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Example Websites Using Unicode

As of August 25, 2011, this page is no longer being maintained.

A large and growing part of the web is all Unicode based -- see the official Google Blog. The following sites are particularly useful as examples:

  • Ayna
  • BBC
  • EarthWords Multilingual web pages developed using some 20 different Unicode ranges including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Tamil, Thai, Lao, Georgian, Ethiopic and Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics.
  • Joel on Software Translations
  • MSN Messenger A perfect example how well Unicode can work in a multilingual environment
  • Open Directory Project Open content Web directory, implemented wholly in Unicode/UTF8, of web sites in more than 80 languages.
  • Reuters Group Provider of news and financial information which makes extensive use of Unicode on its international websites (like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic)
  • Unicode Project in German Wikipedia A presentation of the Unicode blocks and a translation of the Unicode descriptions in German
  • UTF-8 Sampler The Kermit Project, Columbia University
  • What is Unicode?
  • Wikipedia A multilingual project to create a complete and accurate free content encyclopedia making extensive use of Unicode
  • Yamli


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