Accumulated Feedback on PRI #251

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Date/Time: Thu Mar 28 13:24:54 CDT 2013
Name: John Cowan
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI #251: Proposed Change to Casing Property for Some Circled or Squared Latin Letter Symbols

I support this change; it is gratuitous not to treat these as uppercase characters.  
However, I would add that by the same token, the character range 1F130..1F149, SQUARED LATIN 
CAPITAL LETTER x (where x = A..Z) should also be designated as Other_Uppercase.

Feedback above this line was considered at the May 2013 UTC meeting.

From: Editorial Committee
Date: September 25, 2013

During final preparation of the UCD for the Unicode 6.3 release, a violation of a property value stability guarantee was discovered. These characters had been changed to have the Uppercase property, but the required corresponding changes to also make them Alphabetic had not been applied. To prevent a delay in the release of the UCD for Unicode 6.3, the editorial committee backed this specific change out of the UCD, and is asking the UTC to reconsider the change for a future version of the standard, so that the correct set of changes can be specified, consistent with the stability guarantees.