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Databases and Repositories

  • Adabas by Software AG
  • Caché and Ensemble by InterSystems Corporation
    Unicode support since 1998 starting with the post-relational database Caché 3 and with the universal integration platform Ensemble.
  • CPG-Nuke 8.2, CPG-Dragonfly CMS
    Open Source CMS/Portal
  • FrontBase The Scalable Relational Database Server for Mac OS X
  • IBM DB2 (UDB, AS/400)
  • Microsoft Access2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit by Lextek International
    Scalable high performance programmers toolkit for adding full-text search and retrieval capabilities to applications. Generates efficient and platform portable indexes, ranked and boolean searches, suitable for both large and small scale products.
  • Oracle Oracle 8
  • Papyrus by R.O.M. logicware GmbH
    A full-function office package providing both word processing and a relational database with Unicode support.
  • PostgreSQL
    The world's most advanced open source database has supported Unicode since version 7.1. Specific documentation is release dependant - chapter: Localization, subsection: Character Set Support - clearly outlines the Unicode support.
  • Progress Software Application Server, Open Application Server, WorkGroup Database Server, Enterprise Database Server
  • Sybase Database Management Tools


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