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184 Proposed Update UTS #37, Unicode Ideographic Variation Database (IVD) 2011.07.25
Status: Closed
Resolution: The draft will be updated based on feedback and discussion, and published.

Description of Issue:

The UTC approved an update to UTS #37. This update will clarify how Ideographic Variation Sequences (IVSes) can be shared across IVD collections, that no IVD collection has special status, and that implementers can support any subset of the registered IVSes.

It will further amend the specification to allow duplicate sequence identifiers within an IVD collection under particular circumstances, and to allow registrants to supply multiple representative glyphs for IVSes in their IVD collections. Finally, the registration procedures will be strengthened to require registrants to supply representative glyphs for registered IVSes and to supply a data file as part of a submission.

The draft was refreshed on 2011-06-30 with one change to Section 3.

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