Accumulated Feedback on PRI #356

This page is a compilation of formal public feedback received so far. See Feedback for further information on this issue, how to discuss it, and how to provide feedback.

Date/Time: Thu Oct 12 15:36:08 CDT 2017
Name: David Corbett
Report Type: Error Report
Opt Subject: PRI #356: Extended_Pictographic is too broad

The proposed extension to Extended_Pictographic in 
for forwards-compatibility includes some symbols that are not likely to ever be emoji.

U+2686 to U+2689 are technical symbols used in go notation. They are not pictographs, 
so it would not be appropriate to add this property to them, which implies that they 
might be emoji one day.

U+1F540 to U+1F545 and U+1F900 to U+1F90B are technical symbols used in 
Typicon notation. They are not pictographs, nor are they the kind of popular 
symbol that gets used as a dingbat.

Feedback above this line was reviewed in the October 2017 UTC meeting.

Date/Time: Thu Nov 16 18:32:05 CST 2017
Name: Seigo Nonaka
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: PRI #356: Design Guidelines of unsupported emoji sequence

The proposed example of the indication for the unsupported emoji sequence located at the 
end of the "Section 2. Design Guidlines".

All of the examples, Cartouche, Stacked, Stacked Cartouche, Small Trailing, Bridging 
are not easy to implement in the major text layout engines. They may be technically 
possible but at least it is hard to implement on Android framework.

Please reconsider to include the current behavior, just shows an individual emoji, 
as an option of the unsupported emoji sequence indication.