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Internationalization Libraries

  • Alis Batam multilingual processing and display library.
  • AutoUniConv (by Lingua-Systems)
    A C/C++ library that automatically identifies an input's charset and converts it to Unicode. It supports a variety of input charsets and both detects and encodes UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE.
  • Babel is an internationalization library for Python. It has Unicode support and provides access to CLDR data files.
  • Banjon An open source, multilingual input method (transliterator, encoder) for natural Languages.
  • Basis Technology Rosette
    Cross-platform, high-performance, C++ Unicode library available in source or SDK. Enables globalization of Web, desktop and embedded applications. Supports over 150 legacy encodings. Provides text transformations, normalization, collation. Thread-safe.
  • The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. It supports Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and most other languages providing an appropriate font is available. Several examples are available showing multilingual text.
  • cpDetector (Achim Westermann)
    Allows to sort large collections of documents by their codepage, to transform large collections of documents to a target codepage (e.g.: into utf-8), and can be used as a java library for codepage detection that may be used for 3rd party software (search engines, file sharing software, browsers, any software that accesses textual data over network)
  • Delphi Fundamentals Code Library by Fundamentals Open-Source Project
  • DIConverters 1.9.1 by The Delphi Inspiration / Ralf Junker 
    The converters-only version of the libiconv character set conversion library for Delphi 2-7
  • D-Type Portable Unicode Text Module, version 1.1
    A compact, portable and easy to use C/C++ library for layout and rendering of Unicode text
  • ICU
    Portable, open-source C/C++ Unicode library with: charset-independent locales (and multiple locales simultaneously supported in same thread); character conversions; formatting/parsing for numbers, currencies, date/time and messages; message catalogs (resources); transliteration, collation, normalization; text boundaries (grapheme, word, line-break)), etc.
  • Lextek Language Identifier by Lextek International
    Portable engine for automatically identifying what language and encoding a document or piece of text is. Supports and detects Unicode 16Bit Big Endian, 16 Bit Little Endian, UTF-8, and numerous 8 bit character sets for well over 200 languages -- far more than any other language identifier.
  • lid Language Identifier by Lingua-Systems
    A C/C++ language and encoding identification library that supports a wide range of languages and charsets, including UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE.
  • Libiconv
    This library provides an iconv() implementation, for use on systems which don't have one, or whose implementation cannot convert from/to Unicode.
  • nunicode
    Compact, cross-platform, open source internationalization library in C with permissive license.
  • OpenTop C++
    A C++ class library
  • PDFLib 7 by PDFlib GmbH
  • Portable UTF-8 - Lightweight library for Unicode handling in PHP
  • PHP Intl - Internationalization extension for PHP is a wrapper for the ICU library, enabling PHP programmers to perform UCA-conformant collation and date/time/number/currency formatting in their scripts. It closely follows ICU APIs, so that people having experience working with ICU in either C/C++ or Java could easily use the PHP API
  • Tesseract OCR by Ray Smith is an open source Unicode OCR engine for Windows and Linux platforms. There is also a Java/.NET GUI front-end available for Vietnamese: VietOCR.
  • Unicode support library for Delphi-Gems
    Follow the link to Soft Gems downloads for a Unicode editor, a Unicode font viewer, a Unicode library and other Unicode utility programs
  • UniSuitePlus_BDC0849A v1.2 by Ponta Negra Enterprise
  • 35 Unicode ActiveX controls for Visual Basic 6.0, Includes 6 windowless/transparent themed controls. Lite version (14 controls) also available.
  • Unitoolbox by Woodbury Associates Ltd.
    A set of Unicode-aware ActiveX controls and utilities for creating Unicode-enabled software with Visual Basic. By replacing Visual Basic's intrinsic Label, TextBox, ComboBox and ListBox controls with UniToolbox , existing forms can be Unicode-enabled in minutes, with no extra design re-work or code modifications.
  • UTF-8 CPP, version 1.0
    A simple, portable and lightweight C++ library for handling UTF-8 encoded strings, with documentation.
  • Unicode Controls & Classes for VB6 Version 2.6
    A lightweight API driven ActiveX component that will turn your VB6 programs into fully Unicode (UTF16) applications.
  • xIUA by X.Net, Inc. is an open source software package for Unicode enabling

Software for Libraries

  • Millennium
    Innovative Interfaces, the world's leading provider of Web-powered, Java-based automated library systems, has been offering extensive Unicode support to its customers since 1997. Millennium supports fourteen user-interface languages and character support for dozens more. The Java-based staff modules (Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions and Serials) use Unicode (UTF-8) as the native encoding for passing data between the client and server and displaying characters on the client
  • Softlink Library Global 5.45 is best described as Library Management software, providing an automated way of managing physical and electronic resources. It is currently being used in as many as 12 languages


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