Accumulated Feedback on PRI #260

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Date/Time: Tue Mar 11 11:10:10 CDT 2014
Name: Per Starb├Ąck
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI#260, UTS#10, Swedish example

This comment is not about anything changed by PRI#260, but about something I think should have been changed.

In "1. Introduction":

> > just as "v" and "w" sort as if they were the same base letter in
> > Swedish, a loose search should pick up words with either one of
> > them.
This has traditionally been true for Swedish, but is nowadays an unfortunate example as often v and w 
don't sort as the same base letter anymore. (They don't in CLDR by default since 2007 for example.) 
If Swedish is kept as an example, I suggest replacing "sort" with "traditionally sort" (or "sometimes 
sort") in the quote just to make it correct. The continuation later (in section 1.5) will work then.

If it is replaced with a totally different example, probably the example in 1.5 should be changed 
as well to follow suit.