Accumulated Feedback on PRI #364

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Date/Time: Tue Dec 5 03:00:49 CST 2017
Name: Andrew West
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: Bricks Emoji

The Emoji 11.0 candidates includes a "bricks" emoji, with the note that the
"Image to be changed to be pile of bricks".

I do not understand what a "pile of bricks" is intended to represent (other
than a pile of bricks, which one rarely sees outside modern art
installations), or what the use case for "pile of bricks" is. A brick wall
emoji is far more useful than an amorphous pile of bricks, and I think it is
likely that implementers will agree and end up showing a brick wall anyway.
A brick wall emoji can be used to indicate a metaphorical blockage ("run
into a brick wall") as well as to indicate a physical wall ("Berlin wall",
"build the wall", "another brick in the wall"), but a pile of bricks means
nothing to most people.

Very few emoji have plural names, and most that do (e.g. GRAPES and CHERRIES
and PEANUTS) do so because they are small things that normally do not occur
as single items. Therefore, the ESC and UTC should carefully consider when
to use a plural name for emoji, and only do so when the singular form is not
appropriate or there is a special reason for using the plural. By default
emoji names should be singular, and as it is perfectly normal to represent a
single brick by itself, and talk of a "brick" in the singular, it is
appropriate to have a "brick" emoji depicting a single brick.

I therefore urge the UTC to either change the name of the "bricks" emoji to
BRICK and show a single brick, or change the name to BRICK WALL and keep the
current brick wall image. My personal preference is to encode both a BRICK
emoji and a BRICK WALL emoji as they are both useful in different contexts
(and one cannot represent the other). But please do not encode a BRICKS or
PILE OF BRICKS emoji as that is the worst possible compromise, and useful to