Accumulated Feedback on PRI #263

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Date/Time: Wed Jan 22 21:06:25 CST 2014
Name: Sunil V S
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI 263:Sequences to Select From Multiple C2-Conjoining Forms in Malayalam

In general this is a great proposal. Accepting this will enable font 
develepors to create unified fonts cosisting of both old and reformed 
script elements of Malayalam.

Right now, hybrid scripting is common in handwriting and use multiple 
fonts for representing old and reformed script is the general practice. 
In this method, fonts play vital role especially in the case of demonstrating 
characters in a book on scripts. Accepting this proposal will relieve users 
from dependancy to fonts.

Date/Time: Wed Jan 22 23:41:19 CST 2014
Name: Viswanathan Prabhakaran
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI 263

1. During such situations as when to discuss about the very
typography/orthography  itself on any script platform (especially on
electronic documents or web pages), we frequently encounter situations where
explicit representation of an alternative script (for comparison or criticism)
is necessary. Currently, pure Unicode cannot convey such alternate
orthographies as far as conventional and reformed Malayalam scripts are
concerned.Often, the only possibility is to use embedded graphic elements.

The above proposal will greatly aid in such scenarios.

2. Although it is generally taken as granted that users adapt to either one or
the other convention, a large percentage of the population (including
handwriting, press and commercial printing) are using glyphs from both

This proposal will help the true quotation and representation of their text elsewhere.

3. Font developers can incorporate any number of combinations of glyphs from
both the schemes and create supersets. A user will be able to unconditionally
pick his choice of glyphs by choosing specific IME combinations.

As a stakeholder, I appreciate and strongly support this proposal.