Accumulated Feedback on PRI #269

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Date/Time: Tue Apr 29 00:39:36 CDT 2014
Name: Emmanuel Vallois
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: [PRI #269] Data is not conformant to the documentation

Value of Unicode field in relation with status

UAX #45 states that for characters with a status field of "E", the Unicode
field is the character’s proposed code point. Most of the data disagrees with
this: either the Unicode field is empty (UTC-004, 006, 022, 062, 096, 097,
098, 101, 105, 106, 113, 114, …), or it is filled by the code point of the
already encoded character of which the new one is a variant, or is somewhat
related (UTC-001, 007, 013, 024, 030, 038, 048, 052, 117, …).

Also, characters with UNC-2013 status are supposed to have the Unicode field
blank, but some have it populated with the character of which it is a
simplified variant (as UTC-963 to 965), some with a status of "F" are in the
same case (UTC-061, 068, 956, …). Maybe this is intended and would in this
case probably be useful to be better documented.

Errors in IDSes

UTC-00956;F;U+29DF6;195.7;1480.511;⿰鱼丹;UTCDoc L2-12/333 218
This is probably some cut and paste error (exactly the same IDS as UTC-00954).
The IDS is definitely wrong, should be ⿰鱼芒, as indicated in source document.

Some IDSes are syntactically wrong, they lack a FULLWIDTH QUESTION MARK to be 
conformant to the formal syntax, here are some examples:

UTC-00996;F;;38.4;0257.101;⿰女;UTCDoc L2-12/333 28
The IDS should be ⿰女?

UTC-01008;F;;61.3;0377.071;⿰忄;UTCDoc L2-12/333 40
The IDS should be ⿰忄?

UTC-01052;F;;132.6;1000.261;⿰干;UTCDoc L2-12/333 84
The IDS should be ⿰?干