Accumulated Feedback on PRI #199

This page is a compilation of formal public feedback received so far. See Feedback for further information on this issue, how to discuss it, and how to provide feedback.

Source: Mark Davis
Date: 2011/10/24

  1. GraphemeBreakProperty has
    • 0903          ; SpacingMark # Mc       DEVANAGARI SIGN VISARGA
    • Needs to be as in PropertyValueAliases:
    • gc ; Mc        ; Spacing_Mark
  2. BidiMirroring
    • Doesn't contain # @missing. Should be <code point>
    • (Many other properties are also missing # @missing. See other document.)
  3. We should document (in UAX #44 and PropertyValueAliases) that a short name value of “n/a” means that the short name is the same as the long name.
    • That way we have the invariant that every Property and every named PropertyValue (Binary/Enum/Catalog) has both long and short alias.
  4. A few Binary/Enum/Catalog values are not valid identifiers. Recommend adding long/short names to fix this.
    • Age: add V6_1, etc., retaining the numeric values as aliases.
    • Canonical_Combining_Class: add F10 and Fixed10, etc. as names for those numbers that occur in the data, but not in PropertyValueAliases.
UAX #44 Regex Fixes
There are some errors and omissions in the regex expressions for UAX #44. Here are corrected values.

$positiveDecimal = [0-9]+\.[0-9]+
$decimal         = -?$positiveDecimal
$rational        = $decimal(/$positiveDecimal)?
$optionalDecimal = -?[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?
$name            = [a-zA-Z0-9]+([-_ ][a-zA-Z0-9]+)*
$nameHack        = [a-zA-Z0-9]+(( -|- |[-_ ])[a-zA-Z0-9]+)*
$name1           = $name( \([A-Z]{2,3}\))?
$codePoint       = (10|[A-F0-9])?[A-F0-9]{4}
$codePoints      = $codePoint(\s$codePoint)*
$codePoint0      = ($codePoints)?

Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph ;        $codePoint
Simple_Lowercase_Mapping ;    $codePoint
Simple_Titlecase_Mapping ;    $codePoint
Simple_Uppercase_Mapping ;    $codePoint
NFKC_Casefold ;               $codePoint0
Case_Folding ;                $codePoints
Decomposition_Mapping ;       $codePoints
FC_NFKC_Closure ;             $codePoints
Lowercase_Mapping ;           $codePoints
Simple_Case_Folding ;         $codePoints
Titlecase_Mapping ;           $codePoints
Uppercase_Mapping ;           $codePoints
ISO_Comment ;                 $name
Unicode_1_Name ;              $name1
Name ;                        $nameHack
Named_Sequences ;             $nameHack
Named_Sequences_Prov ;        $name
Name_Alias ;                  $nameHack
Name_Alias_Prov ;             $nameHack
Numeric_Value ;               $rational

Jamo_Short_Name ;             AE?|B[BS]?|C|DD?|E[OU]?|G[GS]?|H|I|JJ?|K|L[BGHMPST]?|M|N[GHJ]?|OE?|P|R|SS?|T|U|W(AE?|EO?|I)|Y(AE?|EO?|[IOU])