Accumulated Feedback on PRI #227

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Date/Time: Tue Jun 5 11:40:32 CDT 2012
Name: John Cowan
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI #227: Changes to Script_Extensions Property Values

Summary: I am in favor of the Greek perispomeni and hypogegrammeni 
changes, against most of the rest, and have no opinion on the Vedic marks.

Perispomeni is the Greek-specific form of the universal circumflex, 
though whether it looks like a Latin circumflex, an inverted breve, 
or even a tilde is up to the font.  It doesn't make sense to have a 
mark with this combination of possible glyphs in any context but polytonic Greek.

Likewise, the hypogegrammeni is really a Greek letter that for 
technical reasons is treated as a combining mark.

The dotted-acute and dotted-grave are used with Greek, but they should 
be left as general combining marks so that they can be used with other 
scripts when convenient or necessary.  The same applies to the Cyrillic 
marks.  New orthographies are seemingly being invented every year, and 
allowing most combining marks like these to be attached to any alphabetic 
or symbolic character provides useful flexibility.

Similarly, although the Latin combining letters are normally used only 
with Latin, I can see them being used in other contexts: for example, 
on kanji to define a reading order or to have convenient labels for later 
reference in a non-Chinese context.  They too should be left alone.