Accumulated Feedback on PRI #238

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Date/Time: Tue Sep 4 16:21:16 CDT 2012
Name: Daniel B├╝nzli
Report Type: Error Report
Opt Subject: UAX 15 Wrong information about Quick_check and stable code points


In section 9.1 Stable Code Points of UAX 15. It is said that "characters with
the Quick_Check=YES property value satisfy conditions 1-3".

Unless I'm completely mistaken this is wrong. For every normal form there is
at least one character with Quick_Check=YES and a canonical combining class
*different* from 0.

Here are examples:

U+030D ccc=230 && nfc_quick_check=YES
U+0301 ccc=230 && nfd_quick_check=YES
U+030D ccc=230 && nfkc_quick_check=YES
U+0301 ccc=230 && nfkd_quick_check=YES