Accumulated Feedback on PRI #203

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Date/Time: Tue Sep 13 17:19:59 CDT 2011
Name: Debbie Anderson
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI 203: Proposed update for UTS #10: correction for DUCET for 6.1

The DUCET for 6.1 needs to take into account collation information received
from IRCAM on the two new Tifinagh characters, 2D66 TIFINAGH LETTER YE and

This information (below) differs from the information provided in the original 
proposal by Paul Anderson, L2/10-270 [=N3870], which had suggested YI < YE, and YU < YO.

[Email dated ca. 6 October 2011 from Patrick Andries]

>    The proposed sorting by Morocco is found below.
>  Regards,
> P. Andries
> L?IRCAM classerait comme suit les caractères proposés :
> YEY < YE  
> YU < YO

Debbie Anderson