Accumulated Feedback on PRI #329

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Date/Time: Fri Aug 12 07:54:06 CDT 2016
Name: Ken Lunde
Report Type: Error Report
Opt Subject: UAX #44 feedback

The following sentence in the fourth column of Table 9 (Property Table) for
the Unified_Ideograph property should be removed: "The Unified_Ideograph
property is used in the definition of Ideographic Description Sequences." A
similarly-worded sentence, changing Unified_Ideograph to Ideographic, should
be appended to the fourth column of the Ideographic property. See Section
18.2, subsection Ideographic Description Sequences, for the justification.

Feedback above this line was reviewed prior to UTC #150.

Date/Time: Fri Mar 24 15:43:24 CDT 2017
Name: David Corbett
Report Type: Error Report
Opt Subject: PRI #329: Soft_Dotted is defined vaguely

Soft_Dotted is assigned to “Characters with a "soft dot", like i or j. An
accent placed on these characters causes the dot to disappear. An explicit dot
above can be added where required, such as in Lithuanian.” This is vague. What
is an accent? What does “placed on” mean? What counts as a dot above?

I think the intent is for the dot to disappear when the character is the base
of a grapheme cluster which has a ccc=230 character, and for the explicit dot
above to be U+0307 COMBINING DOT ABOVE. However, one might argue that U+2DE3
COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER DE is not an accent so it doesn’t remove the dot, or
that you never really want to remove the dot before U+20E7 COMBINING ANNUITY
SYMBOL so it doesn’t remove the dot, or that U+031A COMBINING LEFT ANGLE ABOVE
(ccc=232) is “placed on” its base so it does remove the dot, or that it is
silly to remove the dot of a Latin letter before a non-Latin mark like U+0F83
TIBETAN SIGN SNA LDAN, or that U+11101 CHAKMA SIGN ANUSVARA should be used for

So this property needs to be more clearly defined.

Date/Time: Mon Apr 24 10:11:51 CDT 2017
Name: Mark Davis
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI 329 Proposed Update UAX #44, UCD

I noticed some items in #44 that I'd like to see fixed.


This section should have a table like in 
that *lists all and only* the obsolete properties. 

The Obsolete, Deprecated, and Stabilized properties should also be consistently 
marked in this table. For example, ISO_Comment is not so marked.

These should also have a table, or point to #Property_Index_Table. In addition, 
the note from 5.13 (repeated below) needs to be repeated at the end of the 
Contributory_Properties section, so that people see the list of properties 
that behave like Contributory properties even though they aren't:

    A subset of Unicode normalization-related properties are not recommended for 
    public APIs. See Section 5.7.5, Decompositions and Normalization.

BTW, I think in practice it is not at all worth trying to make a distinction between 
Obsolete, Deprecated, and Stabilized — people really shouldn't be using any of them! — 
but that is another matter.