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This project would not be possible without the help of many individuals and institutions.


First and foremost, many thanks to the United Nations and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for gathering so many translations and inspiring this project.


Many thanks to all the folks who helped with the translations; in no particular order:

  • Doug Felt, for corrections to the [nku] and [koi] translations.

  • c933103, for identifying a Vietnamese translation in the han nom script [vie_han].

  • Sungsit Sawaiwan, for identifying an alternate Thai translation [tha2].

  • Leo Broukhis, for reporting errors in the map locations.

  • Ken Shirriff, for suggestions on the site.

  • Philippe Verdy, for suggestions on the site.

  • Philip Jacobs for reporting the incorrect identification of the language of the [qud] and [qxa] translations.

  • Steve White, for corrections to the Hindi, Kannada [kan], Bengali [ben], Bhojpuri [bho] and Magahi [mag] translations.

  • Shree Devi Kumar, for corrections to the Bhojpuri [bho] and Magahi [mag] translations.

  • Swarup and Atul Thakur, for corrections to the Bengali [ben] translation.

  • Sriranga and Sathyanarayanarao Magadi Nanjappa, for corrections to the Kannada [kan] translation.

  • Keshan Sodimana, Pasundu de Silva, and Sascha Brawer for the conversion of the Sinhala [sin] translations to Unicode.

  • Kevin Scannell for reporting the incorrect identification of the language of the [rmy] translation.

  • Michael Everson for help with African languages.

  • Shriramana Sharma for corrections to the Tamil translation.

  • Geetha Sambasivam for corrections to the Tamil translation.

  • Miguel Sousa for providing the Portuguese government translation for Portuguese (Portugal), and the conversion of the Yi and Veps translations to Unicode.

  • Jelena Prokic for corrections to both Serbian transalations.

  • M Hasan Jowher for the complete Urdu translation.

  • Werner Fröhlich for facilitating the Urdu translation.

  • George Myers for noticing a mislabelling of the Yakut translation.

  • Doug Ewell for corrections to the Seraiki and Serbian (latin) translation.

  • Andrew Miller for noticing some typos in the site.

  • Thomas Pace and the National Council for the Maltese Language (www.kunsilltalmalti.gov.mt), for many corrections to the Maltese translation.

  • Albrecht Dreiheller for reporting problems on the Maltese translation, and noticing that the Sanskrit translation was labelled with the wrong region.

  • Marion Gunn for suggesting clarifications on the use of language names.

  • Arthur Reutenauer for the full Altai, Southern, Shor, Evenki, Khakas, Yakut, Tuva, Ojibwa (Northwestern), Inuktitut (Eastern Canadian), Kirghiz, Swampy Cree, Tatar, Ticuna, Turkmen, and Uyghur (Arabic) translations; the first article for the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Dzongha, Mongolian (Mongolian), Tamang and Yi translations, the repair of the Belarusan, Bosnian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian, Mongol, Latvian, Kazakh Macedonian, Osetin, Siona and Serbian translations; corrections to the German, Italian and Nepali translations; and help with the Slovenian translation.

  • Emmanuel Vallois for the conversion of the Colorado and Venda translations to Unicode.

  • Miikka-Markus Alhonen for corrections to the Tajik, Finnish, Azerbaijani, North (Latin), Azerbaijani, North (Cyrillic) translations, major corrections to the Uzbek translations, finding and correcting the Turkmen (Latin) translation, and typing the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic translation.

  • Denis Moyogo Jacquerye for help with the Themne, Yoruba, Limba Akan, Lingala, Mende, Dagbani, Serer-Sine and Tamazight translations.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/turkmenweb/bmgninjarnamasy.htm for the Turkmen (Latin) [tuk_latn] translation.

  • http://gddc.pt for the (Crioulo da Guiné) [008], (Kimbundo) [009], Makhuwa [vmw], (Tetum) [010], Umbundo [011] translations.

  • بهنام اسفهبد (Behnam Esfahbod) for major corrections to the Farsi, Western translations.

  • Wunna Ko Ko for corrections to the Myanmar translation, and for conversion to the Unicode 5.1 format.

  • User "transtic" on the Asia Finest Discussion Forum.

  • Roey Horns for noticing typos in the German translations.

  • Dr. Ramanand Jha 'Raman' for translating the UDHR in Maithili

  • Pandit Govinda Jha for reviewing the Maithili translation

  • Anshuman Pandey for facilitating the Maithili translation.

  • Tombekai V. Sherman for translating the UDHR in Vai and providing the XML representation.

  • Charles Riley, for facilitating the Vai translation.

  • Marcin Kowalczyk for corrections to the Polish translation.

  • Mojca Miklavec for help with the Slovenian translation.

  • Sahak Petrosyan for a major review of the Armenian translation.

  • Otto Stolz for corrections to the German translation (1901 orthography) and for providing a translation following the 1996 orthography.

  • Asmus Freytag for help with the German translations.

  • Dan Alexandru for corrections to the Romanian translations (1953 and 1993 orthographies) and providing a translation following the 2006 orthography.

  • Henning Brunzel for noticing the mislabeling of the Cashinahua translation.

  • Євгеній Мещеряков (Eugeniy Meshcheryakov) for corrections to the Ukrainian translation.

  • Sholem Berger and Raphael Finkel for providing the Yiddish translation.

  • Benjamin Titze for noticing small differences between the official record of the Declaration and our English version.

  • Mihai Niță for correcting the Romanian translation (1953 orthography) and providing a translation following the 1993 orthography.

  • Daniel Yacob for providing the Amharic translation.

  • Martin Hosken for help with the Myanmar translations.

  • Don Osborn, bisharat.net, for providing a vastly improved Hausa translation, in both Niger and Nigeria orthographies.

  • Zdeněk Wagner for proofreading and correcting many spelling mistakes in the Czech translation and in the Hindi translation.

  • António Martins for pointing out the Linguarium project.

  • Leandro Reis for proofreading and correcting the Portuguese (Portugal) translation, pointing at a source for the Portuguese (Brazil) translation, and proofreading it.

  • Nações Unidas no Brazil for providing the text of the Portuguese (Brazil) translation.

  • Yannis Haralambous, http://www.polytoniko.gr/, for providing the Greek (polytonic) version.

  • Aung for the full Burmese version, and Craig Rublee for facilitating that.

  • Dirk Meyer for help with the German translation.

  • Patrick Andries, John Hudson, Kent Karlsson, Jonathan Kew, Erik van der Poel for comments on the representation of ’n in Afrikaans.

  • Patrick Hall for suggesting to create plain text and html versions of the “first article”-only documents, and for help with the Themne translation.

  • Valaxay Dalaloy via the Language Observatory for the full Lao translation.

  • Allen Bailochan Tuladhar via the Language Observatory for a good chunck of the Nepali translation.

  • Kumari Co Ltd. via the Language Observatory for the full Marathi, Gujarati, Seraiki, Bengali, Kannada and Western Panjabi translations.

  • Chuluun Erdenebat and Ulziibat Batbaatar via the Language Observatory for the full Mongolian (Cyrillic) translation.

  • Jun Sugawara via the Language Observatory for the full Uighur (Latin).

  • the Language Observatory for having initiated an effort similar to ours.

  • Andrew Cunningham for pointing out the existence of the Language Observatory and its conversion of some translations of the UDHR; for working on the Igbo translation.

  • Andrew West for pointing out the presence of the Yi, Sichuan on the OHCHR web site.

  • Sukhjinder Sidhu for pointing out the mixing of Panjabi, Eastern and Panjabi, Western.

  • Jyothis Edathoot at Jyothis.net for typing the Malayalam translation from the OHCHR source.

  • K. Kalyanasundaram for typing the Tamil translation from the OHCHR source.

  • Jony Rosenne helped with the proper HTML usage for right-to-left texts.

  • Niti Hantaweepant (นิธิ หาญทวีพันธุ์) and Ornnida Muneepeerakul (อรนิดา มุนีพีระกุล) for typing the Thai translation from the OHCHR source.

  • Rani Mahapatra for (partially) deciphering the Bengali image provided by the OHCHR site.

  • Simon Ager at omniglot.com for gathering a few translations of the first article of the UDHR.

  • Adobe Systems, for providing the XML files for 280 languages (pre-review); for corrections to the Catalan-Valencian-Balear [cat] and Vietnamese [vie] translations.

  • Eric Muller, for initiating and coordinating this project.


If we did not record your contribution (sorry!), or you would like a different wording, please let us know.