Accumulated Feedback on PRI #270

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Date/Time: Tue Mar 25 13:07:38 CDT 2014
Name: Karl Williamson
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: UAX #31 middle dot changes

It bothers me that the new text makes no mention of the gotcha involving 
U+0387 GREEK ANO TELEIA which has a singleton decomposition to U+00B7.  
This is not the place to go into the unfortunate historical reasons for 
this situation, but it is a disservice to the read to not mention that 
there are potential problems involved with U+00B7 and handling Greek text.

Date/Time: Sat Apr 26 10:08:27 CDT 2014
Name: Mathias Bynens
Report Type: Other Question, Problem, or Feedback
Opt Subject: ID_Start, ID_Continue, and stability extensions

See this email thread:

In summary, should 
make it more clear that “stability extensions” means `Other_ID_Start` and 
`Other_ID_Continue`, respectively. At the moment it lists an incomplete formula: 
it’s explicit about all the categories and properties to include to form 
`ID_Start` and `ID_Continue` _except for those_, for seemingly no good reason.