
992Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTZTanzania Tansania
993Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaUG= Uganda
994Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaYT= Mayotte
995Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZMZambia Sambia
996Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZW= Zimbabwe
997Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaBW= Botswana
998Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaLS= Lesotho
999Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaNA= Namibia
1000Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaSZSwaziland Swazimaa
1001Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaZASouth Africa Etelä-Afrikka
1002Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)EuropeEUEuropean Union Euroopan unioni
1003Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGG= Guernsey
1004Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIMIsle of Man Mansaari
1005Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeJE= Jersey
1006Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeAXÅland Islands Ahvenanmaa
1007Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeDKDenmark Tanska
1008Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeEEEstonia Viro
1009Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFIFinland Suomi
1010Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFOFaroe Islands Färsaaret
1011Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGBUnited Kingdom Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
1012Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGB-shortU.K. Britannia
1013Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIEIreland Irlanti
1014Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeISIceland Islanti
1015Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLTLithuania Liettua
1016Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLV= Latvia
1017Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeNONorway Norja
1018Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSESweden Ruotsi
1019Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSJSvalbard & Jan Mayen Huippuvuoret ja Jan Mayen
1020Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeATAustria Itävalta
1021Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeBEBelgium Belgia
1022Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeCHSwitzerland Sveitsi
1023Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeDEGermany Saksa
1024Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeFRFrance Ranska
1025Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLI= Liechtenstein
1026Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLULuxembourg Luxemburg
1027Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeMC= Monaco
1028Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeNLNetherlands Alankomaat
1029Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBG= Bulgaria
1030Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBYBelarus Valko-Venäjä
1031Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZCzech Republic Tšekki
1032Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeHUHungary Unkari
1033Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeMD= Moldova
1034Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropePLPoland Puola
1035Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRO= Romania
1036Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRURussia Venäjä
1037Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeSK= Slovakia
1038Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeUAUkraine Ukraina
1039Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeAD= Andorra
1040Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeAL= Albania
1041Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeBABosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia ja Hertsegovina
1042Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeESSpain Espanja
1043Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGI= Gibraltar
1044Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGRGreece Kreikka
1045Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeHRCroatia Kroatia
1046Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeITItaly Italia
1047Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeME= Montenegro
1048Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMKMacedonia Makedonia
1049Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMK-variantMacedonia (FYROM) EJT Makedonia
1050Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMT= Malta
1051Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeRS= Serbia
1052Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropePTPortugal Portugali
1053Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSI= Slovenia
1054Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSM= San Marino
1055Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeVAVatican City Vatikaani
1056Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeXK= Kosovo
1057Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAEUnited Arab Emirates Arabiemiirikunnat
1058Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAM= Armenia
1059Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAZAzerbaijan Azerbaidžan
1060Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaBH= Bahrain
1061Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaCYCyprus Kypros
1062Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaGE= Georgia
1063Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIL= Israel
1064Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIQIraq Irak
1065Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaJOJordan Jordania
1066Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaKW= Kuwait
1067Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaLBLebanon Libanon
1068Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaOM= Oman
1069Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPSPalestinian Territories Palestiinalaisalueet
1070Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPS-shortPalestine Palestiina
1071Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaQA= Qatar
1072Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSASaudi Arabia Saudi-Arabia
1073Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSYSyria Syyria
1074Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaTRTurkey Turkki
1075Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaYEYemen Jemen
1076Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTM= Turkmenistan
1077Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTJTajikistan Tadžikistan
1078Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKGKyrgyzstan Kirgisia
1079Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKZKazakhstan Kazakstan
1080Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaUZ= Uzbekistan
1081Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaCNChina Kiina
1082Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHKHong Kong SAR China Hongkong – Kiinan e.h.a.
1083Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHK-shortHong Kong Hongkong
1084Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaJPJapan Japani
1085Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKPNorth Korea Pohjois-Korea
1086Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKRSouth Korea Etelä-Korea
1087Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMN= Mongolia
1088Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMOMacau SAR China Macao – Kiinan e.h.a.
1089Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMO-shortMacau Macao
1090Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaTW= Taiwan
1091Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaAFAfghanistan Afganistan
1092Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBD= Bangladesh
1093Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBT= Bhutan
1094Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaINIndia Intia
1095Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaIR= Iran
1096Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaLK= Sri Lanka
1097Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaMVMaldives Malediivit
1098Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaNP= Nepal
1099Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaPK= Pakistan
1100Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaBN= Brunei
1101Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaID= Indonesia
1102Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaKHCambodia Kambodža
1103Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaLA= Laos
1104Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMM= Myanmar (Burma)
1105Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMYMalaysia Malesia
1106Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaPHPhilippines Filippiinit
1107Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaSG= Singapore
1108Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTHThailand Thaimaa
1109Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTLTimor-Leste Itä-Timor
1110Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL-variantEast Timor Timor-Leste
1111Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaVN= Vietnam
1112Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaAU= Australia
1113Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNFNorfolk Island Norfolkinsaari
1114Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNZNew Zealand Uusi-Seelanti
1115Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaFJFiji Fidži
1116Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaNCNew Caledonia Uusi-Kaledonia
1117Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaPGPapua New Guinea Papua-Uusi-Guinea
1118Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaSBSolomon Islands Salomonsaaret
1119Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaVU= Vanuatu
1120Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionFMMicronesia Mikronesian liittovaltio
1121Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionGU= Guam
1122Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionKI= Kiribati
1123Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMHMarshall Islands Marshallinsaaret
1124Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMPNorthern Mariana Islands Pohjois-Mariaanit
1125Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionNR= Nauru
1126Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionPW= Palau
1127Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaASAmerican Samoa Amerikan Samoa
1128Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaCKCook Islands Cookinsaaret
1129Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaNU= Niue
1130Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPFFrench Polynesia Ranskan Polynesia
1131Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPNPitcairn Islands Pitcairn
1132Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTK= Tokelau
1133Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTO= Tonga
1134Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTV= Tuvalu
1135Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWFWallis & Futuna Wallis ja Futuna
1136Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWS= Samoa
1137Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaAQAntarctica Antarktis
1138Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaBVBouvet Island Bouvet’nsaari
1139Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCCCocos (Keeling) Islands Kookossaaret (Keelingsaaret)
1140Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCXChristmas Island Joulusaari
1141Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaGSSouth Georgia & South Sandwich Islands Etelä-Georgia ja Eteläiset Sandwichsaaret
1142Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaHMHeard & McDonald Islands Heard ja McDonaldinsaaret
1143Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaIOBritish Indian Ocean Territory Brittiläinen Intian valtameren alue
1144Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTFFrench Southern Territories Ranskan ulkopuoliset eteläiset alueet
1145Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaUMU.S. Outlying Islands Yhdysvaltain erillissaaret
1146Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaACAscension Island Ascension-saari
1147Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCPClipperton Island Clippertoninsaari
1148Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaDG= Diego Garcia
1149Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTA= Tristan da Cunha
1150Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1606NICTLate Middle French to 1606 myöhäiskeskiranska
1151Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1694ACADEarly Modern French varhaisnykyranska
1152Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1901Traditional German orthography saksan perinteinen oikeinkirjoitus
1153Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1959ACADAcademic valkovenäjän virallinen oikeinkirjoitus
1154Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1994Standardized Resian orthography sloveenin resian murteen yhdenmukaistettu oikeinkirjoitus
1155Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1996German orthography of 1996 saksan uusi oikeinkirjoitus
1156Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALALC97ALA-LC Romanization, 1997 edition amerikkalainen kirjastolatinaistus 1997
1157Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALUKUAluku dialect alukun kreolimurre
1158Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVELAEastern Armenian itäarmenialainen
1159Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVMDAWestern Armenian länsiarmenialainen
1160Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAKU1926Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet yhtenäistetty turkkilainen latinalainen aakkosto
1161Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBALANKABalanka dialect of Anii BALANKA
1162Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBARLABarlavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu BARLA
1163Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAUDDHABAUDDHA sanskriitin buddhalainen sekamuoto
1164Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISCAYANBISCAYAN baskin biskajalaismurre
1165Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISKESan Giorgio/Bila dialect sloveenin resian San Giorgion/Bilan alamurre
1166Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOHORICBohorič alphabet BOHORIC
1167Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOONTBoontling englannin boontling-murre
1168Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullDAJNKODajnko alphabet DAJNKO
1169Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEKAVSKSerbian with Ekavian pronunciation EKAVSK
1170Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEMODENGEarly Modern English varhaisnykyenglanti
1171Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONIPAIPA Phonetics kansainvälinen foneettinen aakkosto IPA
1172Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPAUPA Phonetics uralilainen foneettinen aakkosto UPA
1173Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPA-secondaryn/a suomalais-ugrilainen tarkekirjoitus
1174Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONXSAMPFONXSAMP foneettinen X-SAMPA-merkistö
1175Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHEPBURNHepburn romanization japanin Hepburn-latinaistus
1176Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHOGNORSKHOGNORSK norjan högnorsk
1177Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIJEKAVSKSerbian with Ijekavian pronunciation IJEKAVSK
1178Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullITIHASAITIHASA sanskriitin eeppinen muoto
1179Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJAUERJAUER retoromaanin jauer-murre
1180Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJYUTPINGJYUTPING kantoninkiinan jyutping-latinaistus
1181Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKKCORCommon Orthography kornin yleiskirjoitus
1182Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKSCORStandard Orthography kornin standardikirjoitus
1183Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLAUKIKALAUKIKA klassinen sanskriitti
1184Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLIPAWThe Lipovaz dialect of Resian sloveenin resian Lipovazin/Lipovecin alamurre
1185Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLUNA1918LUNA1918 venäjän ortografia 1918
1186Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMETELKOMetelko alphabet METELKO
1187Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMONOTONMonotonic monotoninen kreikka
1188Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNDYUKANdyuka dialect ndyukan kreolimurre
1189Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEDISNatisone dialect sloveenin natisonen murre
1190Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNJIVAGniva/Njiva dialect sloveenin resian Gnivan/Njivan alamurre
1191Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNULIKModern Volapük nykyvolapük
1192Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOSOJSOseacco/Osojane dialect sloveenin resian Oseaccon/Osojanen alamurre
1193Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAMAKAPamaka dialect pamakan kreolimurre
1194Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPETR1708PETR1708 venäjän Pietarin siviiliaakkosto 1708
1195Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPINYINPinyin Romanization kiinan pinyin-latinaistus
1196Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOLYTONPolytonic polytoninen kreikka
1197Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOSIXComputer tietokonemäärittely POSIX
1198Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPUTERPUTER retoromaanin puter-muoto
1199Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullREVISEDRevised Orthography uudistettu oikeinkirjoitus
1200Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRIGIKClassic Volapük klassinen volapük
1201Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullROZAJResian sloveenin resian murre
1202Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRUMGRRUMGR retoromaanin rumantsch grischun -muoto
1203Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSAAHOSaho afarin saho-murre
1204Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOTLANDScottish Standard English skotlanninenglanti
1205Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOUSEScouse englannin scouse-murre
1206Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOLBAStolvizza/Solbica dialect sloveenin resian Stolvizzan/Solbican alamurre
1207Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOTAVSotavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu SOTAV
1208Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURMIRANSURMIRAN retoromaanin surmiran-muoto
1209Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURSILVSURSILV retoromaanin sursilvan-muoto
1210Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSUTSILVSUTSILV retoromaanin sutsilvan-muoto
1211Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullTARASKTaraskievica orthography valkovenäjän taraškevitsa-oikeinkirjoitus
1212Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCCORUnified Orthography kornin yhtenäiskirjoitus
1213Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCRCORUnified Revised Orthography kornin uusittu yhtenäiskirjoitus
1214Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullULSTERULSTER skotin ulster-murre
1215Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUNIFONUnifon phonetic alphabet UNIFON
1216Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVAIDIKAVAIDIKA sanskriitin veda-murre
1217Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALENCIAValencian katalaanin valencian murre
1218Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALLADERVALLADER reoromaanin vallader-muoto
1219Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullWADEGILEWade-Giles Romanization kiinan Wade-Giles-latinaistus
1220Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendarCalendar kalenteri
1221Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-buddhistBuddhist Calendar buddhalainen kalenteri
1222Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-chineseChinese Calendar kiinalainen kalenteri
1223Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-copticCoptic Calendar koptilainen kalenteri
1224Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-dangiDangi Calendar dangilainen kalenteri
1225Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopicEthiopic Calendar etiopialainen kalenteri
1226Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopic-amete-alemEthiopic Amete Alem Calendar etiopialainen amete alem -kalenteri
1227Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-gregorianGregorian Calendar gregoriaaninen kalenteri
1228Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-hebrewHebrew Calendar juutalainen kalenteri
1229Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-indianIndian National Calendar intialainen kalenteri
1230Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamicIslamic Calendar islamilainen kalenteri
1231Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-civilIslamic Calendar (tabular, civil epoch) islamilainen siviilikalenteri, perjantai-epookki
1232Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-rgsaIslamic Calendar (Saudi Arabia, sighting) islamilainen saudiarabialainen kalenteri
1233Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-tblaIslamic Calendar (tabular, astronomical epoch) islamilainen matemaattinen kalenteri, torstai-epookki
1234Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-umalquraIslamic Calendar (Umm al-Qura) islamilainen Umm al-Qura -kalenteri
1235Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-iso8601ISO-8601 Calendar ISO 8601 -kalenteri
1236Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-japaneseJapanese Calendar japanilainen kalenteri
1237Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-persianPersian Calendar persialainen kalenteri
1238Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-rocMinguo Calendar Kiinan tasavallan kalenteri
1239Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternateIgnore Symbols Sorting symbolien lajittelu
1240Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternate-non-ignorableSort Symbols symbolit huomioiva lajittelu
1241Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternate-shiftedSort Ignoring Symbols symbolit ohittava lajittelu
1242Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwardsReversed Accent Sorting painomerkkien lajittelu
1243Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwards-noSort Accents Normally painomerkkien normaali lajittelu
1244Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwards-yesSort Accents Reversed painomerkkien käänteinen lajittelu
1245Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirstUppercase/Lowercase Ordering isojen ja pienten kirjainten järjestys
1246Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-lowerSort Lowercase First pienet kirjaimet edeltävät isoja
1247Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-noSort Normal Case Order isojen ja pienten kirjainten normaalijärjestys
1248Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-upperSort Uppercase First isot kirjaimet edeltävät pieniä
1249Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevelCase Sensitive Sorting aakkoslajien lajittelu
1250Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevel-noSort Case Insensitive isojen ja pienten kirjainten lajittelu yhdessä
1251Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevel-yesSort Case Sensitive isojen ja pienten kirjainten lajittelu erikseen
1252Locale Display NamesKeyscolHiraganaQuaternarycolHiraganaQuaternaryKana Sorting kana-merkkien lajittelu
1253Locale Display NamesKeyscolHiraganaQuaternarycolHiraganaQuaternary-noSort Kana Separately kana-merkkien lajittelu erillisinä
1254Locale Display NamesKeyscolHiraganaQuaternarycolHiraganaQuaternary-yesSort Kana Differently kana-merkkien lajittelu tyypin mukaan
1255Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollationSort Order lajittelujärjestys
1256Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-big5hanTraditional Chinese Sort Order - Big5 perinteinen kiinalainen järjestys Big5
1257Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-dictionaryDictionary Sort Order sanakirjajärjestys
1258Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-ducetDefault Unicode Sort Order Unicoden oletusjärjestys
1259Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-eorEuropean Ordering Rules yleiseurooppalainen lajittelujärjestys
1260Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-gb2312hanSimplified Chinese Sort Order - GB2312 yksinkertaistettu kiinalainen järjestys GB2312
1261Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phonebookPhonebook Sort Order puhelinluettelojärjestys
1262Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phoneticPhonetic Sort Order äänteellinen järjestys
1263Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-pinyinPinyin Sort Order pinyin-järjestys
1264Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-reformedReformed Sort Order uudistettu järjestys
1265Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchGeneral-Purpose Search yleishakujärjestys
1266Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchjlSearch By Hangul Initial Consonant haku hangul-alkukonsonantin mukaan
1267Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-standardStandard Sort Order normaalijärjestys
1268Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-strokeStroke Sort Order piirtojärjestys
1269Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-traditionalTraditional Sort Order perinteinen järjestys
1270Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-unihanRadical-Stroke Sort Order radikaali- ja piirtojärjestys
1271Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-zhuyinZhuyin Sort Order zhuyin-järjestys
1272Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalizationNormalized Sorting lajittelun normalisointi
1273Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalization-noSort Without Normalization lajittelu ilman normalisoinrtia
1274Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalization-yesSort Unicode Normalized lajittelu Unicode-normalisoituna
1275Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumericNumeric Sorting numeroiden lajittelu
1276Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumeric-noSort Digits Individually numero-numerolta lajittelu
1277Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumeric-yesSort Digits Numerically numeroden lajittelu lukuina
1278Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrengthSorting Strength lajittelun taso
1279Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-identicalSort All kaikkien merkkien lajittelu
1280Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-primarySort Base Letters Only vain peruskirjainten lajittelu
1281Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-quaternarySort Accents/Case/Width/Kana painomerkit ja aakkoslajit tai merkkileveydet ja kana-merkit huomioiva lajittelu
1282Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-secondarySort Accents painomerkit huomioiva lajittelu
1283Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-tertiarySort Accents/Case/Width painomerkit ja aakkoslajit tai merkkileveydet huomioiva lajittelu
1284Locale Display NamesKeyscurrencycurrencyCurrency valuutta
1285Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbersNumbers numerot
1286Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabArabic-Indic Digits arabialaiset numerot
1287Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabextExtended Arabic-Indic Digits laajennetut arabialaiset numerot
1288Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnArmenian Numerals armenialaiset numerot
1289Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnlowArmenian Lowercase Numerals armenialaiset piennumerot
1290Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-baliBalinese Digits balilaiset numerot
1291Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-bengBengali Digits bengalilaiset numerot
1292Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-brahBrahmi Digits brahmilaiset numerot
1293Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cakmChakma Digits chakmalaiset numerot
1294Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-chamCham Digits cham-numerot
1295Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-devaDevanagari Digits devanagarinumerot
1296Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ethiEthiopic Numerals etiopialaiset numerot
1297Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-financeFinancial Numerals talousnumerot
1298Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-fullwideFull Width Digits ideografin levyiset numerot
1299Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-georGeorgian Numerals georgialaiset numerot
1300Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-grekGreek Numerals kreikkalaiset numerot
1301Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-greklowGreek Lowercase Numerals kreikkalaiset piennumerot
1302Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gujrGujarati Digits gudžaratilaiset numerot
1303Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-guruGurmukhi Digits gurmukhilaiset numerot
1304Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hanidecChinese Decimal Numerals kiinalaiset desimaalinumerot
1305Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansSimplified Chinese Numerals yksinkertaistetut kiinalaiset numerot
1306Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansfinSimplified Chinese Financial Numerals yksinkertaistetut kiinalaiset talousnumerot
1307Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantTraditional Chinese Numerals perinteiset kiinalaiset numerot
1308Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantfinTraditional Chinese Financial Numerals perinteiset kiinalaiset talousnumerot
1309Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hebrHebrew Numerals heprealaiset numerot
1310Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-javaJavanese Digits jaavalaiset numerot
1311Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanJapanese Numerals japanilaiset numerot
1312Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanfinJapanese Financial Numerals japanilaiset talousnumerot
1313Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kaliKayah Li Digits kayah li -numerot
1314Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-khmrKhmer Digits khmeriläiset numerot
1315Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kndaKannada Digits kannadalaiset numerot
1316Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanaTai Tham Hora Digits taithamin hora-numerot
1317Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanathamTai Tham Tham Digits taithamin tham-numerot
1318Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-laooLao Digits laolaiset numerot
1319Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-latnWestern Digits länsimaiset numerot
1320Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lepcLepcha Digits lepchanumerot
1321Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-limbLimbu Digits limbunumerot
1322Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mlymMalayalam Digits malajalamilaiset numerot
1323Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mongMongolian Digits mongolialaiset numerot
1324Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mteiMeetei Mayek Digits meetei mayek -numerot
1325Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrMyanmar Digits burmalaiset numerot
1326Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrshanMyanmar Shan Digits myanmarin shan-numerot
1327Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nativeNative Digits kielen omat numerot
1328Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nkooN’Ko Digits n’ko-numerot
1329Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-olckOl Chiki Digits ol chiki -numerot
1330Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-oryaOriya Digits orijalaiset numerot
1331Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-osmaOsmanya Digits osmanjalaiset numerot
1332Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanRoman Numerals roomalaiset numerot
1333Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanlowRoman Lowercase Numerals roomalaiset piennumerot
1334Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-saurSaurashtra Digits saurashtra-numerot
1335Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-shrdSharada Digits šarida-numerot
1336Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-soraSora Sompeng Digits sora sompeng -numerot
1337Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sundSundanese Digits sundalaiset numerot
1338Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-takrTakri Digits takri-numerot
1339Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-taluNew Tai Lue Digits uudet tai lue -numerot
1340Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamlTraditional Tamil Numerals perinteiset tamilinumerot
1341Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamldecTamil Digits tamilinumerot
1342Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-teluTelugu Digits telugulaiset numerot
1343Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-thaiThai Digits thainumerot
1344Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tibtTibetan Digits tiibetiläiset numerot
1345Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-traditionalTraditional Numerals perinteiset numerot
1346Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-vaiiVai Digits vai-numerot
1347Locale Display NamesKeystimezonetimezoneTime Zone aikavyöhyke
1348Locale Display NamesKeysvavaLocale Variant maavalinnan muunnelma
1349Locale Display NamesKeysvariableTopvariableTopSort As Symbols lajittelu symboleina
1350Locale Display NamesKeysxxPrivate-Use yksityiskäyttö
1351Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldseraEra aikakausi
1352Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsyearYear vuosi
1353Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-shortyr. v
1354Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-narrowyr. v
1355Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsquarterQuarter neljännesvuosi
1356Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-shortqtr. neljännes
1357Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-narrowqtr. nelj.
1358Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsmonthMonth kuukausi
1359Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-shortmo. kk
1360Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-narrowmo. kk
1361Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekWeek viikko
1362Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-shortwk. vk
1363Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-narrowwk. vk
1364Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayDay päivä
1365Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-shortday pv
1366Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-narrowday pv
1367Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayDay of the Week viikonpäivä
1368Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayperiodAM/PM vuorokaudenaika
1369Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldszoneTime Zone aikavyöhyke
1370Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldshourHour tunti
1371Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-shorthr. t
1372Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-narrowhr. t
1373Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsminuteMinute minuutti
1374Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-shortmin. min
1375Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-narrowmin. min
1376Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldssecondSecond sekunti
1377Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-shortsec. s
1378Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-narrowsec. s
1379Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year-1last year viime vuonna
1380Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year0this year tänä vuonna
1381Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year1next year ensi vuonna
1382Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-onein {0} year {0} vuoden päästä
1383Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-otherin {0} years {0} vuoden päästä
1384Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-one{0} year ago {0} vuosi sitten
1385Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-other{0} years ago {0} vuotta sitten
1386Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-onein {0} yr. {0} vuoden päästä
1387Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-otherin {0} yr. {0} vuoden päästä
1388Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-one{0} yr. ago {0} vuotta sitten
1389Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-other{0} yr. ago {0} vuotta sitten
1390Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-onein {0} yr. {0} v päästä
1391Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-otherin {0} yr. {0} v päästä
1392Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-one{0} yr. ago {0} v sitten
1393Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-other{0} yr. ago {0} v sitten
1394Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter-1= last quarter
1395Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter0= this quarter
1396Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter1= next quarter
1397Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-onein {0} quarter {0} neljännesvuoden päästä
1398Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-otherin {0} quarters {0} neljännesvuoden päästä
1399Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-one{0} quarter ago {0} neljännesvuosi sitten
1400Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-other{0} quarters ago {0} neljännesvuotta sitten
1401Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-onein {0} qtr. {0} neljänneksen päästä
1402Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. {0} neljänneksen päästä
1403Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-one{0} qtr. ago {0} neljännes sitten
1404Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-other{0} qtrs. ago {0} neljännes sitten
1405Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-onein {0} qtrs. {0} nelj. päästä
1406Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. {0} nelj. päästä
1407Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-one{0} qtrs. ago {0} nelj. sitten
1408Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-other{0} qtrs. ago {0} nelj. sitten
1409Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month-1last month viime kuussa
1410Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month0this month tässä kuussa
1411Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month1next month ensi kuussa
1412Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-onein {0} month {0} kuukauden päästä
1413Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-otherin {0} months {0} kuukauden päästä
1414Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-one{0} month ago {0} kuukausi sitten
1415Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-other{0} months ago {0} kuukautta sitten
1416Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-onein {0} mo. {0} kk päästä
1417Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-otherin {0} mo. {0} kk päästä
1418Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-one{0} mo. ago {0} kk sitten
1419Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-other{0} mo. ago {0} kk sitten
1420Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-onein {0} mo. {0} kk päästä
1421Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-otherin {0} mo. {0} kk päästä
1422Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-one{0} mo. ago {0} kk sitten
1423Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-other{0} mo. ago {0} kk sitten
1424Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week-1last week viime viikolla
1425Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week0this week tällä viikolla
1426Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week1next week ensi viikolla
1427Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-onein {0} week {0} viikon päästä
1428Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-otherin {0} weeks {0} viikon päästä
1429Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-one{0} week ago {0} viikko sitten
1430Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-other{0} weeks ago {0} viikkoa sitten
1431Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-onein {0} wk. {0} vk päästä
1432Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-otherin {0} wk. {0} vk päästä
1433Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-one{0} wk. ago {0} vk sitten
1434Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-other{0} wk. ago {0} vk sitten
1435Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-onein {0} wk. {0} vk päästä
1436Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-otherin {0} wk. {0} vk päästä
1437Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-one{0} wk. ago {0} vk sitten
1438Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-other{0} wk. ago {0} vk sitten
1439Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-2n/a toissa päivänä
1440Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-1yesterday eilen
1441Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day0today tänään
1442Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day1tomorrow huomenna
1443Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day2n/a ylihuomenna
1444Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-onein {0} day {0} päivän päästä
1445Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-otherin {0} days {0} päivän päästä
1446Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-one{0} day ago {0} päivä sitten
1447Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-other{0} days ago {0} päivää sitten
1448Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-onein {0} days {0} pv päästä
1449Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-otherin {0} days {0} pv päästä
1450Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-one{0} days ago {0} pv sitten
1451Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-other{0} days ago {0} pv sitten
1452Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-onein {0} days {0} pv päästä
1453Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-otherin {0} days {0} pv päästä
1454Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-one{0} days ago {0} pv sitten
1455Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-other{0} days ago {0} pv sitten
1456Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-onein {0} hour {0} tunnin päästä
1457Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-otherin {0} hours {0} tunnin päästä
1458Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-one{0} hour ago {0} tunti sitten
1459Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-other{0} hours ago {0} tuntia sitten
1460Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-onein {0} hr. {0} t päästä
1461Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-otherin {0} hr. {0} t päästä
1462Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-one{0} hr. ago {0} t sitten
1463Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-other{0} hr. ago {0} t sitten
1464Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-onein {0} hr. {0} t päästä
1465Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-otherin {0} hr. {0} t päästä
1466Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-one{0} hr. ago {0} t sitten
1467Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-other{0} hr. ago {0} t sitten
1468Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-onein {0} minute {0} minuutin päästä
1469Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-otherin {0} minutes {0} minuutin päästä
1470Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-one{0} minute ago {0} minuutti sitten
1471Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-other{0} minutes ago {0} minuuttia sitten
1472Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-onein {0} min. {0} min päästä
1473Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-otherin {0} min. {0} min päästä
1474Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-one{0} min. ago {0} min sitten
1475Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-other{0} min. ago {0} min sitten
1476Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-onein {0} min. {0} min päästä
1477Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-otherin {0} min. {0} min päästä
1478Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-one{0} min. ago {0} min sitten
1479Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-other{0} min. ago {0} min sitten
1480Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second0now nyt
1481Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-onein {0} second {0} sekunnin päästä
1482Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-otherin {0} seconds {0} sekunnin päästä
1483Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-one{0} second ago {0} sekunti sitten
1484Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-other{0} seconds ago {0} sekuntia sitten
1485Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-onein {0} sec. {0} s päästä
1486Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-otherin {0} sec. {0} s päästä
1487Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-one{0} sec. ago {0} s sitten
1488Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-other{0} sec. ago {0} s sitten
1489Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-onein {0} sec. {0} s päästä
1490Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-otherin {0} sec. {0} s päästä
1491Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-one{0} sec. ago {0} s sitten
1492Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-other{0} sec. ago {0} s sitten
1493Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday-1last Sunday viime sunnuntaina
1494Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday0this Sunday tänä sunnuntaina
1495Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday1next Sunday ensi sunnuntaina
1496Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short-1last Sun. viime su
1497Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short0this Sun. tänä su
1498Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short1next Sun. ensi su
1499Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow-1last Su viime su
1500Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow0this Su tänä su
1501Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow1next Su ensi su
1502Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday-1last Monday viime maanantaina
1503Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday0this Monday tänä maanantaina
1504Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday1next Monday ensi maanantaina
1505Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short-1last Mon. viime ma
1506Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short0this Mon. tänä ma
1507Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short1next Mon. ensi ma
1508Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow-1last M viime ma
1509Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow0this M tänä ma
1510Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow1next M ensi ma
1511Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday-1last Tuesday viime tiistaina
1512Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday0this Tuesday tänä tiistaina
1513Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday1next Tuesday ensi tiistaina
1514Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short-1last Tue. viime ti
1515Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short0this Tue. tänä ti
1516Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short1next Tue. ensi ti
1517Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow-1last Tu viime ti
1518Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow0this Tu tänä ti
1519Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow1next Tu ensi ti
1520Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday-1last Wednesday viime keskiviikkona
1521Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday0this Wednesday tänä keskiviikkona
1522Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday1next Wednesday ensi keskiviikkona
1523Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short-1last Wed. viime ke
1524Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short0this Wed. tänä ke
1525Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short1next Wed. ensi ke
1526Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow-1last W viime ke
1527Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow0this W tänä ke
1528Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow1next W ensi ke
1529Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday-1last Thursday viime torstaina
1530Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday0this Thursday tänä torstaina
1531Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday1next Thursday ensi torstaina
1532Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short-1last Thu. viime to
1533Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short0this Thu. tänä to
1534Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short1next Thu. ensi to
1535Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow-1last Th viime to
1536Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow0this Th tänä to
1537Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow1next Th ensi to
1538Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday-1last Friday viime perjantaina
1539Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday0this Friday tänä perjantaina
1540Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday1next Friday ensi perjantaina
1541Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short-1last Fri. viime pe
1542Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short0this Fri. tänä pe
1543Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short1next Fri. ensi pe
1544Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow-1last F viime pe
1545Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow0this F tänä pe
1546Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow1next F ensi pe
1547Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday-1last Saturday viime lauantaina
1548Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday0this Saturday tänä lauantaina
1549Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday1next Saturday ensi lauantaina
1550Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short-1last Sat. viime la
1551Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short0this Sat. tänä la
1552Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short1next Sat. ensi la
1553Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow-1last Sa viime la
1554Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow0this Sa tänä la
1555Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow1next Sa ensi la
1556Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0Before Christ ennen Kristuksen syntymää
1557Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0-variantBefore Common Era ennen ajanlaskun alkua
1558Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1Anno Domini jälkeen Kristuksen syntymän
1559Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1-variantCommon Era jälkeen ajanlaskun alun
1560Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0BC eKr.
1561Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0-variantBCE eaa.
1562Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1AD jKr.
1563Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1-variantCE jaa.
1564Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow0B eK
1565Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow0-variantBCE eaa
1566Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow1A jK
1567Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow1-variantCE jaa
1568Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting11st quarter 1. neljännes
1569Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting22nd quarter 2. neljännes
1570Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting33rd quarter 3. neljännes
1571Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting44th quarter 4. neljännes
1572Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone11st quarter 1. neljännes
1573Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone22nd quarter 2. neljännes
1574Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone33rd quarter 3. neljännes
1575Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone44th quarter 4. neljännes
1576Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting1Q1 1. nelj.
1577Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting2Q2 2. nelj.
1578Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting3Q3 3. nelj.
1579Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting4Q4 4. nelj.
1580Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone1Q1 1. nelj.
1581Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone2Q2 2. nelj.
1582Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone3Q3 3. nelj.
1583Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone4Q4 4. nelj.
1584Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting1= 1
1585Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting2= 2
1586Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting3= 3
1587Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting4= 4
1588Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone1= 1
1589Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone2= 2
1590Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone3= 3
1591Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone4= 4
1592Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJanJanuary tammikuuta
1593Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingFebFebruary helmikuuta
1594Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMarMarch maaliskuuta
1595Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAprApril huhtikuuta
1596Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMayMay toukokuuta
1597Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJunJune kesäkuuta
1598Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJulJuly heinäkuuta
1599Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAugAugust elokuuta
1600Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingSepSeptember syyskuuta
1601Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingOctOctober lokakuuta
1602Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingNovNovember marraskuuta
1603Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingDecDecember joulukuuta
1604Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJanJanuary tammikuu
1605Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneFebFebruary helmikuu
1606Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMarMarch maaliskuu
1607Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAprApril huhtikuu
1608Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMayMay toukokuu
1609Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJunJune kesäkuu
1610Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJulJuly heinäkuu
1611Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAugAugust elokuu
1612Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneSepSeptember syyskuu
1613Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneOctOctober lokakuu
1614Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneNovNovember marraskuu
1615Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneDecDecember joulukuu
1616Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJanJan tammikuuta
1617Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFebFeb helmikuuta
1618Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMarMar maaliskuuta
1619Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAprApr huhtikuuta
1620Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMayMay toukokuuta
1621Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJunJun kesäkuuta
1622Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJulJul heinäkuuta
1623Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAugAug elokuuta
1624Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSepSep syyskuuta
1625Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOctOct lokakuuta
1626Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNovNov marraskuuta
1627Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDecDec joulukuuta
1628Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJanJan tammi
1629Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneFebFeb helmi
1630Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMarMar maalis
1631Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAprApr huhti
1632Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMayMay touko
1633Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJunJun kesä
1634Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJulJul heinä
1635Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAugAug elo
1636Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneSepSep syys
1637Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneOctOct loka
1638Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneNovNov marras
1639Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneDecDec joulu
1640Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJanJ T
1641Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingFebF H
1642Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMar= M
1643Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAprA H
1644Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMayM T
1645Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJunJ K
1646Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJulJ H
1647Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAugA E
1648Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingSep= S
1649Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingOctO L
1650Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingNovN M
1651Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingDecD J
1652Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJanJ T
1653Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFebF H
1654Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= M
1655Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAprA H
1656Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMayM T
1657Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJunJ K
1658Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJulJ H
1659Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAugA E
1660Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= S
1661Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOctO L
1662Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNovN M
1663Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDecD J
1664Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsunSunday sunnuntaina
1665Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingmonMonday maanantaina
1666Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingtueTuesday tiistaina
1667Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingwedWednesday keskiviikkona
1668Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingthuThursday torstaina
1669Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingfriFriday perjantaina
1670Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsatSaturday lauantaina
1671Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesunSunday sunnuntai
1672Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonemonMonday maanantai
1673Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonetueTuesday tiistai
1674Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonewedWednesday keskiviikko
1675Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonethuThursday torstai
1676Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonefriFriday perjantai
1677Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesatSaturday lauantai
1678Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsunSun su
1679Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingmonMon ma
1680Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingtueTue ti
1681Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingwedWed ke
1682Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingthuThu to
1683Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingfriFri pe
1684Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsatSat la
1685Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesunSun su
1686Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonemonMon ma
1687Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonetueTue ti
1688Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonewedWed ke
1689Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonethuThu to
1690Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonefriFri pe
1691Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesatSat la
1692Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsunSu su
1693Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingmonMo ma
1694Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingtueTu ti
1695Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingwedWe ke
1696Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingthuTh to
1697Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingfriFr pe
1698Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsatSa la
1699Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesunSu su
1700Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonemonMo ma
1701Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonetueTu ti
1702Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonewedWe ke
1703Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonethuTh to
1704Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonefriFr pe
1705Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesatSa la
1706Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Formattingsun= S
1707Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Formattingmon= M
1708Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Formattingtue= T
1709Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingwedW K
1710Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Formattingthu= T
1711Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingfriF P
1712Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingsatS L
1713Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonesun= S
1714Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonemon= M
1715Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonetue= T
1716Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonewedW K
1717Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonethu= T
1718Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonefriF P
1719Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesatS L
1720Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingamAM ap.
1721Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingnoonnoon keskipäivä
1722Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingpmPM ip.
1723Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - StandaloneamAM ap.
1724Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - StandalonepmPM ip.
1725Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - FormattingamAM ap.
1726Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - FormattingpmPM ip.
1727Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingama ap.
1728Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingnoonn kp.
1729Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingpmp ip.
1730Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y cccc d. MMMM y
1731Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y d. MMMM y
1732Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y d.M.y
1733Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy d.M.y
1734Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsfullh:mm:ss a zzzz H.mm.ss zzzz
1735Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatslongh:mm:ss a z H.mm.ss z
1736Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsmediumh:mm:ss a H.mm.ss
1737Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsshorth:mm a H.mm
1738Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1739Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1740Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1741Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1742Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1743Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1744Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E d.
1745Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1746Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1747Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1748Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E d. MMM y G
1749Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1750Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
1751Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E d.M.
1752Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1753Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d. MMM
1754Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d ccc d. MMM
1755Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y
1756Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMM/y L.y
1757Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y d.M.y
1758Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMEdE, M/d/y E d.M.y
1759Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMn/a M.y
1760Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMMM y LLL y
1761Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMdMMM d, y d. MMM y
1762Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMEdE, MMM d, y E d. MMM y
1763Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMn/a LLLL y
1764Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMccccdn/a cccc d. MMMM y
1765Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQ= QQQ y
1766Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQ= QQQQ y
1767Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhmE h:mm a E h.mm a
1768Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHmE HH:mm E H.mm
1769Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhmsE h:mm:ss a E h.mm.ss a
1770Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHmsE HH:mm:ss E H.mm.ss
1771Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1772Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHHH H
1773Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmh:mm a h.mm a
1774Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmHH:mm H.mm
1775Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmsh:mm:ss a h.mm.ss a
1776Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H.mm.ss
1777Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsmsmm:ss m.ss
1778Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1779Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d.–d.
1780Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M L.–L.
1781Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d.–d.M.
1782Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d.M.–d.M.
1783Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E d. – E d.M.
1784Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E d.M. – E d.M.
1785Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLLL
1786Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d.–d. MMMM
1787Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d. MMMM – d. MMMM
1788Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E d. – E d. MMMM
1789Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E d. MMMM – E d. MMMM
1790Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMM/Mn/a LLL–LLLL
1791Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y y–y
1792Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y LLL–LLLL y
1793Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y LLLL y – LLLL y
1794Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y d.–d.M.y
1795Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y d.M.–d.M.y
1796Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y d.M.y–d.M.y
1797Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E d.M.y – E d.M.y
1798Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E d.M.y – E d.M.y
1799Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E d.M.y – E d.M.y
1800Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y LLL–LLLL y
1801Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y LLLL y – LLLL y
1802Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y d.–d. MMMM y
1803Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y d. MMMM – d. MMMM y
1804Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y d. MMMM y – d. MMMM y
1805Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E d. – E d. MMMM y
1806Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E d. MMMM – E d. MMMM y
1807Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y E d. MMMM y – E d. MMMM y
1808Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y LLL–LLLL y
1809Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y LLLL y – LLLL y
1810Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1811Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1812Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH H–H
1813Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/ah:mm a – h:mm a h.mm a – h.mm a
1814Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h.mm–h.mm a
1815Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm H.mm–H.mm
1816Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h.mm–h.mm a
1817Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm H.mm–H.mm
1818Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/ah:mm a – h:mm a v h.mm a – h.mm a v
1819Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h.mm–h.mm a v
1820Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v H.mm–H.mm v
1821Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h.mm–h.mm a v
1822Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v H.mm–H.mm v
1823Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1824Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1825Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v H–H v
1826Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback{0} – {1} {0}–{1}
1827Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1828Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1829Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJan= M01
1830Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= M02
1831Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMar= M03
1832Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingApr= M04
1833Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMay= M05
1834Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJun= M06
1835Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJul= M07
1836Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingAug= M08
1837Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingSep= M09
1838Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingOct= M10
1839Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingNov= M11
1840Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingDec= M12
1841Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1842Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1843Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1844Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1845Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1846Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1847Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1848Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1849Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1850Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1851Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1852Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1853Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G cccc d. MMMM y G
1854Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d. MMMM y G
1855Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d.M.y G
1856Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y GGGGG
1857Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1858Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1859Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1860Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1861Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1862Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1863Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E d.
1864Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1865Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1866Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1867Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E d. MMM y G
1868Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1869Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
1870Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E d.M.
1871Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1872Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d. MMM
1873Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d ccc d. MMM
1874Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y G
1875Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= y G
1876Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG L.y G
1877Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y G
1878Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG E d.M.y G
1879Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMn/a M.y G
1880Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1881Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1882Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E d. MMM y G
1883Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMn/a LLLL y G
1884Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMccccdn/a cccc d. MMMM y G
1885Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQ= QQQ y G
1886Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQ= QQQQ y G
1887Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1888Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1889Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1890Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1891Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1892Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHHH H
1893Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmh:mm a h.mm a
1894Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmHH:mm H.mm
1895Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmsh:mm:ss a h.mm.ss a
1896Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H.mm.ss
1897Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsmsmm:ss mm.ss
1898Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1899Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d.–d.
1900Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M L.–L.
1901Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d.–d.M.
1902Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d.M.–d.M.
1903Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E d. – E d.M.
1904Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E d.M. – E d.M.
1905Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLLL
1906Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d.–d. MMMM
1907Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d. MMMM – d. MMMM
1908Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E d. – E d. MMMM
1909Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E d. MMMM – E d. MMMM
1910Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMM/Mn/a LLL–LLLL
1911Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y G y–y G
1912Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG LLL–LLLL y G
1913Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG LLLL y – LLLL y G
1914Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.–d.M.y G
1915Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.M.–d.M.y G
1916Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.M.y–d.M.y G
1917Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E d.M.y – E d.M.y G
1918Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E d.M.y – E d.M.y G
1919Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E d.M.y – E d.M.y G
1920Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G LLL–LLLL y G
1921Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G LLLL y – LLLL y G
1922Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G d.–d. MMMM y G
1923Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G d. MMMM – d. MMMM y G
1924Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G d. MMMM y – d. MMMM y G
1925Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E d. – E d. MMMM y G
1926Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E d. MMMM – E d. MMMM y G
1927Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G E d. MMMM y – E d. MMMM y G
1928Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y G LLL–LLLL y G
1929Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y G LLLL y – LLLL y G
1930Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1931Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1932Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH H–H
1933Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/ah:mm a – h:mm a h.mm a – h.mm a
1934Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h.mm–h.mm a
1935Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm H.mm–H.mm
1936Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h.mm–h.mm a
1937Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm H.mm–H.mm
1938Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/ah:mm a – h:mm a v h.mm a – h.mm a v
1939Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h.mm–h.mm a v
1940Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v H.mm–H.mm v
1941Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h.mm–h.mm a v
1942Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v H.mm–H.mm v
1943Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1944Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1945Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v H–H v
1946Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback{0} – {1} {0}–{1}
1947Date & TimeBuddhistEras - abbreviated0= BE
1948Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G cccc d. MMMM y G
1949Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d. MMMM y G
1950Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d.M.y G
1951Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y GGGGG
1952Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1953Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E d.
1954Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1955Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1956Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1957Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E d. MMM y G
1958Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1959Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
1960Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E d.M.
1961Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1962Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d. MMM
1963Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d ccc d. MMM
1964Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y G
1965Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= y G
1966Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG L.y G
1967Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y G
1968Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG E d.M.y G
1969Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1970Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1971Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E d. MMM y G
1972Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMn/a LLLL y G
1973Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQ= QQQ y G
1974Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQ= QQQQ y G
1975Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= zi
1976Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= chou
1977Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= yin
1978Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= mao
1979Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= chen
1980Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= si
1981Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= wu
1982Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= wei
1983Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= shen
1984Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= you
1985Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= xu
1986Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= hai
1987Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= spring begins
1988Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= rain water
1989Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= insects awaken
1990Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= spring equinox
1991Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= bright and clear
1992Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= grain rain
1993Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= summer begins
1994Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= grain full
1995Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= grain in ear
1996Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= summer solstice
1997Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= minor heat
1998Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= major heat
1999Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= autumn begins
2000Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= end of heat
2001Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= white dew
2002Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= autumn equinox
2003Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= cold dew
2004Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= frost descends
2005Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= winter begins
2006Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= minor snow
2007Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= major snow
2008Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= winter solstice
2009Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= minor cold
2010Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= major cold
2011Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= jia-zi
2012Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= yi-chou
2013Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= bing-yin
2014Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= ding-mao
2015Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= wu-chen
2016Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= ji-si
2017Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= geng-wu
2018Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= xin-wei
2019Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= ren-shen
2020Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= gui-you
2021Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= jia-xu
2022Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= yi-hai
2023Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= bing-zi
2024Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= ding-chou
2025Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= wu-yin
2026Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= ji-mao
2027Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= geng-chen
2028Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= xin-si
2029Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= ren-wu
2030Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= gui-wei
2031Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= jia-shen
2032Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= yi-you
2033Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= bing-xu
2034Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= ding-hai
2035Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-25= wu-zi
2036Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-26= ji-chou
2037Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-27= geng-yin
2038Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-28= xin-mao
2039Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-29= ren-chen
2040Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-30= gui-si
2041Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-31= jia-wu
2042Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-32= yi-wei
2043Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-33= bing-shen
2044Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-34= ding-you
2045Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-35= wu-xu
2046Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-36= ji-hai
2047Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-37= geng-zi
2048Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-38= xin-chou
2049Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-39= ren-yin
2050Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-40= gui-mao
2051Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-41= jia-chen
2052Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-42= yi-si
2053Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-43= bing-wu
2054Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-44= ding-wei
2055Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-45= wu-shen
2056Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-46= ji-you
2057Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-47= geng-xu
2058Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-48= xin-hai
2059Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-49= ren-zi
2060Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-50= gui-chou
2061Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-51= jia-yin
2062Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-52= yi-mao
2063Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-53= bing-chen
2064Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-54= ding-si
2065Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-55= wu-wu
2066Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-56= ji-wei
2067Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-57= geng-shen
2068Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-58= xin-you
2069Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-59= ren-xu
2070Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-60= gui-hai
2071Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-format-wide-leap= {0}bis
2072Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-numeric-all-leap= {0}bis
2073Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-stand-alone-narrow-leap= {0}b
2074Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJanMonth1 M01
2075Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingFebMonth2 M02
2076Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMarMonth3 M03
2077Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAprMonth4 M04
2078Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMayMonth5 M05
2079Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJunMonth6 M06
2080Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJulMonth7 M07
2081Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAugMonth8 M08
2082Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingSepMonth9 M09
2083Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingOctMonth10 M10
2084Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingNovMonth11 M11
2085Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingDecMonth12 M12
2086Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2087Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2088Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2089Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2090Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2091Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2092Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2093Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2094Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2095Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2096Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2097Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2098Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, U cccc d.M.y
2099Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, U d.M.y
2100Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, U d.M.y
2101Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy d.M.y
2102Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2103Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2104Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2105Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2106Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
2107Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
2108Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
2109Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= U
2110Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM U U MMM
2111Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
2112Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, U U MMM d, E
2113Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
2114Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
2115Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E d.M.
2116Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
2117Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d.M.
2118Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E d.M.
2119Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyU y
2120Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
2121Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyU y
2122Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y y-MM
2123Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y d.M.y
2124Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y E d.M.y
2125Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM U U MMM
2126Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, U d.M.y
2127Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, U E d.M.y
2128Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ U U QQQ
2129Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ U U QQQQ
2130Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
2131Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHHH H
2132Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmh:mm a h.mm a
2133Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmHH:mm H.mm
2134Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmsh:mm:ss a h.mm.ss a
2135Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H.mm.ss
2136Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsmsmm:ss mm.ss
2137Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
2138Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
2139Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
2140Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2141Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2142Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2143Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2144Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
2145Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
2146Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
2147Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2148Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2149Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yU – U U–U
2150Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2151Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2152Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2153Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2154Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2155Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2156Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2157Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2158Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM U U MMM–MMM
2159Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM U – MMM U U MMM – U MMM
2160Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, U U MMM d–d
2161Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, U U MMM d – MMM d
2162Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, U – MMM d, U U MMM d – U MMM d
2163Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2164Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2165Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, U – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – U MMM d, E
2166Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM U U MMMM–MMMM
2167Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM U – MMMM U U MMMM – U MMMM
2168Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
2169Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
2170Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
2171Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
2172Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2173Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2174Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2175Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2176Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
2177Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2178Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2179Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2180Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2181Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
2182Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
2183Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
2184Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
2185Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2186Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2187Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tout
2188Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Baba
2189Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hator
2190Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Kiahk
2191Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Toba
2192Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Amshir
2193Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Baramhat
2194Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Baramouda
2195Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Bashans
2196Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Paona
2197Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Epep
2198Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Mesra
2199Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Nasie
2200Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2201Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2202Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2203Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2204Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2205Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2206Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2207Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2208Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2209Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2210Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2211Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2212Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2213Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2214Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2215Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Meskerem
2216Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Tekemt
2217Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hedar
2218Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tahsas
2219Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Ter
2220Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Yekatit
2221Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Megabit
2222Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Miazia
2223Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Genbot
2224Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sene
2225Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Hamle
2226Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Nehasse
2227Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Pagumen
2228Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2229Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2230Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2231Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2232Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2233Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2234Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2235Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2236Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2237Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2238Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2239Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2240Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2241Date & TimeEthiopic-Amete-AlemEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2242Date & TimeHebrewEras - abbreviated0= AM
2243Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJanTishri tišríkuuta
2244Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingFebHeshvan hešvánkuuta
2245Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMarKislev kislévkuuta
2246Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAprTevet tevétkuuta
2247Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMayShevat ševátkuuta
2248Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJunAdar I adárkuuta I
2249Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJulAdar adárkuuta
2250Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul (leap)Adar II adárkuuta II
2251Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAugNisan nisánkuuta
2252Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingSepIyar ijjárkuuta
2253Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingOctSivan sivánkuuta
2254Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingNovTamuz tammúzkuuta
2255Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingDecAv abkuuta
2256Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingUndElul elúlkuuta
2257Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneJanTishri tišríkuu
2258Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneFebHeshvan hešvánkuu
2259Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneMarKislev kislévkuu
2260Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneAprTevet tevétkuu
2261Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneMayShevat ševátkuu
2262Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneJunAdar I adárkuu I
2263Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneJulAdar adárkuu
2264Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneJul (leap)Adar II adárkuu II
2265Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneAugNisan nisánkuu
2266Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneSepIyar ijjárkuu
2267Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneOctSivan sivánkuu
2268Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneNovTamuz tammúzkuu
2269Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneDecAv abkuu
2270Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - StandaloneUndElul elúlkuu
2271Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJanTishri tišrí
2272Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneFebHeshvan hešván
2273Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMarKislev kislév
2274Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAprTevet tevét
2275Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMayShevat ševát
2276Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJunAdar I adár I
2277Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJulAdar adár
2278Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJul (leap)Adar II adár II
2279Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAugNisan nisán
2280Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneSepIyar ijjár
2281Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneOctSivan siván
2282Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneNovTamuz tammúz
2283Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneDecAv ab
2284Date & TimeHebrewMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneUndElul elúl
2285Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan1 T
2286Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb2 H
2287Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar3 K
2288Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr4 T
2289Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay5 S
2290Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun6 A
2291Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul7 A
2292Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul (leap)7 A
2293Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug8 N
2294Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep9 I
2295Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct10 S
2296Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov11 T
2297Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec12 A
2298Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd13 E
2299Date & TimeIndianEras - abbreviated0= Saka
2300Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Chaitra
2301Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Vaisakha
2302Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Jyaistha
2303Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Asadha
2304Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Sravana
2305Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Bhadra
2306Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Asvina
2307Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Kartika
2308Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Agrahayana
2309Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Pausa
2310Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Magha
2311Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Phalguna
2312Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2313Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2314Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2315Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2316Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2317Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2318Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2319Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2320Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2321Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2322Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2323Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2324Date & TimeIslamicEras - abbreviated0= AH
2325Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJanMuharram muharram
2326Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingFebSafar safar
2327Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMarRabiʻ I rabi’ al-awwal
2328Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAprRabiʻ II rabi’ al-akhir
2329Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMayJumada I džumada-l-ula
2330Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJunJumada II džumada-l-akhira
2331Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJulRajab radžab
2332Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAugShaʻban ša’ban
2333Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingSepRamadan ramadan
2334Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingOctShawwal šawwal
2335Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingNovDhuʻl-Qiʻdah dhu-l-qa’da
2336Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingDecDhuʻl-Hijjah dhu-l-hiddža
2337Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneJanMuharram muharram
2338Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneFebSafar safar
2339Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneMarRabiʻ I rabi’ al-awwal
2340Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneAprRabiʻ II rabi’ al-akhir
2341Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneMayJumada I džumada-l-ula
2342Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneJunJumada II džumada-l-akhira
2343Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneJulRajab radžab
2344Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneAugShaʻban ša’ban
2345Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneSepRamadan ramadan
2346Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneOctShawwal šawwal
2347Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneNovDhuʻl-Qiʻdah dhu-l-qa’da
2348Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - StandaloneDecDhuʻl-Hijjah dhu-l-hiddža
2349Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJan= Muh.
2350Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFeb= Saf.
2351Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMar= Rab. I
2352Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingApr= Rab. II
2353Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMay= Jum. I
2354Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJun= Jum. II
2355Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJul= Raj.
2356Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAug= Sha.
2357Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSep= Ram.
2358Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOct= Shaw.
2359Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Q.
2360Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-H.
2361Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2362Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2363Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2364Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2365Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2366Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2367Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2368Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2369Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2370Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2371Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2372Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2373Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated0= Taika (645-650)
2374Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2375Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2376Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated3= Shuchō (686-701)
2377Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated4= Taihō (701-704)
2378Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated5= Keiun (704-708)
2379Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated6= Wadō (708-715)
2380Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated7= Reiki (715-717)
2381Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated8= Yōrō (717-724)
2382Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated9= Jinki (724-729)
2383Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated10= Tempyō (729-749)
2384Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2385Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2386Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2387Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2388Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2389Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated16= Hōki (770-780)
2390Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2391Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated18= Enryaku (782-806)
2392Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated19= Daidō (806-810)
2393Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated20= Kōnin (810-824)
2394Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated21= Tenchō (824-834)
2395Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated22= Jōwa (834-848)
2396Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated23= Kajō (848-851)
2397Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated24= Ninju (851-854)
2398Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated25= Saiko (854-857)
2399Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated26= Tennan (857-859)
2400Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated27= Jōgan (859-877)
2401Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated28= Genkei (877-885)
2402Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated29= Ninna (885-889)
2403Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated30= Kampyō (889-898)
2404Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated31= Shōtai (898-901)
2405Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated32= Engi (901-923)
2406Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated33= Enchō (923-931)
2407Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated34= Shōhei (931-938)
2408Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated35= Tengyō (938-947)
2409Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2410Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated37= Tentoku (957-961)
2411Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated38= Ōwa (961-964)
2412Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated39= Kōhō (964-968)
2413Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated40= Anna (968-970)
2414Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated41= Tenroku (970-973)
2415Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated42= Ten-en (973-976)
2416Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated43= Jōgen (976-978)
2417Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated44= Tengen (978-983)
2418Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated45= Eikan (983-985)
2419Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated46= Kanna (985-987)
2420Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated47= Ei-en (987-989)
2421Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated48= Eiso (989-990)
2422Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2423Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2424Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2425Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2426Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2427Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2428Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated55= Jian (1021-1024)
2429Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated56= Manju (1024-1028)
2430Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2431Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2432Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2433Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2434Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2435Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2436Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2437Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2438Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2439Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2440Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2441Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2442Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2443Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2444Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2445Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2446Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2447Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2448Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2449Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2450Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2451Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2452Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2453Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2454Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2455Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2456Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2457Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2458Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2459Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2460Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2461Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2462Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2463Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2464Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2465Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2466Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2467Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2468Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2469Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2470Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2471Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2472Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2473Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2474Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2475Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated102= Angen (1175-1177)
2476Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2477Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2478Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated105= Juei (1182-1184)
2479Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2480Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2481Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2482Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2483Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2484Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2485Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2486Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2487Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2488Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2489Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2490Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2491Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2492Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2493Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated120= Antei (1227-1229)
2494Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2495Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2496Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2497Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2498Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated125= Katei (1235-1238)
2499Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2500Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2501Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2502Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2503Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2504Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2505Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2506Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2507Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2508Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2509Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2510Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2511Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2512Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2513Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2514Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated141= Einin (1293-1299)
2515Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2516Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2517Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2518Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2519Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2520Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2521Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2522Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2523Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated150= Genō (1319-1321)
2524Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2525Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2526Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2527Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2528Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2529Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2530Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated157= Engen (1336-1340)
2531Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2532Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2533Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2534Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated161= Bunchū (1372-1375)
2535Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2536Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2537Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2538Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated165= Genchū (1384-1392)
2539Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2540Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2541Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2542Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2543Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2544Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2545Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2546Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2547Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2548Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2549Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2550Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2551Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2552Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2553Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2554Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2555Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2556Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2557Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2558Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2559Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2560Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2561Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2562Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2563Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2564Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2565Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2566Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated193= Genki (1570-1573)
2567Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2568Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2569Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2570Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2571Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2572Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2573Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated200= Keian (1648-1652)
2574Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2575Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2576Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated203= Manji (1658-1661)
2577Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2578Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2579Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2580Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2581Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2582Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2583Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2584Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2585Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2586Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2587Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2588Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2589Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2590Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2591Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2592Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2593Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2594Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2595Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2596Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2597Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2598Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2599Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2600Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2601Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2602Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2603Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated230= Genji (1864-1865)
2604Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2605Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated232= Meiji
2606Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated233= Taishō
2607Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated234= Shōwa
2608Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated235= Heisei
2609Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow0= Taika (645-650)
2610Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2611Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2612Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow3= Shuchō (686-701)
2613Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow4= Taihō (701-704)
2614Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow5= Keiun (704-708)
2615Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow6= Wadō (708-715)
2616Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow7= Reiki (715-717)
2617Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow8= Yōrō (717-724)
2618Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow9= Jinki (724-729)
2619Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow10= Tempyō (729-749)
2620Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2621Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2622Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2623Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2624Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2625Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow16= Hōki (770-780)
2626Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2627Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow18= Enryaku (782-806)
2628Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow19= Daidō (806-810)
2629Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow20= Kōnin (810-824)
2630Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow21= Tenchō (824-834)
2631Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow22= Jōwa (834-848)
2632Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow23= Kajō (848-851)
2633Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow24= Ninju (851-854)
2634Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow25= Saiko (854-857)
2635Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow26= Tennan (857-859)
2636Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow27= Jōgan (859-877)
2637Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow28= Genkei (877-885)
2638Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow29= Ninna (885-889)
2639Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow30= Kampyō (889-898)
2640Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow31= Shōtai (898-901)
2641Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow32= Engi (901-923)
2642Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow33= Enchō (923-931)
2643Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow34= Shōhei (931-938)
2644Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow35= Tengyō (938-947)
2645Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2646Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow37= Tentoku (957-961)
2647Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow38= Ōwa (961-964)
2648Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow39= Kōhō (964-968)
2649Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow40= Anna (968-970)
2650Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow41= Tenroku (970-973)
2651Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow42= Ten-en (973-976)
2652Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow43= Jōgen (976-978)
2653Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow44= Tengen (978-983)
2654Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow45= Eikan (983-985)
2655Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow46= Kanna (985-987)
2656Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow47= Ei-en (987-989)
2657Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow48= Eiso (989-990)
2658Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2659Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2660Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2661Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2662Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2663Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2664Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow55= Jian (1021-1024)
2665Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow56= Manju (1024-1028)
2666Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2667Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2668Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2669Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2670Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2671Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2672Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2673Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2674Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2675Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2676Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2677Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2678Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2679Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2680Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2681Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2682Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2683Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2684Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2685Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2686Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2687Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2688Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2689Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2690Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2691Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2692Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2693Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2694Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2695Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2696Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2697Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2698Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2699Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2700Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2701Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2702Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2703Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2704Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2705Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2706Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2707Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2708Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2709Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2710Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2711Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow102= Angen (1175-1177)
2712Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2713Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2714Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow105= Juei (1182-1184)
2715Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2716Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2717Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2718Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2719Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2720Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2721Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2722Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2723Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2724Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2725Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2726Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2727Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2728Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2729Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow120= Antei (1227-1229)
2730Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2731Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2732Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2733Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2734Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow125= Katei (1235-1238)
2735Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2736Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2737Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2738Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2739Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2740Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2741Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2742Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2743Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2744Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2745Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2746Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2747Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2748Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2749Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2750Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow141= Einin (1293-1299)
2751Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2752Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2753Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2754Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2755Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2756Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2757Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2758Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2759Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow150= Genō (1319-1321)
2760Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2761Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2762Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2763Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2764Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2765Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2766Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow157= Engen (1336-1340)
2767Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2768Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2769Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2770Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow161= Bunchũ (1372-1375)
2771Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2772Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2773Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2774Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow165= Genchũ (1384-1392)
2775Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2776Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2777Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2778Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2779Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2780Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2781Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2782Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2783Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2784Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2785Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2786Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2787Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2788Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2789Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2790Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2791Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2792Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2793Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2794Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2795Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2796Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2797Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2798Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2799Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2800Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2801Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2802Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow193= Genki (1570-1573)
2803Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2804Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2805Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2806Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2807Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2808Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2809Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow200= Keian (1648-1652)
2810Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2811Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2812Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow203= Manji (1658-1661)
2813Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2814Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2815Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2816Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2817Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2818Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2819Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2820Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2821Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2822Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2823Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2824Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2825Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2826Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2827Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2828Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2829Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2830Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2831Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2832Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2833Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2834Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2835Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2836Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2837Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2838Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2839Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow230= Genji (1864-1865)
2840Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2841Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow232= M
2842Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow233= T
2843Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow234= S
2844Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow235= H
2845Date & TimeJapaneseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G cccc d. MMMM y G
2846Date & TimeJapaneseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d. MMMM y G
2847Date & TimeJapaneseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d.M.y G
2848Date & TimeJapaneseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y GGGGG
2849Date & TimePersianEras - abbreviated0= AP
2850Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Farvardin
2851Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Ordibehesht
2852Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Khordad
2853Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tir
2854Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Mordad
2855Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Shahrivar
2856Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Mehr
2857Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Aban
2858Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Azar
2859Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Dey
2860Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Bahman
2861Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Esfand
2862Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2863Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2864Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2865Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2866Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2867Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2868Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2869Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2870Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2871Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2872Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2873Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2874Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated0= Before R.O.C.
2875Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated1= Minguo
2876TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Generic{0} Time aikavyöhyke: {0}
2877TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Standard{0} Standard Time {0} (normaaliaika)
2878TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Daylight{0} Daylight Time {0} (kesäaika)
2879TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT FormatGMT{0} UTC{0}
2880TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Hours/Minutes Format+HH:mm;-HH:mm +H.mm;-H.mm
2881TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Zero FormatGMT UTC
2882TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullLocation Fallback Format= {1} ({0})
2883TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskageneric-longAlaska Time Alaskan aika
2884TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskastandard-longAlaska Standard Time Alaskan normaaliaika
2885TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskadaylight-longAlaska Daylight Time Alaskan kesäaika
2886TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralgeneric-longCentral Time Yhdysvaltain keskinen aika
2887TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralstandard-longCentral Standard Time Yhdysvaltain keskinen normaaliaika
2888TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centraldaylight-longCentral Daylight Time Yhdysvaltain keskinen kesäaika
2889TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterngeneric-longEastern Time Yhdysvaltain itäinen aika
2890TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easternstandard-longEastern Standard Time Yhdysvaltain itäinen normaaliaika
2891TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterndaylight-longEastern Daylight Time Yhdysvaltain itäinen kesäaika
2892TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaingeneric-longMountain Time Kalliovuorten aika
2893TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountainstandard-longMountain Standard Time Kalliovuorten normaaliaika
2894TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaindaylight-longMountain Daylight Time Kalliovuorten kesäaika
2895TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificgeneric-longPacific Time Yhdysvaltain Tyynenmeren aika
2896TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificstandard-longPacific Standard Time Yhdysvaltain Tyynenmeren normaaliaika
2897TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificdaylight-longPacific Daylight Time Yhdysvaltain Tyynenmeren kesäaika
2898TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticgeneric-longAtlantic Time Kanadan Atlantin aika
2899TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticstandard-longAtlantic Standard Time Kanadan Atlantin normaaliaika
2900TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticdaylight-longAtlantic Daylight Time Kanadan Atlantin kesäaika
2901TimezonesNorth AmericaCubageneric-longCuba Time Kuuban aika
2902TimezonesNorth AmericaCubastandard-longCuba Standard Time Kuuban normaaliaika
2903TimezonesNorth AmericaCubadaylight-longCuba Daylight Time Kuuban kesäaika
2904TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterngeneric-longEast Greenland Time Itä-Grönlannin aika
2905TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easternstandard-longEast Greenland Standard Time Itä-Grönlannin normaaliaika
2906TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterndaylight-longEast Greenland Summer Time Itä-Grönlannin kesäaika
2907TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerngeneric-longWest Greenland Time Länsi-Grönlannin aika
2908TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westernstandard-longWest Greenland Standard Time Länsi-Grönlannin normaaliaika
2909TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerndaylight-longWest Greenland Summer Time Länsi-Grönlannin kesäaika
2910TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiangeneric-longHawaii-Aleutian Time Havaijin-Aleuttien aika
2911TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutianstandard-longHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Havaijin-Aleuttien normaaliaika
2912TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiandaylight-longHawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time Havaijin-Aleuttien kesäaika
2913TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestgeneric-longNorthwest Mexico Time Luoteis-Meksikon aika
2914TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northweststandard-longNorthwest Mexico Standard Time Luoteis-Meksikon normaaliaika
2915TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestdaylight-longNorthwest Mexico Daylight Time Luoteis-Meksikon kesäaika
2916TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificgeneric-longMexican Pacific Time Meksikon Tyynenmeren aika
2917TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificstandard-longMexican Pacific Standard Time Meksikon Tyynenmeren normaaliaika
2918TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificdaylight-longMexican Pacific Daylight Time Meksikon Tyynenmeren kesäaika
2919TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandgeneric-longNewfoundland Time Newfoundlandin aika
2920TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandstandard-longNewfoundland Standard Time Newfoundlandin normaaliaika
2921TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlanddaylight-longNewfoundland Daylight Time Newfoundlandin kesäaika
2922TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelongeneric-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Time Saint-Pierren ja Miquelonin aika
2923TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelonstandard-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time Saint-Pierren ja Miquelonin normaaliaika
2924TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelondaylight-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time Saint-Pierren ja Miquelonin kesäaika
2925TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAdak= Adak
2926TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnchorage= Anchorage
2927TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnguilla= Anguilla
2928TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAntigua= Antigua
2929TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAruba= Aruba
2930TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia_BanderasBahia Banderas Bahía de Banderas
2931TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBarbados= Barbados
2932TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBelize= Belize
2933TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBermuda= Bermuda
2934TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBlanc-Sablon= Blanc-Sablon
2935TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBoise= Boise
2936TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCambridge_Bay= Cambridge Bay
2937TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCancunCancun Cancún
2938TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCayman= Cayman
2939TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChicago= Chicago
2940TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChihuahua= Chihuahua
2941TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCoral_Harbour= Atikokan
2942TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCosta_Rica= Costa Rica
2943TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCreston= Creston
2944TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCuracao= Curaçao
2945TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDanmarkshavn= Danmarkshavn
2946TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson= Dawson
2947TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson_Creek= Dawson Creek
2948TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDenver= Denver
2949TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDetroit= Detroit
2950TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDominica= Dominica
2951TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEdmonton= Edmonton
2952TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEl_Salvador= El Salvador
2953TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGlace_Bay= Glace Bay
2954TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthab= Nuuk
2955TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthab-secondaryn/a Godthåb
2956TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGoose_Bay= Goose Bay
2957TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrand_Turk= Grand Turk
2958TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrenada= Grenada
2959TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuadeloupe= Guadeloupe
2960TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuatemala= Guatemala
2961TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHalifax= Halifax
2962TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHavanaHavana Havanna
2963TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHermosillo= Hermosillo
2964TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHonolulu= Honolulu
2965TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Knox= Knox, Indiana
2966TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Marengo= Marengo, Indiana
2967TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Petersburg= Petersburg, Indiana
2968TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Tell_City= Tell City, Indiana
2969TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vevay= Vevay, Indiana
2970TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vincennes= Vincennes, Indiana
2971TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Winamac= Winamac, Indiana
2972TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndianapolis= Indianapolis
2973TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsInuvik= Inuvik
2974TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIqaluit= Iqaluit
2975TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJamaicaJamaica Jamaika
2976TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJuneau= Juneau
2977TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKentucky/Monticello= Monticello, Kentucky
2978TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKralendijk= Kralendijk
2979TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLos_Angeles= Los Angeles
2980TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLouisville= Louisville
2981TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLower_Princes= Lower Prince’s Quarter
2982TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsManagua= Managua
2983TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMarigot= Marigot
2984TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMartinique= Martinique
2985TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMatamoros= Matamoros
2986TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMazatlanMazatlan Mazatlán
2987TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMenominee= Menominee
2988TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMeridaMerida Mérida
2989TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMetlakatla= Metlakatla
2990TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMexico_CityMexico City Ciudad de México
2991TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMiquelon= Miquelon
2992TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMoncton= Moncton
2993TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonterrey= Monterrey
2994TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMontserrat= Montserrat
2995TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNassau= Nassau
2996TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNew_York= New York
2997TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNipigon= Nipigon
2998TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNome= Nome
2999TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/BeulahBeulah, North Dakota Beulah, Pohjois-Dakota
3000TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/CenterCenter, North Dakota Center, Pohjois-Dakota
3001TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/New_SalemNew Salem, North Dakota New Salem, Pohjois-Dakota
3002TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsOjinaga= Ojinaga
3003TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPanama= Panama
3004TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPangnirtung= Pangnirtung
3005TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPhoenix= Phoenix
3006TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort_of_Spain= Port of Spain
3007TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort-au-Prince= Port-au-Prince
3008TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPuerto_Rico= Puerto Rico
3009TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRainy_River= Rainy River
3010TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRankin_Inlet= Rankin Inlet
3011TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRegina= Regina
3012TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsResolute= Resolute
3013TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanta_Isabel= Santa Isabel
3014TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanto_Domingo= Santo Domingo
3015TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysund= Ittoqqortoormiit
3016TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysund-secondaryn/a Scoresbysund
3017TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSitka= Sitka
3018TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_BarthelemySt. Barthélemy Saint-Barthélemy
3019TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Johns= St. John’s
3020TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_KittsSt. Kitts Saint Kitts
3021TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_LuciaSt. Lucia Saint Lucia
3022TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_ThomasSt. Thomas Saint Thomas
3023TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_VincentSt. Vincent Saint Vincent
3024TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSwift_Current= Swift Current
3025TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTegucigalpa= Tegucigalpa
3026TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThule= Thule
3027TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThule-secondaryn/a Qaanaaq
3028TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThunder_Bay= Thunder Bay
3029TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTijuana= Tijuana
3030TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsToronto= Toronto
3031TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTortola= Tortola
3032TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsVancouver= Vancouver
3033TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWhitehorse= Whitehorse
3034TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWinnipeg= Winnipeg
3035TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYakutat= Yakutat
3036TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYellowknife= Yellowknife
3037TimezonesSouth AmericaAcregeneric-longAcre Time Acren aika
3038TimezonesSouth AmericaAcrestandard-longAcre Standard Time Acren normaaliaika
3039TimezonesSouth AmericaAcredaylight-longAcre Summer Time Acren kesäaika
3040TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazongeneric-longAmazon Time Amazonin aika
3041TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazonstandard-longAmazon Standard Time Amazonin normaaliaika
3042TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazondaylight-longAmazon Summer Time Amazonin kesäaika
3043TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinageneric-longArgentina Time Argentiinan aika
3044TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinastandard-longArgentina Standard Time Argentiinan normaaliaika
3045TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinadaylight-longArgentina Summer Time Argentiinan kesäaika
3046TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerngeneric-longWestern Argentina Time Länsi-Argentiinan aika
3047TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westernstandard-longWestern Argentina Standard Time Länsi-Argentiinan normaaliaika
3048TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerndaylight-longWestern Argentina Summer Time Länsi-Argentiinan kesäaika
3049TimezonesSouth AmericaBoliviastandard-longBolivia Time Bolivian aika
3050TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliageneric-longBrasilia Time Brasilian aika
3051TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliastandard-longBrasilia Standard Time Brasilian normaaliaika
3052TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliadaylight-longBrasilia Summer Time Brasilian kesäaika
3053TimezonesSouth AmericaChilegeneric-longChile Time Chilen aika
3054TimezonesSouth AmericaChilestandard-longChile Standard Time Chilen normaaliaika
3055TimezonesSouth AmericaChiledaylight-longChile Summer Time Chilen kesäaika
3056TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiageneric-longColombia Time Kolumbian aika
3057TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiastandard-longColombia Standard Time Kolumbian normaaliaika
3058TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiadaylight-longColombia Summer Time Kolumbian kesäaika
3059TimezonesSouth AmericaEastergeneric-longEaster Island Time Pääsiäissaaren aika
3060TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterstandard-longEaster Island Standard Time Pääsiäissaaren normaaliaika
3061TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterdaylight-longEaster Island Summer Time Pääsiäissaaren kesäaika
3062TimezonesSouth AmericaEcuadorstandard-longEcuador Time Ecuadorin aika
3063TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandgeneric-longFalkland Islands Time Falklandinsaarten aika
3064TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandstandard-longFalkland Islands Standard Time Falklandinsaarten normaaliaika
3065TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklanddaylight-longFalkland Islands Summer Time Falklandinsaarten kesäaika
3066TimezonesSouth AmericaFrench_Guianastandard-longFrench Guiana Time Ranskan Guayanan aika
3067TimezonesSouth AmericaGalapagosstandard-longGalapagos Time Galápagossaarten aika
3068TimezonesSouth AmericaGuyanastandard-longGuyana Time Guyanan aika
3069TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhageneric-longFernando de Noronha Time Fernando de Noronhan aika
3070TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhastandard-longFernando de Noronha Standard Time Fernando de Noronhan normaaliaika
3071TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhadaylight-longFernando de Noronha Summer Time Fernando de Noronhan kesäaika
3072TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaygeneric-longParaguay Time Paraguayn aika
3073TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaystandard-longParaguay Standard Time Paraguayn normaaliaika
3074TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaydaylight-longParaguay Summer Time Paraguayn kesäaika
3075TimezonesSouth AmericaPerugeneric-longPeru Time Perun aika
3076TimezonesSouth AmericaPerustandard-longPeru Standard Time Perun normaaliaika
3077TimezonesSouth AmericaPerudaylight-longPeru Summer Time Perun kesäaika
3078TimezonesSouth AmericaSurinamestandard-longSuriname Time Surinamin aika
3079TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaygeneric-longUruguay Time Uruguayn aika
3080TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaystandard-longUruguay Standard Time Uruguayn normaaliaika
3081TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaydaylight-longUruguay Summer Time Uruguayn kesäaika
3082TimezonesSouth AmericaVenezuelastandard-longVenezuela Time Venezuelan aika
3083TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAraguainaAraguaina Araguaína
3084TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/La_Rioja= La Rioja
3085TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Rio_Gallegos= Rio Gallegos
3086TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Salta= Salta
3087TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Juan= San Juan
3088TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Luis= San Luis
3089TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/TucumanTucuman Tucumán
3090TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Ushuaia= Ushuaia
3091TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAsuncion= Asunción
3092TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia= Bahia
3093TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBelem= Belem
3094TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBoa_Vista= Boa Vista
3095TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBogotaBogota Bogotá
3096TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBuenos_Aires= Buenos Aires
3097TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCampo_Grande= Campo Grande
3098TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCaracas= Caracas
3099TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCatamarca= Catamarca
3100TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCayenne= Cayenne
3101TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCordobaCordoba Córdoba
3102TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCuiabaCuiaba Cuiabá
3103TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEasterEaster Pääsiäissaari
3104TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEirunepeEirunepe Eirunepé
3105TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsFortaleza= Fortaleza
3106TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGalapagos= Galapagos
3107TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuayaquil= Guayaquil
3108TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuyana= Guyana
3109TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsJujuy= Jujuy
3110TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLa_Paz= La Paz
3111TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLima= Lima
3112TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMaceioMaceio Maceió
3113TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsManaus= Manaus
3114TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMendoza= Mendoza
3115TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMontevideo= Montevideo
3116TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsNoronha= Noronha
3117TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsParamaribo= Paramaribo
3118TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPorto_Velho= Porto Velho
3119TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRecife= Recife
3120TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRio_Branco= Rio Branco
3121TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantaremSantarem Santarém
3122TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantiagoSantiago Santiago de Chile
3123TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSao_PauloSao Paulo São Paulo
3124TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsStanley= Stanley
3125TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Centralstandard-longCentral Africa Time Keski-Afrikan aika
3126TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Easternstandard-longEast Africa Time Itä-Afrikan aika
3127TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Southernstandard-longSouth Africa Standard Time Etelä-Afrikan aika
3128TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerngeneric-longWest Africa Time Länsi-Afrikan aika
3129TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westernstandard-longWest Africa Standard Time Länsi-Afrikan normaaliaika
3130TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerndaylight-longWest Africa Summer Time Länsi-Afrikan kesäaika
3131TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdegeneric-longCape Verde Time Kap Verden aika
3132TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdestandard-longCape Verde Standard Time Kap Verden normaaliaika
3133TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdedaylight-longCape Verde Summer Time Kap Verden kesäaika
3134TimezonesAfricaMauritiusgeneric-longMauritius Time Mauritiuksen aika
3135TimezonesAfricaMauritiusstandard-longMauritius Standard Time Mauritiuksen normaaliaika
3136TimezonesAfricaMauritiusdaylight-longMauritius Summer Time Mauritiuksen kesäaika
3137TimezonesAfricaReunionstandard-longReunion Time Réunionin aika
3138TimezonesAfricaSeychellesstandard-longSeychelles Time Seychellien aika
3139TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAbidjan= Abidjan
3140TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAccra= Accra
3141TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAddis_AbabaAddis Ababa Addis Abeba
3142TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAlgiersAlgiers Alger
3143TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAntananarivo= Antananarivo
3144TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAsmera= Asmara
3145TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBamako= Bamako
3146TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBangui= Bangui
3147TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanjul= Banjul
3148TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBissau= Bissau
3149TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBlantyre= Blantyre
3150TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBrazzaville= Brazzaville
3151TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBujumbura= Bujumbura
3152TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCairoCairo Kairo
3153TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCape_VerdeCape Verde Kap Verde
3154TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCasablanca= Casablanca
3155TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsComoroComoro Komorit
3156TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsConakry= Conakry
3157TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDakar= Dakar
3158TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDar_es_Salaam= Dar es Salaam
3159TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDjibouti= Djibouti
3160TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDouala= Douala
3161TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsEl_AaiunEl Aaiun El Aaiún
3162TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsFreetown= Freetown
3163TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsGaborone= Gaborone
3164TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsHarare= Harare
3165TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJohannesburg= Johannesburg
3166TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJuba= Juba
3167TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKampala= Kampala
3168TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKhartoumKhartoum Khartum
3169TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKigali= Kigali
3170TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKinshasa= Kinshasa
3171TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLagos= Lagos
3172TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLibreville= Libreville
3173TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLomeLome Lomé
3174TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLuanda= Luanda
3175TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLubumbashi= Lubumbashi
3176TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLusaka= Lusaka
3177TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaheMahe Mahé
3178TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMalabo= Malabo
3179TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaputo= Maputo
3180TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaseru= Maseru
3181TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMauritius= Mauritius
3182TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMayotte= Mayotte
3183TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMbabane= Mbabane
3184TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMogadishu= Mogadishu
3185TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMonrovia= Monrovia
3186TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNairobi= Nairobi
3187TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNdjamenaNdjamena N’Djamena
3188TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNiamey= Niamey
3189TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNouakchott= Nouakchott
3190TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsOuagadougou= Ouagadougou
3191TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsPorto-Novo= Porto-Novo
3192TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsReunion= Réunion
3193TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSao_Tome= São Tomé
3194TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSt_HelenaSt. Helena Saint Helena
3195TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTripoli= Tripoli
3196TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTunis= Tunis
3197TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsWindhoek= Windhoek
3198TimezonesEuropeAzoresgeneric-longAzores Time Azorien aika
3199TimezonesEuropeAzoresstandard-longAzores Standard Time Azorien normaaliaika
3200TimezonesEuropeAzoresdaylight-longAzores Summer Time Azorien kesäaika
3201TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-longCentral European Time Keski-Euroopan aika
3202TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-longCentral European Standard Time Keski-Euroopan normaaliaika
3203TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-longCentral European Summer Time Keski-Euroopan kesäaika
3204TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-longEastern European Time Itä-Euroopan aika
3205TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-longEastern European Standard Time Itä-Euroopan normaaliaika
3206TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-longEastern European Summer Time Itä-Euroopan kesäaika
3207TimezonesEuropeEurope_Further_Easternstandard-longFurther-eastern European Time Itäisemmän Euroopan aika
3208TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-longWestern European Time Länsi-Euroopan aika
3209TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-longWestern European Standard Time Länsi-Euroopan normaaliaika
3210TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-longWestern European Summer Time Länsi-Euroopan kesäaika
3211TimezonesEuropeGMTstandard-longGreenwich Mean Time Greenwichin normaaliaika
3212TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAmsterdam= Amsterdam
3213TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAndorra= Andorra
3214TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAthensAthens Ateena
3215TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAzoresAzores Azorit
3216TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBelgradeBelgrade Belgrad
3217TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBerlinBerlin Berliini
3218TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBratislava= Bratislava
3219TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBrusselsBrussels Bryssel
3220TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBucharestBucharest Bukarest
3221TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBudapest= Budapest
3222TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBusingen= Busingen
3223TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCanaryCanary Kanariansaaret
3224TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCeuta= Ceuta
3225TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsChisinauChisinau Chişinău
3226TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCopenhagenCopenhagen Kööpenhamina
3227TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsDublin= Dublin
3228TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsFaeroeFaroe Färsaaret
3229TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGibraltar= Gibraltar
3230TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGuernsey= Guernsey
3231TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsHelsinki= Helsinki
3232TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsIsle_of_ManIsle of Man Mansaari
3233TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsJersey= Jersey
3234TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsKievKiev Kiova
3235TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLisbonLisbon Lissabon
3236TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLjubljana= Ljubljana
3237TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLondonLondon Lontoo
3238TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLongyearbyen= Longyearbyen
3239TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLuxembourgLuxembourg Luxemburg
3240TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadeira= Madeira
3241TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadrid= Madrid
3242TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMalta= Malta
3243TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamnMariehamn Maarianhamina
3244TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamn-secondaryn/a Mariehamn
3245TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMinsk= Minsk
3246TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMonaco= Monaco
3247TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsOslo= Oslo
3248TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsParisParis Pariisi
3249TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPodgorica= Podgorica
3250TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPraguePrague Praha
3251TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsReykjavikReykjavik Reykjavík
3252TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRigaRiga Riika
3253TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRomeRome Rooma
3254TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSan_Marino= San Marino
3255TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSarajevo= Sarajevo
3256TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSkopje= Skopje
3257TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSofia= Sofia
3258TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsStockholmStockholm Tukholma
3259TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTallinnTallinn Tallinna
3260TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTiraneTirane Tirana
3261TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsUzhgorodUzhhorod Užgorod
3262TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaduz= Vaduz
3263TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaticanVatican Vatikaani
3264TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsViennaVienna Wien
3265TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVilniusVilnius Vilna
3266TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsWarsawWarsaw Varsova
3267TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZagreb= Zagreb
3268TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZaporozhyeZaporozhye Zaporižžja
3269TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZurichZurich Zürich
3270TimezonesRussiaAnadyrgeneric-longAnadyr Time Anadyrin aika
3271TimezonesRussiaAnadyrstandard-longAnadyr Standard Time Anadyrin normaaliaika
3272TimezonesRussiaAnadyrdaylight-longAnadyr Summer Time Anadyrin kesäaika
3273TimezonesRussiaIrkutskgeneric-longIrkutsk Time Irkutskin aika
3274TimezonesRussiaIrkutskstandard-longIrkutsk Standard Time Irkutskin normaaliaika
3275TimezonesRussiaIrkutskdaylight-longIrkutsk Summer Time Irkutskin kesäaika
3276TimezonesRussiaKamchatkageneric-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Time Kamtšatkan aika
3277TimezonesRussiaKamchatkastandard-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Standard Time Kamtšatkan normaaliaika
3278TimezonesRussiaKamchatkadaylight-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Summer Time Kamtšatkan kesäaika
3279TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskgeneric-longKrasnoyarsk Time Krasnojarskin aika
3280TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskstandard-longKrasnoyarsk Standard Time Krasnojarskin normaaliaika
3281TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskdaylight-longKrasnoyarsk Summer Time Krasnojarskin kesäaika
3282TimezonesRussiaMagadangeneric-longMagadan Time Magadanin aika
3283TimezonesRussiaMagadanstandard-longMagadan Standard Time Magadanin normaaliaika
3284TimezonesRussiaMagadandaylight-longMagadan Summer Time Magadanin kesäaika
3285TimezonesRussiaMoscowgeneric-longMoscow Time Moskovan aika
3286TimezonesRussiaMoscowstandard-longMoscow Standard Time Moskovan normaaliaika
3287TimezonesRussiaMoscowdaylight-longMoscow Summer Time Moskovan kesäaika
3288TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskgeneric-longNovosibirsk Time Novosibirskin aika
3289TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskstandard-longNovosibirsk Standard Time Novosibirskin normaaliaika
3290TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskdaylight-longNovosibirsk Summer Time Novosibirskin kesäaika
3291TimezonesRussiaOmskgeneric-longOmsk Time Omskin aika
3292TimezonesRussiaOmskstandard-longOmsk Standard Time Omskin normaaliaika
3293TimezonesRussiaOmskdaylight-longOmsk Summer Time Omskin kesäaika
3294TimezonesRussiaSakhalingeneric-longSakhalin Time Sahalinin aika
3295TimezonesRussiaSakhalinstandard-longSakhalin Standard Time Sahalinin normaaliaika
3296TimezonesRussiaSakhalindaylight-longSakhalin Summer Time Sahalinin kesäaika
3297TimezonesRussiaSamarageneric-longSamara Time Samaran aika
3298TimezonesRussiaSamarastandard-longSamara Standard Time Samaran normaaliaika
3299TimezonesRussiaSamaradaylight-longSamara Summer Time Samaran kesäaika
3300TimezonesRussiaVladivostokgeneric-longVladivostok Time Vladivostokin aika
3301TimezonesRussiaVladivostokstandard-longVladivostok Standard Time Vladivostokin normaaliaika
3302TimezonesRussiaVladivostokdaylight-longVladivostok Summer Time Vladivostokin kesäaika
3303TimezonesRussiaVolgogradgeneric-longVolgograd Time Volgogradin aika
3304TimezonesRussiaVolgogradstandard-longVolgograd Standard Time Volgogradin normaaliaika
3305TimezonesRussiaVolgograddaylight-longVolgograd Summer Time Volgogradin kesäaika
3306TimezonesRussiaYakutskgeneric-longYakutsk Time Jakutskin aika
3307TimezonesRussiaYakutskstandard-longYakutsk Standard Time Jakutskin normaaliaika
3308TimezonesRussiaYakutskdaylight-longYakutsk Summer Time Jakutskin kesäaika
3309TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburggeneric-longYekaterinburg Time Jekaterinburgin aika
3310TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgstandard-longYekaterinburg Standard Time Jekaterinburgin normaaliaika
3311TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgdaylight-longYekaterinburg Summer Time Jekaterinburgin kesäaika
3312TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAnadyr= Anadyr
3313TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsChita= Chita
3314TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsIrkutsk= Irkutsk
3315TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKaliningrad= Kaliningrad
3316TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKamchatkaKamchatka Kamtšatka
3317TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKhandygaKhandyga Handyga
3318TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk Krasnojarsk
3319TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMagadan= Magadan
3320TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMoscowMoscow Moskova
3321TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovokuznetsk= Novokuznetsk
3322TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovosibirsk= Novosibirsk
3323TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsOmsk= Omsk
3324TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSakhalinSakhalin Sahalin
3325TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSamara= Samara
3326TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSimferopol= Simferopol
3327TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSrednekolymsk= Srednekolymsk
3328TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUst-Nera= Ust-Nera
3329TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVladivostok= Vladivostok
3330TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVolgograd= Volgograd
3331TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYakutskYakutsk Jakutsk
3332TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYekaterinburgYekaterinburg Jekaterinburg
3333TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiangeneric-longArabian Time Saudi-Arabian aika
3334TimezonesWestern AsiaArabianstandard-longArabian Standard Time Saudi-Arabian normaaliaika
3335TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiandaylight-longArabian Daylight Time Saudi-Arabian kesäaika
3336TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniageneric-longArmenia Time Armenian aika
3337TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniastandard-longArmenia Standard Time Armenian normaaliaika
3338TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniadaylight-longArmenia Summer Time Armenian kesäaika
3339TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijangeneric-longAzerbaijan Time Azerbaidžanin aika
3340TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijanstandard-longAzerbaijan Standard Time Azerbaidžanin normaaliaika
3341TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijandaylight-longAzerbaijan Summer Time Azerbaidžanin kesäaika
3342TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiageneric-longGeorgia Time Georgian aika
3343TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiastandard-longGeorgia Standard Time Georgian normaaliaika
3344TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiadaylight-longGeorgia Summer Time Georgian kesäaika
3345TimezonesWestern AsiaGulfstandard-longGulf Standard Time Arabiemiirikuntien normaaliaika
3346TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelgeneric-longIsrael Time Israelin aika
3347TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelstandard-longIsrael Standard Time Israelin normaaliaika
3348TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraeldaylight-longIsrael Daylight Time Israelin kesäaika
3349TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAden= Aden
3350TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAmman= Amman
3351TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaghdadBaghdad Bagdad
3352TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBahrain= Bahrain
3353TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaku= Baku
3354TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBeirut= Beirut
3355TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDamascusDamascus Damaskos
3356TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDubai= Dubai
3357TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsGaza= Gaza
3358TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsHebron= Hebron
3359TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsIstanbul= Istanbul
3360TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsJerusalem= Jerusalem
3361TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsKuwait= Kuwait
3362TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsMuscat= Muscat
3363TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsNicosiaNicosia Nikosia
3364TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsQatar= Qatar
3365TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsRiyadhRiyadh Riad
3366TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsTbilisi= Tbilisi
3367TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsYerevanYerevan Jerevan
3368TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatygeneric-longAlmaty Time Almatyn aika
3369TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatystandard-longAlmaty Standard Time Almatyn normaaliaika
3370TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatydaylight-longAlmaty Summer Time Almatyn kesäaika
3371TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaugeneric-longAqtau Time Aqtaw’n aika
3372TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaustandard-longAqtau Standard Time Aqtaw’n normaaliaika
3373TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaudaylight-longAqtau Summer Time Aqtaw’n kesäaika
3374TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobegeneric-longAqtobe Time Aqtöben aika
3375TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobestandard-longAqtobe Standard Time Aqtöben normaaliaika
3376TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobedaylight-longAqtobe Summer Time Aqtöben kesäaika
3377TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Easternstandard-longEast Kazakhstan Time Itä-Kazakstanin aika
3378TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Westernstandard-longWest Kazakhstan Time Länsi-Kazakstanin aika
3379TimezonesCentral AsiaKyrgystanstandard-longKyrgystan Time Kirgisian aika
3380TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordageneric-longQyzylorda Time Qızılordan aika
3381TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordastandard-longQyzylorda Standard Time Qızılordan normaaliaika
3382TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordadaylight-longQyzylorda Summer Time Qızılordan kesäaika
3383TimezonesCentral AsiaTajikistanstandard-longTajikistan Time Tadžikistanin aika
3384TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistangeneric-longTurkmenistan Time Turkmenistanin aika
3385TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistanstandard-longTurkmenistan Standard Time Turkmenistanin normaaliaika
3386TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistandaylight-longTurkmenistan Summer Time Turkmenistanin kesäaika
3387TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistangeneric-longUzbekistan Time Uzbekistanin aika
3388TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistanstandard-longUzbekistan Standard Time Uzbekistanin normaaliaika
3389TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistandaylight-longUzbekistan Summer Time Uzbekistanin kesäaika
3390TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAlmaty= Almaty
3391TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtauAqtau Aqtaw
3392TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtobeAqtobe Aqtöbe
3393TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAshgabatAshgabat Ašgabat
3394TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsBishkekBishkek Biškek
3395TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsDushanbeDushanbe Dušanbe
3396TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsOralOral Uralsk
3397TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsQyzylordaQyzylorda Qızılorda
3398TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsSamarkand= Samarkand
3399TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsTashkentTashkent Taškent
3400TimezonesEastern AsiaChinageneric-longChina Time Kiinan aika
3401TimezonesEastern AsiaChinastandard-longChina Standard Time Kiinan normaaliaika
3402TimezonesEastern AsiaChinadaylight-longChina Daylight Time Kiinan kesäaika
3403TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsangeneric-longChoibalsan Time Tšoibalsan aika
3404TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsanstandard-longChoibalsan Standard Time Tšoibalsan normaaliaika
3405TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsandaylight-longChoibalsan Summer Time Tšoibalsan kesäaika
3406TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Konggeneric-longHong Kong Time Hongkongin aika
3407TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongstandard-longHong Kong Standard Time Hongkongin normaaliaika
3408TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongdaylight-longHong Kong Summer Time Hongkongin kesäaika
3409TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdgeneric-longHovd Time Hovdin aika
3410TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdstandard-longHovd Standard Time Hovdin normaaliaika
3411TimezonesEastern AsiaHovddaylight-longHovd Summer Time Hovdin kesäaika
3412TimezonesEastern AsiaJapangeneric-longJapan Time Japanin aika
3413TimezonesEastern AsiaJapanstandard-longJapan Standard Time Japanin normaaliaika
3414TimezonesEastern AsiaJapandaylight-longJapan Daylight Time Japanin kesäaika
3415TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreageneric-longKorean Time Korean aika
3416TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreastandard-longKorean Standard Time Korean normaaliaika
3417TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreadaylight-longKorean Daylight Time Korean kesäaika
3418TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaugeneric-longMacau Time Macaon aika
3419TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaustandard-longMacau Standard Time Macaon normaaliaika
3420TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaudaylight-longMacau Summer Time Macaon kesäaika
3421TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliageneric-longUlan Bator Time Ulan Batorin aika
3422TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliastandard-longUlan Bator Standard Time Ulan Batorin normaaliaika
3423TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliadaylight-longUlan Bator Summer Time Ulan Batorin kesäaika
3424TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeigeneric-longTaipei Time Taipein aika
3425TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeistandard-longTaipei Standard Time Taipein normaaliaika
3426TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeidaylight-longTaipei Daylight Time Taipein kesäaika
3427TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChoibalsanChoibalsan Tšoibalsa
3428TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChongqingn/a Chongqing
3429TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHarbinn/a Harbin
3430TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHong_KongHong Kong Hongkong
3431TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHovd= Hovd
3432TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsKashgarn/a Kašgar
3433TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsMacauMacau Macao
3434TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsPyongyangPyongyang Pjongjang
3435TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsSeoulSeoul Soul
3436TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsShanghai= Shanghai
3437TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTaipei= Taipei
3438TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTokyoTokyo Tokio
3439TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar Ulan Bator
3440TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUrumqiUrumqi Ürümqi
3441TimezonesSouthern AsiaAfghanistanstandard-longAfghanistan Time Afganistanin aika
3442TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshgeneric-longBangladesh Time Bangladeshin aika
3443TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshstandard-longBangladesh Standard Time Bangladeshin normaaliaika
3444TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshdaylight-longBangladesh Summer Time Bangladeshin kesäaika
3445TimezonesSouthern AsiaBhutanstandard-longBhutan Time Bhutanin aika
3446TimezonesSouthern AsiaIndiastandard-longIndia Standard Time Intian aika
3447TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrangeneric-longIran Time Iranin aika
3448TimezonesSouthern AsiaIranstandard-longIran Standard Time Iranin normaaliaika
3449TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrandaylight-longIran Daylight Time Iranin kesäaika
3450TimezonesSouthern AsiaLankastandard-longLanka Time Sri Lankan aika
3451TimezonesSouthern AsiaMaldivesstandard-longMaldives Time Malediivien aika
3452TimezonesSouthern AsiaNepalstandard-longNepal Time Nepalin aika
3453TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistangeneric-longPakistan Time Pakistanin aika
3454TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistanstandard-longPakistan Standard Time Pakistanin normaaliaika
3455TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistandaylight-longPakistan Summer Time Pakistanin kesäaika
3456TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsCalcuttaKolkata Kalkutta
3457TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsColombo= Colombo
3458TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsDhaka= Dhaka
3459TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKabul= Kabul
3460TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKarachi= Karachi
3461TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKatmandu= Kathmandu
3462TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsMaldivesMaldives Malediivit
3463TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsTehranTehran Teheran
3464TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsThimphu= Thimphu
3465TimezonesSoutheast AsiaBruneistandard-longBrunei Darussalam Time Brunein aika
3466TimezonesSoutheast AsiaEast_Timorstandard-longEast Timor Time Itä-Timorin aika
3467TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndochinastandard-longIndochina Time Indokiinan aika
3468TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Centralstandard-longCentral Indonesia Time Keski-Indonesian aika
3469TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Easternstandard-longEastern Indonesia Time Itä-Indonesian aika
3470TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Westernstandard-longWestern Indonesia Time Länsi-Indonesian aika
3471TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMalaysiastandard-longMalaysia Time Malesian aika
3472TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMyanmarstandard-longMyanmar Time Myanmarin aika
3473TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesgeneric-longPhilippine Time Filippiinien aika
3474TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesstandard-longPhilippine Standard Time Filippiinien normaaliaika
3475TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesdaylight-longPhilippine Summer Time Filippiinien kesäaika
3476TimezonesSoutheast AsiaSingaporestandard-longSingapore Standard Time Singaporen aika
3477TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBangkok= Bangkok
3478TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBrunei= Brunei
3479TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsDili= Dili
3480TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJakarta= Jakarta
3481TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJayapura= Jayapura
3482TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuala_Lumpur= Kuala Lumpur
3483TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuching= Kuching
3484TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsMakassar= Makassar
3485TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsManila= Manila
3486TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPhnom_Penh= Phnom Penh
3487TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPontianak= Pontianak
3488TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsRangoonRangoon Yangon
3489TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSaigonHo Chi Minh City Hồ Chí Minhin kaupunki
3490TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSingapore= Singapore
3491TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsVientiane= Vientiane
3492TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralgeneric-longCentral Australia Time Keski-Australian aika
3493TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralstandard-longAustralian Central Standard Time Keski-Australian normaaliaika
3494TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centraldaylight-longAustralian Central Daylight Time Keski-Australian kesäaika
3495TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterngeneric-longAustralian Central Western Time Läntisen Keski-Australian aika
3496TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesternstandard-longAustralian Central Western Standard Time Läntisen Keski-Australian normaaliaika
3497TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterndaylight-longAustralian Central Western Daylight Time Läntisen Keski-Australian kesäaika
3498TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterngeneric-longEastern Australia Time Itä-Australian aika
3499TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easternstandard-longAustralian Eastern Standard Time Itä-Australian normaaliaika
3500TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterndaylight-longAustralian Eastern Daylight Time Itä-Australian kesäaika
3501TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerngeneric-longWestern Australia Time Länsi-Australian aika
3502TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westernstandard-longAustralian Western Standard Time Länsi-Australian normaaliaika
3503TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerndaylight-longAustralian Western Daylight Time Länsi-Australian kesäaika
3504TimezonesAustralasiaChathamgeneric-longChatham Time Chathamin aika
3505TimezonesAustralasiaChathamstandard-longChatham Standard Time Chathamin normaaliaika
3506TimezonesAustralasiaChathamdaylight-longChatham Daylight Time Chathamin kesäaika
3507TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howegeneric-longLord Howe Time Lord Howen aika
3508TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howestandard-longLord Howe Standard Time Lord Howen normaaliaika
3509TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howedaylight-longLord Howe Daylight Time Lord Howen kesäaika
3510TimezonesAustralasiaMacquariestandard-longMacquarie Island Time Macquariensaaren aika
3511TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandgeneric-longNew Zealand Time Uuden-Seelannin aika
3512TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandstandard-longNew Zealand Standard Time Uuden-Seelannin normaaliaika
3513TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealanddaylight-longNew Zealand Daylight Time Uuden-Seelannin kesäaika
3514TimezonesAustralasiaNorfolkstandard-longNorfolk Island Time Norfolkinsaarten aika
3515TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAdelaide= Adelaide
3516TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAuckland= Auckland
3517TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBrisbane= Brisbane
3518TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBroken_Hill= Broken Hill
3519TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChathamChatham Chathamsaaret
3520TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCurrie= Currie
3521TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsDarwin= Darwin
3522TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsEucla= Eucla
3523TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsHobart= Hobart
3524TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLindeman= Lindeman
3525TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLord_Howe= Lord Howe
3526TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMacquarieMacquarie Macquariensaari
3527TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMelbourne= Melbourne
3528TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsNorfolk= Norfolk
3529TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsPerth= Perth
3530TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsSydney= Sydney
3531TimezonesAntarcticaCaseystandard-longCasey Time Caseyn aika
3532TimezonesAntarcticaDavisstandard-longDavis Time Davisin aika
3533TimezonesAntarcticaDumontDUrvillestandard-longDumont-d’Urville Time Dumont-d’Urvillen aika
3534TimezonesAntarcticaMawsonstandard-longMawson Time Mawsonin aika
3535TimezonesAntarcticaRotherastandard-longRothera Time Rotheran aika
3536TimezonesAntarcticaSyowastandard-longSyowa Time Syowan aika
3537TimezonesAntarcticaVostokstandard-longVostok Time Vostokin aika
3538TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsCasey= Casey
3539TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDavis= Davis
3540TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDumontDUrville= Dumont d’Urville
3541TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMawson= Mawson
3542TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMcMurdo= McMurdo
3543TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsPalmer= Palmer
3544TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsRothera= Rothera
3545TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsSyowa= Syowa
3546TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsTroll= Troll
3547TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsVostok= Vostok
3548TimezonesOceaniaApiageneric-longApia Time Apian aika
3549TimezonesOceaniaApiastandard-longApia Standard Time Apian normaaliaika
3550TimezonesOceaniaApiadaylight-longApia Daylight Time Apian kesäaika
3551TimezonesOceaniaChamorrostandard-longChamorro Standard Time Tšamorron aika
3552TimezonesOceaniaChristmasstandard-longChristmas Island Time Joulusaaren aika
3553TimezonesOceaniaCocosstandard-longCocos Islands Time Kookossaarten aika
3554TimezonesOceaniaCookgeneric-longCook Islands Time Cookinsaarten aika
3555TimezonesOceaniaCookstandard-longCook Islands Standard Time Cookinsaarten normaaliaika
3556TimezonesOceaniaCookdaylight-longCook Islands Half Summer Time Cookinsaarten kesäaika
3557TimezonesOceaniaFijigeneric-longFiji Time Fidžin aika
3558TimezonesOceaniaFijistandard-longFiji Standard Time Fidžin normaaliaika
3559TimezonesOceaniaFijidaylight-longFiji Summer Time Fidžin kesäaika
3560TimezonesOceaniaFrench_Southernstandard-longFrench Southern & Antarctic Time Ranskan eteläisten ja antarktisten alueiden aika
3561TimezonesOceaniaGambierstandard-longGambier Time Gambierin aika
3562TimezonesOceaniaGilbert_Islandsstandard-longGilbert Islands Time Gilbertsaarten aika
3563TimezonesOceaniaGuamstandard-longGuam Standard Time Guamin aika
3564TimezonesOceaniaIndian_Oceanstandard-longIndian Ocean Time Intian valtameren aika
3565TimezonesOceaniaKosraestandard-longKosrae Time Kosraen aika
3566TimezonesOceaniaLine_Islandsstandard-longLine Islands Time Linesaarten aika
3567TimezonesOceaniaMarquesasstandard-longMarquesas Time Marquesasin aika
3568TimezonesOceaniaMarshall_Islandsstandard-longMarshall Islands Time Marshallinsaarten aika
3569TimezonesOceaniaNaurustandard-longNauru Time Naurun aika
3570TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniageneric-longNew Caledonia Time Uuden-Kaledonian aika
3571TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniastandard-longNew Caledonia Standard Time Uuden-Kaledonian normaaliaika
3572TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniadaylight-longNew Caledonia Summer Time Uuden-Kaledonian kesäaika
3573TimezonesOceaniaNiuestandard-longNiue Time Niuen aika
3574TimezonesOceaniaNorth_Marianastandard-longNorth Mariana Islands Time Pohjois-Mariaanien aika
3575TimezonesOceaniaPalaustandard-longPalau Time Palaun aika
3576TimezonesOceaniaPapua_New_Guineastandard-longPapua New Guinea Time Papua-Uuden-Guinean aika
3577TimezonesOceaniaPhoenix_Islandsstandard-longPhoenix Islands Time Phoenixsaarten aika
3578TimezonesOceaniaPitcairnstandard-longPitcairn Time Pitcairnin aika
3579TimezonesOceaniaPonapestandard-longPonape Time Pohnpein aika
3580TimezonesOceaniaSamoageneric-longSamoa Time Samoan aika
3581TimezonesOceaniaSamoastandard-longSamoa Standard Time Samoan normaaliaika
3582TimezonesOceaniaSamoadaylight-longSamoa Daylight Time Samoan kesäaika
3583TimezonesOceaniaSolomonstandard-longSolomon Islands Time Salomonsaarten aika
3584TimezonesOceaniaSouth_Georgiastandard-longSouth Georgia Time Etelä-Georgian aika
3585TimezonesOceaniaTahitistandard-longTahiti Time Tahitin aika
3586TimezonesOceaniaTokelaustandard-longTokelau Time Tokelaun aika
3587TimezonesOceaniaTongageneric-longTonga Time Tongan aika
3588TimezonesOceaniaTongastandard-longTonga Standard Time Tongan normaaliaika
3589TimezonesOceaniaTongadaylight-longTonga Summer Time Tongan kesäaika
3590TimezonesOceaniaTrukstandard-longChuuk Time Chuukin aika
3591TimezonesOceaniaTuvalustandard-longTuvalu Time Tuvalun aika
3592TimezonesOceaniaVanuatugeneric-longVanuatu Time Vanuatun aika
3593TimezonesOceaniaVanuatustandard-longVanuatu Standard Time Vanuatun normaaliaika
3594TimezonesOceaniaVanuatudaylight-longVanuatu Summer Time Vanuatun kesäaika
3595TimezonesOceaniaWakestandard-longWake Island Time Waken aika
3596TimezonesOceaniaWallisstandard-longWallis & Futuna Time Wallisin ja Futunan aika
3597TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsApia= Apia
3598TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChagos= Chagos
3599TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChristmasChristmas Joulusaari
3600TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsCocosCocos Kookossaaret
3601TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEfate= Efate
3602TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEnderbury= Enderbury
3603TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFakaofo= Fakaofo
3604TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFijiFiji Fidži
3605TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFunafuti= Funafuti
3606TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGambierGambier Gambiersaaret
3607TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuadalcanal= Guadalcanal
3608TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuam= Guam
3609TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsJohnston= Johnston
3610TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKerguelenKerguelen Kerguelensaaret
3611TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKiritimati= Kiritimati
3612TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKosrae= Kosrae
3613TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKwajalein= Kwajalein
3614TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMajuro= Majuro
3615TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMarquesasMarquesas Marquesassaaret
3616TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMidway= Midway
3617TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNauru= Nauru
3618TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNiue= Niue
3619TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNoumeaNoumea Nouméa
3620TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPago_Pago= Pago Pago
3621TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPalau= Palau
3622TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPitcairn= Pitcairn
3623TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPonape= Pohnpei
3624TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPort_Moresby= Port Moresby
3625TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsRarotonga= Rarotonga
3626TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSaipan= Saipan
3627TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSouth_GeorgiaSouth Georgia Etelä-Georgia
3628TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTahiti= Tahiti
3629TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTarawa= Tarawa
3630TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTongatapu= Tongatapu
3631TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTruk= Chuuk
3632TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWake= Wake
3633TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWallis= Wallis
3634TimezonesUnknown RegionCities and RegionsUnknownUnknown City tuntematon
3635TimezonesOverridesEurope/Dublindaylight-longIrish Standard Time Irlannin kesäaika
3636TimezonesOverridesEurope/Londondaylight-longBritish Summer Time Britannian kesäaika
3637NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols Time Separator: .
3638NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)Time Separator= ٫
3639NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)Time Separator= ٫
3640NumbersSymbolsSymbols decimal. ,
3641NumbersSymbolsSymbols group,  
3642NumbersSymbolsSymbols plusSign= +
3643NumbersSymbolsSymbols minusSign-
3644NumbersSymbolsSymbols percentSign= %
3645NumbersSymbolsSymbols perMille=
3646NumbersSymbolsSymbols exponential= E
3647NumbersSymbolsSymbols superscriptingExponent= ×
3648NumbersSymbolsSymbols infinity=
3649NumbersSymbolsSymbols nanNaN epäluku
3650NumbersSymbolsSymbols list= ;
3651NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)decimal= ٫
3652NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)group= ٬
3653NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)plusSign= ‏+
3654NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)minusSign= ‏-
3655NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)percentSign= ٪
3656NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)perMille= ؉
3657NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)exponential= اس
3658NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)superscriptingExponent= ×
3659NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)infinity=
3660NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)nan= NaN
3661NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)list= ؛
3662NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)decimal= ٫
3663NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)group= ٬
3664NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)plusSign= ‎+‎
3665NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)minusSign= ‎-‎
3666NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)percentSign= ٪
3667NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)perMille= ؉
3668NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)exponential= ×۱۰^
3669NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)superscriptingExponent= ×
3670NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)infinity=
3671NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)nan= NaN
3672NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)list= ؛
3673NumbersSymbolsGrouping ControlMinimum Grouping Digits= 1
3674NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-decimal= #,##0.###
3675NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-currency¤#,##0.00 #,##0.00 ¤
3676NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-percent#,##0% #,##0 %
3677NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-scientific= #E0
3678NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns accounting-currency¤#,##0.00;(¤#,##0.00) #,##0.00 ¤
3679NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-one= {0} {1}
3680NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-other= {0} {1}
3681NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atLeast{0}+ vähintään {0}
3682NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns range{0}–{1} {0}‒{1}
3683NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-one0 thousand 0 tuhat
3684NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-other0 thousand 0 tuhatta
3685NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-one00 thousand 00 tuhatta
3686NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-other00 thousand 00 tuhatta
3687NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-one000 thousand 000 tuhatta
3688NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-other000 thousand 000 tuhatta
3689NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-one0 million 0 miljoona
3690NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-other0 million 0 miljoonaa
3691NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-one00 million 00 miljoonaa
3692NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-other00 million 00 miljoonaa
3693NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-one000 million 000 miljoonaa
3694NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-other000 million 000 miljoonaa
3695NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-one0 billion 0 miljardi
3696NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-other0 billion 0 miljardia
3697NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-one00 billion 00 miljardia
3698NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-other00 billion 00 miljardia
3699NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-one000 billion 000 miljardia
3700NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-other000 billion 000 miljardia
3701NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-one0 trillion 0 biljoona
3702NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-other0 trillion 0 biljoonaa
3703NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-one00 trillion 00 biljoonaa
3704NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-other00 trillion 00 biljoonaa
3705NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-one000 trillion 000 biljoonaa
3706NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-other000 trillion 000 biljoonaa
3707NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-one0K 0 t'.'
3708NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-other0K 0 t'.'
3709NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-one00K 00 t'.'
3710NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-other00K 00 t'.'
3711NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-one000K 000 t'.'
3712NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-other000K 000 t'.'
3713NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-one0M 0 milj'.'
3714NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-other0M 0 milj'.'
3715NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-one00M 00 milj'.'
3716NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-other00M 00 milj'.'
3717NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-one000M 000 milj'.'
3718NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-other000M 000 milj'.'
3719NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-one0B 0 mrd'.'
3720NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-other0B 0 mrd'.'
3721NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-one00B 00 mrd'.'
3722NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-other00B 00 mrd'.'
3723NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-one000B 000 mrd'.'
3724NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-other000B 000 mrd'.'
3725NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-one0T 0 bilj'.'
3726NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-other0T 0 bilj'.'
3727NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-one00T 00 bilj'.'
3728NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-other00T 00 bilj'.'
3729NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-one000T 000 bilj'.'
3730NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-other000T 000 bilj'.'
3731CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-nameBermudan Dollar Bermudan dollari
3732CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-oneBermudan dollar Bermudan dollari
3733CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-otherBermudan dollars Bermudan dollaria
3734CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol= BMD
3735CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol-narrow= $
3736CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-nameCanadian Dollar Kanadan dollari
3737CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-oneCanadian dollar Kanadan dollari
3738CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-otherCanadian dollars Kanadan dollaria
3739CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbolCA$ CAD
3740CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol-narrow= $
3741CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-nameUS Dollar Yhdysvaltain dollari
3742CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-oneUS dollar Yhdysvaltain dollari
3743CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-otherUS dollars Yhdysvaltain dollaria
3744CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol= $
3745CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol-narrow= $
3746CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-nameUS Dollar (Next day) Yhdysvaltain dollari (seuraava päivä)
3747CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-name-oneUS dollar (next day) Yhdysvaltain dollari (seuraava päivä)
3748CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-name-otherUS dollars (next day) Yhdysvaltain dollaria (seuraava päivä)
3749CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-symbol= USN
3750CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-nameUS Dollar (Same day) Yhdysvaltain dollari (sama päivä)
3751CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-name-oneUS dollar (same day) Yhdysvaltain dollari (sama päivä)
3752CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-name-otherUS dollars (same day) Yhdysvaltain dollaria (sama päivä)
3753CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-symbol= USS
3754CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-nameBelize Dollar Belizen dollari
3755CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-oneBelize dollar Belizen dollari
3756CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-otherBelize dollars Belizen dollaria
3757CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol= BZD
3758CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol-narrow= $
3759CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-nameCosta Rican Colón Costa Rican colon
3760CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-oneCosta Rican colón Costa Rican colon
3761CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-otherCosta Rican colóns Costa Rican colonia
3762CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol= CRC
3763CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol-narrow=
3764CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-nameGuatemalan Quetzal Guatemalan quetzal
3765CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-one= Guatemalan quetzal
3766CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-otherGuatemalan quetzals Guatemalan quetzalia
3767CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol= GTQ
3768CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol-narrow= Q
3769CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-nameHonduran Lempira Hondurasin lempira
3770CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-oneHonduran lempira Hondurasin lempira
3771CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-otherHonduran lempiras Hondurasin lempiraa
3772CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol= HNL
3773CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol-narrow= L
3774CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-nameMexican Peso Meksikon peso
3775CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-oneMexican peso Meksikon peso
3776CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-otherMexican pesos Meksikon pesoa
3777CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbolMX$ MXN
3778CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol-narrow= $
3779CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-nameMexican Silver Peso (1861–1992) Meksikon hopeapeso (1861–1992)
3780CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-name-oneMexican silver peso (1861–1992) Meksikon hopeapeso (1861–1992)
3781CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-name-otherMexican silver pesos (1861–1992) Meksikon hopeapesoa (1861–1992)
3782CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-symbol= MXP
3783CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-nameMexican Investment Unit Meksikon UDI
3784CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-name-oneMexican investment unit Meksikon UDI
3785CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-name-otherMexican investment units Meksikon UDI’ta
3786CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-symbol= MXV
3787CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-nameNicaraguan Córdoba Nicaraguan cordoba
3788CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-oneNicaraguan córdoba Nicaraguan cordoba
3789CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-otherNicaraguan córdobas Nicaraguan cordobaa
3790CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol= NIO
3791CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol-narrow= C$
3792CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-nameNicaraguan Córdoba (1988–1991) Nicaraguan cordoba (1988–1991)
3793CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-name-oneNicaraguan córdoba (1988–1991) Nicaraguan cordoba (1988–1991)
3794CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-name-otherNicaraguan córdobas (1988–1991) Nicaraguan cordobaa (1988–1991)
3795CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-symbol= NIC
3796CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-namePanamanian Balboa Panaman balboa
3797CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-onePanamanian balboa Panaman balboa
3798CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-otherPanamanian balboas Panaman balboaa
3799CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-symbol= PAB
3800CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-nameSalvadoran Colón El Salvadorin colon
3801CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-oneSalvadoran colón El Salvadorin colon
3802CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-otherSalvadoran colones El Salvadorin colonia
3803CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-symbol= SVC
3804CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-nameAruban Florin Aruban floriini
3805CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-oneAruban florin Aruban floriini
3806CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-otherAruban florin Aruban floriinia
3807CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-symbol= AWG
3808CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-nameBarbadian Dollar Barbadosin dollari
3809CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-oneBarbadian dollar Barbadosin dollari
3810CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-otherBarbadian dollars Barbadosin dollaria
3811CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol= BBD
3812CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol-narrow= $
3813CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-nameBahamian Dollar Bahaman dollari
3814CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-oneBahamian dollar Bahaman dollari
3815CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-otherBahamian dollars Bahaman dollaria
3816CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol= BSD
3817CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol-narrow= $
3818CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-nameCuban Convertible Peso Kuuban vaihdettava peso
3819CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-nameCuban Peso Kuuban peso
3820CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-oneCuban convertible peso Kuuban vaihdettava peso
3821CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-otherCuban convertible pesos Kuuban vaihdettavaa pesoa
3822CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-oneCuban peso Kuuban peso
3823CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-otherCuban pesos Kuuban pesoa
3824CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol= CUC
3825CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol= CUP
3826CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol-narrow= $
3827CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol-narrow= $
3828CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-nameNetherlands Antillean Guilder Alankomaiden Antillien guldeni
3829CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-oneNetherlands Antillean guilder Alankomaiden Antillien guldeni
3830CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-otherNetherlands Antillean guilders Alankomaiden Antillien guldenia
3831CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-symbol= ANG
3832CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-nameDominican Peso Dominikaanisen tasavallan peso
3833CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-oneDominican peso Dominikaanisen tasavallan peso
3834CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-otherDominican pesos Dominikaanisen tasavallan pesoa
3835CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol= DOP
3836CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol-narrow= $
3837CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-nameHaitian Gourde Haitin gourde
3838CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-oneHaitian gourde Haitin gourde
3839CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-otherHaitian gourdes Haitin gourdea
3840CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-symbol= HTG
3841CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-nameJamaican Dollar Jamaikan dollari
3842CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-oneJamaican dollar Jamaikan dollari
3843CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-otherJamaican dollars Jamaikan dollaria
3844CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol= JMD
3845CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol-narrow= $
3846CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-nameCayman Islands Dollar Caymansaarten dollari
3847CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-oneCayman Islands dollar Caymansaarten dollari
3848CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-otherCayman Islands dollars Caymansaarten dollaria
3849CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol= KYD
3850CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol-narrow= $
3851CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-nameEast Caribbean Dollar Itä-Karibian dollari
3852CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-oneEast Caribbean dollar Itä-Karibian dollari
3853CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-otherEast Caribbean dollars Itä-Karibian dollaria
3854CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbolEC$ XCD
3855CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol-narrow= $
3856CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-nameTrinidad & Tobago Dollar Trinidadin ja Tobagon dollari
3857CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-oneTrinidad & Tobago dollar Trinidadin ja Tobagon dollari
3858CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-otherTrinidad & Tobago dollars Trinidadin ja Tobagon dollaria
3859CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol= TTD
3860CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol-narrow= $
3861CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-nameArgentine Peso Argentiinan peso
3862CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-oneArgentine peso Argentiinan peso
3863CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-otherArgentine pesos Argentiinan pesoa
3864CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol= ARS
3865CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol-narrow= $
3866CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-nameArgentine Austral Argentiinan austral
3867CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-oneArgentine austral Argentiinan austral
3868CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-otherArgentine australs Argentiinan australia
3869CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-symbol= ARA
3870CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-nameArgentine Peso Ley (1970–1983) Argentiinan ley-peso (1970–1983)
3871CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-name-oneArgentine peso ley (1970–1983) Argentiinan ley-peso (1970–1983)
3872CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-name-otherArgentine pesos ley (1970–1983) Argentiinan ley-pesoa (1970–1983)
3873CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-symbol= ARL
3874CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-nameArgentine Peso (1881–1970) Argentiinan peso (1881–1970)
3875CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-name-oneArgentine peso (1881–1970) Argentiinan peso (1881–1970)
3876CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-name-otherArgentine pesos (1881–1970) Argentiinan pesoa (1881–1970)
3877CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-symbol= ARM
3878CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-nameArgentine Peso (1983–1985) Argentiinan peso (1983–1985)
3879CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-oneArgentine peso (1983–1985) Argentiinan peso (1983–1985)
3880CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-otherArgentine pesos (1983–1985) Argentiinan pesoa (1983–1985)
3881CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-symbol= ARP
3882CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-nameBolivian Boliviano Bolivian boliviano
3883CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-one= Bolivian boliviano
3884CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-otherBolivian bolivianos Bolivian bolivianoa
3885CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol= BOB
3886CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol-narrow= Bs
3887CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-nameBolivian Boliviano (1863–1963) Bolivian boliviano (1863–1963)
3888CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-name-one= Bolivian boliviano (1863–1963)
3889CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-name-otherBolivian bolivianos (1863–1963) Bolivian bolivianoa (1863–1963)
3890CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-symbol= BOL
3891CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-nameBolivian Peso Bolivian peso
3892CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-one= Bolivian peso
3893CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-otherBolivian pesos Bolivian pesoa
3894CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-symbol= BOP
3895CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-nameBolivian Mvdol Bolivian mvdol
3896CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-one= Bolivian mvdol
3897CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-otherBolivian mvdols Bolivian mvdol’ia
3898CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-symbol= BOV
3899CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-nameBrazilian Real Brasilian real
3900CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-oneBrazilian real Brasilian real
3901CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-otherBrazilian reals Brasilian realia
3902CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbolR$ BRL
3903CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol-narrow= R$
3904CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-nameBrazilian New Cruzeiro (1967–1986) Brasilian uusi cruzeiro (1967–1986)
3905CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-oneBrazilian new cruzeiro (1967–1986) Brasilian uusi cruzeiro (1967–1986)
3906CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-otherBrazilian new cruzeiros (1967–1986) Brasilian uutta cruzeiroa (1967–1986)
3907CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-symbol= BRB
3908CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-nameBrazilian Cruzado (1986–1989) Brasilian cruzado (1986–1989)
3909CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-oneBrazilian cruzado (1986–1989) Brasilian cruzado (1986–1989)
3910CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-otherBrazilian cruzados (1986–1989) Brasilian cruzadoa (1986–1989)
3911CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-symbol= BRC
3912CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1990–1993) Brasilian cruzeiro (1990–1993)
3913CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1990–1993) Brasilian cruzeiro (1990–1993)
3914CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1990–1993) Brasilian cruzeiroa (1990–1993)
3915CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-symbol= BRE
3916CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-nameBrazilian New Cruzado (1989–1990) Brasilian uusi cruzado (1989–1990)
3917CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-oneBrazilian new cruzado (1989–1990) Brasilian uusi cruzado (1989–1990)
3918CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-otherBrazilian new cruzados (1989–1990) Brasilian uutta cruzadoa (1989–1990)
3919CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-symbol= BRN
3920CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1993–1994) Brasilian cruzeiro (1993–1994)
3921CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1993–1994) Brasilian cruzeiro (1993–1994)
3922CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1993–1994) Brasilian cruzeiroa (1993–1994)
3923CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-symbol= BRR
3924CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1942–1967) Brasilian cruzeiro (1942–1967)
3925CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1942–1967) Brasilian cruzeiro (1942–1967)
3926CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1942–1967) Brasilian cruzeiroa (1942–1967)
3927CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-symbol= BRZ
3928CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-nameChilean Peso Chilen peso
3929CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-oneChilean peso Chilen peso
3930CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-otherChilean pesos Chilen pesoa
3931CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol= CLP
3932CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol-narrow= $
3933CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-nameChilean Escudo Chilen escudo
3934CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-name-oneChilean escudo Chilen escudo
3935CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-name-otherChilean escudos Chilen escudoa
3936CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-symbol= CLE
3937CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-nameChilean Unit of Account (UF) Chilen unidades de fomento
3938CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-name-oneChilean unit of account (UF) Chilen unidades de fomento
3939CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-name-otherChilean units of account (UF) Chilen unidades de fomentoa
3940CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-symbol= CLF
3941CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-nameColombian Peso Kolumbian peso
3942CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-oneColombian peso Kolumbian peso
3943CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-otherColombian pesos Kolumbian pesoa
3944CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol= COP
3945CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol-narrow= $
3946CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-nameColombian Real Value Unit Kolumbian unidad de valor real
3947CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-name-oneColombian real value unit Kolumbian unidad de valor real
3948CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-name-otherColombian real value units Kolumbian unidad de valor realia
3949CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-symbol= COU
3950CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-nameEcuadorian Sucre Ecuadorin sucre
3951CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-name-oneEcuadorian sucre Ecuadorin sucre
3952CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-name-otherEcuadorian sucres Ecuadorin sucrea
3953CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-symbol= ECS
3954CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-nameEcuadorian Unit of Constant Value Ecuadorin UVC
3955CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-name-oneEcuadorian unit of constant value Ecuadorin UVC
3956CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-name-otherEcuadorian units of constant value Ecuadorin UVC’ta
3957CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-symbol= ECV
3958CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-nameFalkland Islands Pound Falklandinsaarten punta
3959CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-oneFalkland Islands pound Falklandinsaarten punta
3960CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-otherFalkland Islands pounds Falklandinsaarten puntaa
3961CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol= FKP
3962CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol-narrow= £
3963CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-nameGuyanaese Dollar Guyanan dollari
3964CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-oneGuyanaese dollar Guyanan dollari
3965CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-otherGuyanaese dollars Guyanan dollaria
3966CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol= GYD
3967CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol-narrow= $
3968CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-namePeruvian Nuevo Sol Perun uusi sol
3969CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-onePeruvian nuevo sol Perun uusi sol
3970CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-otherPeruvian nuevos soles Perun uutta solia
3971CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-symbol= PEN
3972CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-namePeruvian Inti Perun inti
3973CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-name-onePeruvian inti Perun inti
3974CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-name-otherPeruvian intis Perun intiä
3975CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-symbol= PEI
3976CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-namePeruvian Sol (1863–1965) Perun sol (1863–1965)
3977CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-name-onePeruvian sol (1863–1965) Perun sol (1863–1965)
3978CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-name-otherPeruvian soles (1863–1965) Perun solia (1863–1965)
3979CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-symbol= PES
3980CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-nameParaguayan Guarani Paraguayn guarani
3981CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-oneParaguayan guarani Paraguayn guarani
3982CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-otherParaguayan guaranis Paraguayn guarania
3983CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol= PYG
3984CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol-narrow=
3985CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-nameSurinamese Dollar Surinamin dollari
3986CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-oneSurinamese dollar Surinamin dollari
3987CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-otherSurinamese dollars Surinamin dollaria
3988CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol= SRD
3989CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol-narrow= $
3990CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-nameSurinamese Guilder Surinamin guldeni
3991CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-name-oneSurinamese guilder Surinamin guldeni
3992CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-name-otherSurinamese guilders Surinamin guldenia
3993CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-symbol= SRG
3994CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-nameUruguayan Peso Uruguayn peso
3995CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-oneUruguayan peso Uruguayn peso
3996CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-otherUruguayan pesos Uruguayn pesoa
3997CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol= UYU
3998CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol-narrow$ $U
3999CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-nameUruguayan Peso (Indexed Units) Uruguayn peso en unidades indexadas
4000CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-name-oneUruguayan peso (indexed units) Uruguayn peso en unidades indexadas
4001CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-name-otherUruguayan pesos (indexed units) Uruguayn pesoa en unidades indexadas
4002CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-symbol= UYI
4003CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-nameUruguayan Peso (1975–1993) Uruguayn peso (1975–1993)
4004CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-name-oneUruguayan peso (1975–1993) Uruguayn peso (1975–1993)
4005CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-name-otherUruguayan pesos (1975–1993) Uruguayn pesoa (1975–1993)
4006CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-symbol= UYP
4007CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-nameVenezuelan Bolívar Venezuelan bolivar
4008CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-oneVenezuelan bolívar Venezuelan bolivar
4009CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-otherVenezuelan bolívars Venezuelan bolivaria
4010CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol= VEF
4011CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol-narrow= Bs
4012CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-nameVenezuelan Bolívar (1871–2008) Venezuelan bolivar (1871–2008)
4013CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-name-oneVenezuelan bolívar (1871–2008) Venezuelan bolivar (1871–2008)
4014CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-name-otherVenezuelan bolívars (1871–2008) Venezuelan bolivaria (1871–2008)
4015CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-symbol= VEB
4016CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-nameEuro euro
4017CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-one= euro
4018CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-othereuros euroa
4019CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol=
4020CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol-narrow=
4021CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-nameEuropean Currency Unit Euroopan valuuttayksikkö (ECU)
4022CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-name-oneEuropean currency unit Euroopan valuuttayksikkö (ECU)
4023CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-name-otherEuropean currency units Euroopan valuuttayksikköä (ECU)
4024CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-symbol= XEU
4025CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-nameDanish Krone Tanskan kruunu
4026CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-oneDanish krone Tanskan kruunu
4027CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-otherDanish kroner Tanskan kruunua
4028CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol= DKK
4029CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol-narrow= kr
4030CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-nameEstonian Kroon Viron kruunu
4031CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-name-oneEstonian kroon Viron kruunu
4032CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-name-otherEstonian kroons Viron kruunua
4033CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-symbol= EEK
4034CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-nameFinnish Markka Suomen markka
4035CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-name-oneFinnish markka Suomen markka
4036CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-name-otherFinnish markkas Suomen markkaa
4037CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-symbolFIM mk
4038CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-nameBritish Pound Sterling Englannin punta
4039CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-oneBritish pound sterling Englannin punta
4040CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-otherBritish pounds sterling Englannin puntaa
4041CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol= £
4042CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol-narrow= £
4043CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-nameIrish Pound Irlannin punta
4044CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-name-oneIrish pound Irlannin punta
4045CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-name-otherIrish pounds Irlannin puntaa
4046CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-symbol= IEP
4047CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-nameIcelandic Króna Islannin kruunu
4048CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-oneIcelandic króna Islannin kruunu
4049CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-otherIcelandic krónur Islannin kruunua
4050CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol= ISK
4051CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol-narrow= kr
4052CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Iceland: ISJ (old)ISJ-nameIcelandic Króna (1918–1981) Islannin kruunu (1918–1981)
4053CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Iceland: ISJ (old)ISJ-name-oneIcelandic króna (1918–1981) Islannin kruunu (1918–1981)
4054CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Iceland: ISJ (old)ISJ-name-otherIcelandic krónur (1918–1981) Islannin kruunua (1918–1981)
4055CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Iceland: ISJ (old)ISJ-symboln/a ISJ
4056CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-nameLithuanian Litas Liettuan liti
4057CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-name-oneLithuanian litas Liettuan liti
4058CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-name-otherLithuanian litai Liettuan litiä
4059CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol= LTL
4060CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol-narrow= Lt
4061CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-nameLithuanian Talonas Liettuan talonas
4062CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-name-oneLithuanian talonas Liettuan talonas
4063CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-name-otherLithuanian talonases Liettuan talonasia
4064CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-symbol= LTT
4065CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-nameLatvian Lats Latvian lati
4066CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-oneLatvian lats Latvian lati
4067CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-otherLatvian lati Latvian latia
4068CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol= LVL
4069CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol-narrow= Ls
4070CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-nameLatvian Ruble Latvian rupla
4071CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-name-oneLatvian ruble Latvian rupla
4072CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-name-otherLatvian rubles Latvian ruplaa
4073CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-symbol= LVR
4074CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-nameNorwegian Krone Norjan kruunu
4075CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-oneNorwegian krone Norjan kruunu
4076CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-otherNorwegian kroner Norjan kruunua
4077CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol= NOK
4078CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol-narrow= kr
4079CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-nameSwedish Krona Ruotsin kruunu
4080CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-oneSwedish krona Ruotsin kruunu
4081CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-otherSwedish kronor Ruotsin kruunua
4082CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol= SEK
4083CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol-narrow= kr
4084CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-nameAustrian Schilling Itävallan šillinki
4085CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-oneAustrian schilling Itävallan šillinki
4086CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-otherAustrian schillings Itävallan šillinkiä
4087CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-symbol= ATS
4088CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-nameBelgian Franc (convertible) Belgian vaihdettava frangi
4089CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-oneBelgian franc (convertible) Belgian vaihdettava frangi
4090CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-otherBelgian francs (convertible) Belgian vaihdettavaa frangia
4091CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-symbol= BEC
4092CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-nameBelgian Franc Belgian frangi
4093CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-oneBelgian franc Belgian frangi
4094CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-otherBelgian francs Belgian frangia
4095CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-symbol= BEF
4096CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-nameBelgian Franc (financial) Belgian rahoitusfrangi
4097CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-oneBelgian franc (financial) Belgian rahoitusfrangi
4098CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-otherBelgian francs (financial) Belgian rahoitusfrangia
4099CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-symbol= BEL
4100CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-nameSwiss Franc Sveitsin frangi
4101CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-oneSwiss franc Sveitsin frangi
4102CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-otherSwiss francs Sveitsin frangia
4103CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-symbol= CHF
4104CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-nameWIR Euro Sveitsin WIR-euro
4105CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-name-oneWIR euro Sveitsin WIR-euro
4106CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-name-otherWIR euros Sveitsin WIR-euroa
4107CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-symbol= CHE
4108CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-nameWIR Franc Sveitsin WIR-frangi
4109CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-name-oneWIR franc Sveitsin WIR-frangi
4110CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-name-otherWIR francs Sveitsin WIR-frangia
4111CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-symbol= CHW
4112CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-nameEast German Mark Itä-Saksan markka
4113CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-name-oneEast German mark Itä-Saksan markka
4114CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-name-otherEast German marks Itä-Saksan markkaa
4115CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-symbol= DDM
4116CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-nameGerman Mark Saksan markka
4117CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-name-oneGerman mark Saksan markka
4118CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-name-otherGerman marks Saksan markkaa
4119CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-symbol= DEM
4120CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-nameFrench Franc Ranskan frangi
4121CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-name-oneFrench franc Ranskan frangi
4122CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-name-otherFrench francs Ranskan frangia
4123CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-symbol= FRF
4124CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-nameLuxembourgian Convertible Franc Luxemburgin vaihdettava frangi
4125CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-name-oneLuxembourgian convertible franc Luxemburgin vaihdettava frangi
4126CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-name-otherLuxembourgian convertible francs Luxemburgin vaihdettavaa frangia
4127CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-symbol= LUC
4128CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-nameLuxembourgian Franc Luxemburgin frangi
4129CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-name-oneLuxembourgian franc Luxemburgin frangi
4130CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-name-otherLuxembourgian francs Luxemburgin frangia
4131CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-symbol= LUF
4132CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-nameLuxembourg Financial Franc Luxemburgin rahoitusfrangi
4133CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-name-oneLuxembourg financial franc Luxemburgin rahoitusfrangi
4134CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-name-otherLuxembourg financial francs Luxemburgin rahoitusfrangia
4135CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-symbol= LUL
4136CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-nameMonegasque Franc Monacon frangi
4137CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-name-oneMonegasque franc Monacon frangi
4138CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-name-otherMonegasque francs Monacon frangia
4139CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-symbol= MCF
4140CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-nameDutch Guilder Alankomaiden guldeni
4141CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-name-oneDutch guilder Alankomaiden guldeni
4142CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-name-otherDutch guilders Alankomaiden guldenia
4143CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-symbol= NLG
4144CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-nameBulgarian Lev Bulgarian lev
4145CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-one= Bulgarian lev
4146CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-otherBulgarian leva Bulgarian leviä
4147CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-symbol= BGN
4148CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-nameBulgarian Hard Lev Bulgarian kova lev
4149CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-oneBulgarian hard lev Bulgarian kova lev
4150CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-otherBulgarian hard leva Bulgarian kovaa leviä
4151CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-symbol= BGL
4152CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-nameBulgarian Socialist Lev Bulgarian sosialistinen lev
4153CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-name-oneBulgarian socialist lev Bulgarian sosialistinen lev
4154CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-name-otherBulgarian socialist leva Bulgarian sosialistista leviä
4155CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-symbol= BGM
4156CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-nameBulgarian Lev (1879–1952) Bulgarian lev (1879–1952)
4157CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-name-one= Bulgarian lev (1879–1952)
4158CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-name-otherBulgarian leva (1879–1952) Bulgarian leviä (1879–1952)
4159CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-symbol= BGO
4160CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-nameBelarusian Ruble Valko-Venäjän rupla
4161CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-oneBelarusian ruble Valko-Venäjän rupla
4162CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-otherBelarusian rubles Valko-Venäjän ruplaa
4163CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol= BYR
4164CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol-narrow= р.
4165CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-nameBelarusian New Ruble (1994–1999) Valko-Venäjän uusi rupla (1994–1999)
4166CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-name-oneBelarusian new ruble (1994–1999) Valko-Venäjän uusi rupla (1994–1999)
4167CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-name-otherBelarusian new rubles (1994–1999) Valko-Venäjän uutta ruplaa (1994–1999)
4168CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-symbol= BYB
4169CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-nameCzech Republic Koruna Tšekin koruna
4170CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-name-oneCzech Republic koruna Tšekin koruna
4171CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-name-otherCzech Republic korunas Tšekin korunaa
4172CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol= CZK
4173CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol-narrow=
4174CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-nameCzechoslovak Hard Koruna Tšekkoslovakian kova koruna
4175CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-name-oneCzechoslovak hard koruna Tšekkoslovakian kova koruna
4176CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-name-otherCzechoslovak hard korunas Tšekkoslovakian kovaa korunaa
4177CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-symbol= CSK
4178CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-nameHungarian Forint Unkarin forintti
4179CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-name-oneHungarian forint Unkarin forintti
4180CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-name-otherHungarian forints Unkarin forinttia
4181CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol= HUF
4182CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol-narrow= Ft
4183CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-nameMoldovan Leu Moldovan leu
4184CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-name-one= Moldovan leu
4185CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-name-otherMoldovan lei Moldovan leuta
4186CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-symbol= MDL
4187CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-nameMoldovan Cupon Moldovan kuponkileu
4188CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-name-oneMoldovan cupon Moldovan kuponkileu
4189CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-name-otherMoldovan cupon Moldovan kuponkileuta
4190CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-symbol= MDC
4191CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-namePolish Zloty Puolan zloty
4192CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-name-onePolish zloty Puolan zloty
4193CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-name-otherPolish zlotys Puolan zlotya
4194CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol= PLN
4195CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol-narrow=
4196CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-namePolish Zloty (1950–1995) Puolan zloty (1950–1995)
4197CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-name-onePolish zloty (PLZ) Puolan zloty (1950–1995)
4198CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-name-otherPolish zlotys (PLZ) Puolan zlotya (1950–1995)
4199CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-symbol= PLZ
4200CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-nameRomanian Leu Romanian leu
4201CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-name-one= Romanian leu
4202CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-name-otherRomanian lei Romanian leuta
4203CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-symbol= RON
4204CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-nameRomanian Leu (1952–2006) Romanian leu (1952–2006)
4205CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-name-one= Romanian leu (1952–2006)
4206CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-name-otherRomanian Lei (1952–2006) Romanian leuta (1952–2006)
4207CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-symbol= ROL
4208CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-nameRussian Ruble Venäjän rupla
4209CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-name-oneRussian ruble Venäjän rupla
4210CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-name-otherRussian rubles Venäjän ruplaa
4211CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol= RUB
4212CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol-variant=
4213CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-nameRussian Ruble (1991–1998) Venäjän rupla (1991–1998)
4214CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-name-oneRussian ruble (1991–1998) Venäjän rupla (1991–1998)
4215CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-name-otherRussian rubles (1991–1998) Venäjän ruplaa (1991–1998)
4216CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol= RUR
4217CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol-narrow= р.
4218CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-nameSoviet Rouble Neuvostoliiton rupla
4219CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-name-oneSoviet rouble Neuvostoliiton rupla
4220CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-name-otherSoviet roubles Neuvostoliiton ruplaa
4221CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-symbol= SUR
4222CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-nameSlovak Koruna Slovakian koruna
4223CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-name-oneSlovak koruna Slovakian koruna
4224CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-name-otherSlovak korunas Slovakian korunaa
4225CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-symbol= SKK
4226CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-nameUkrainian Hryvnia Ukrainan hryvnia
4227CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-name-oneUkrainian hryvnia Ukrainan hryvnia
4228CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-name-otherUkrainian hryvnias Ukrainan hryvniaa
4229CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol= UAH
4230CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol-narrow=
4231CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-nameUkrainian Karbovanets Ukrainan karbovanetz
4232CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-name-oneUkrainian karbovanets Ukrainan karbovanetz
4233CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-name-otherUkrainian karbovantsiv Ukrainan karbovanetzia
4234CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-symbol= UAK
4235CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-nameAndorran Peseta Andorran peseta
4236CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-name-one= Andorran peseta
4237CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-name-otherAndorran pesetas Andorran pesetaa
4238CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-symbol= ADP
4239CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-nameAlbanian Lek Albanian lek
4240CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-name-one= Albanian lek
4241CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-name-otherAlbanian lekë Albanian lekiä
4242CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-symbol= ALL
4243CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Albania: ALK (old)ALK-nameAlbanian Lek (1946–1965) Albanian lek (1946–1965)
4244CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Albania: ALK (old)ALK-name-one= Albanian lek (1946–1965)
4245CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Albania: ALK (old)ALK-name-otherAlbanian lekë (1946–1965) Albanian lekiä (1946–1965)
4246CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Albania: ALK (old)ALK-symboln/a ALK
4247CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark Bosnia-Hertsegovinan vaihdettava markka
4248CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-name-oneBosnia-Herzegovina convertible mark Bosnia-Hertsegovinan vaihdettava markka
4249CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-name-otherBosnia-Herzegovina convertible marks Bosnia-Hertsegovinan vaihdettavaa markkaa
4250CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol= BAM
4251CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol-narrow= KM
4252CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Dinar (1992–1994) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan dinaari (1992–1994)
4253CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-name-oneBosnia-Herzegovina dinar (1992–1994) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan dinaari (1992–1994)
4254CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-name-otherBosnia-Herzegovina dinars (1992–1994) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan dinaaria (1992–1994)
4255CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-symbol= BAD
4256CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-nameBosnia-Herzegovina New Dinar (1994–1997) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan uusi dinaari (1994–1997)
4257CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-name-oneBosnia-Herzegovina new dinar (1994–1997) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan uusi dinaari (1994–1997)
4258CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-name-otherBosnia-Herzegovina new dinars (1994–1997) Bosnia-Hertsegovinan uutta dinaaria (1994–1997)
4259CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-symbol= BAN
4260CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-nameSpanish Peseta (A account) Espanjan peseta (A–tili)
4261CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-name-oneSpanish peseta (A account) Espanjan peseta (A–tili)
4262CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-name-otherSpanish pesetas (A account) Espanjan pesetaa (A–tili)
4263CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-symbol= ESA
4264CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-nameSpanish Peseta (convertible account) Espanjan peseta (vaihdettava tili)
4265CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-name-oneSpanish peseta (convertible account) Espanjan peseta (vaihdettava tili)
4266CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-name-otherSpanish pesetas (convertible account) Espanjan pesetaa (vaihdettava tili)
4267CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-symbol= ESB
4268CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-nameSpanish Peseta Espanjan peseta
4269CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-name-oneSpanish peseta Espanjan peseta
4270CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-name-otherSpanish pesetas Espanjan pesetaa
4271CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol= ESP
4272CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol-narrow=
4273CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-nameGibraltar Pound Gibraltarin punta
4274CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-name-oneGibraltar pound Gibraltarin punta
4275CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-name-otherGibraltar pounds Gibraltarin puntaa
4276CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol= GIP
4277CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol-narrow= £
4278CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-nameGreek Drachma Kreikan drakma
4279CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-name-oneGreek drachma Kreikan drakma
4280CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-name-otherGreek drachmas Kreikan drakmaa
4281CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-symbol= GRD
4282CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-nameCroatian Kuna Kroatian kuna
4283CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-name-oneCroatian kuna Kroatian kuna
4284CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-name-otherCroatian kunas Kroatian kunaa
4285CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol= HRK
4286CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol-narrow= kn
4287CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-nameCroatian Dinar Kroatian dinaari
4288CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-name-oneCroatian dinar Kroatian dinaari
4289CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-name-otherCroatian dinars Kroatian dinaaria
4290CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-symbol= HRD
4291CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-nameItalian Lira Italian liira
4292CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-name-oneItalian lira Italian liira
4293CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-name-otherItalian liras Italian liiraa
4294CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-symbol= ITL
4295CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: MacedoniaMKD-nameMacedonian Denar Makedonian denaari