Accumulated Feedback on PRI #328

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Date/Time: Fri Jun 17 19:08:39 CDT 2016
Name: Marcel Schneider
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI #328 – U+2BD2 GROUP MARK


On the basis of the closest glyphic resemblance, the cross-reference 
for U+2BD2 GROUP MARK might now be set to U+2E4B TRIPLE DAGGER. 
Though the actually retained U+2021 DOUBLE DAGGER has the advantage 
of being better known and more readily available, as opposed to the 
TRIPLE DAGGER which is even slightly more recent than the GROUP MARK, 
as it is part of the draft additional repertoire for Amendment 1 (PDAM) 
to ISO/IEC 10646:2016.


Marcel Schneider

Date/Time: Tue Aug 2 19:19:23 CDT 2016
Name: Ken Lunde
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI #328 feedback

After reviewing the latest-and-greatest Extension F, I noted 
that the number of residual strokes for the following five 
characters benefit from negative values, which are now allowed 
and used elsewhere for CJK Unified Ideographs:

U+2E39B: 0 to -1
U+2E984: 0 to -2
U+2E9D3: 0 to -1
U+2EB91: 0 to -2
U+2EBBD: 0 to -2