Accumulated Feedback on PRI #221

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Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 13:43:01 -0700
Subject: Re: Unicode 6.2.0: UAX #44 Proposed Update Candidate Posted
From: Markus Scherer <>

> On 5/18/2012 2:31 PM, Ken Whistler wrote:
> Starting with Unicode 6.2.0,
> the NamesList.txt file will also be posted in UTF-8.

Please don't remove the bullet but change it to say that until 6.1.0
NamesList.txt used Latin-1 and starting with 6.2.0 it uses UTF-8. (This
affects the Revision 9 notes too.)

Something like "Until and including Unicode 6.1.0, NamesList.txt was
encoded in Latin-1. Since Unicode 6.2.0 it uses UTF-8."

We should tell implementers that they have to switch encodings if they read
different versions of that file.

Otherwise d2 looks good to me.