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Text Editors and Dictionaries

  • BabelPad
    A Unicode text editor for Windows, with input methods for the Tibetan and Yi scripts. Includes a Character Map utility to allow input of any Unicode 5.0 character. Supports UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 file formats
  • Basis Technology Morphological Analyzers
    Cross-platform, high-performance, text segmentation engines for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Available in source or SDK. Provides dictionary-based segmentation for information retrieval and other text processing needs.
  • BBEdit 8.0 by Bare Bones Software, Inc.
    Provides support for reading and writing files in UTF8 and UTF16 format, with and without BOM (with preferred and by default), and in Little Endian or Big Endian (BE preferred and by default) format
  • Classical Text Editor 6.00 (Stefan Hagel)
    Unicode and OpenType enabled word processor especially for critical editions and parallel texts
  • EmEditor
    A text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode. Users can edit Unicode files with multiple languages. EmEditor has code page detection capability, and can detect "charset=..." (HTML) as well as "encoding=..." (XML). It can also save Unicode character as HTML/XML character reference
  • English Chinese Dictionary
    An online English-Chinese dictionary and Chinese learning center
  • Linux mined 2000
    An editor that runs in plain text mode terminals, on Unix and DOS/Windows platforms. Supports Unicode (including double-width and combining characters, right-to-left scripts, keyboard mapping, script coloring), and provides mouse control and menus
  • Lugaru Epsilon by Lugaru Software, Ltd.
    An advanced EMACS-style programmer's text editor for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2 and DOS
  • Notepad++
    Free source code editor that reads/writes UTF-8 files, and others.
  • Sanseido‚Äôs Unicode Kanji Information Dictionary
  • Sharmahd Computing UniPad
    Unicode 4.1.0 plain text editor for all Windows  operating systems
  • SlickEdit 7.0.1
    A full-featured programming editor with Unicode support
  • Sublime Text 2
    UTF-8 native support and can load/save a variety of encodings.
  • TwinBridge Partner programs
  • UniEdit
    Text editor V1.5
  • Unitype Global Writer
    Unicode based editor and components supporting most of the world's languages; developed for the US Information Agency
  • VietIME 1.0
    A cross-platform Vietnamese input method editor (IME). Enable input of Vietnamese Unicode text in Java's AWT (TextArea and TextField) and Swing text components
  • VietPad 1.0.1
    A cross-platform Vietnamese Unicode text editor. Open, edit, convert, print, and save Vietnamese text-based files in Unicode UTF-8 format
  • VIM version 6.0
    A powerful text editor for UNIX and Windows
  • Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese
    CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh which combines a Unicode text editor with a large Chinese-English dictionary/database
  • WinCALIS authoring system V2.5
  • XMLBlueprint XML Editor
    A Unicode XML/XSLT Editor for Windows
  • XStandard XHTML 1.1 WYSIWYG Editor
    The first WYSIWYG editor that outputs XHTML 1.1 code. It can be easily integrated into any Windows or browser-based content management system, is a valuable accessibility tool for webmasters and permits authoring of content in any language


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