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Language identification

We identify the languages using the Ethnologue codes, 15th edition. When there are multiple translations for a single language (e.g. different orthographies, or dialects), our code is the Ethnologue code, followed by an underscore, followed by some indication of the version (as in “aka_akuapem”).

We use only the Ethnologue primary language names, may be followed by a qualifier in parenthesis: for example “Akan (Akuapem)”.

We do not provide an exhaustive index by alternate language names. For example, the Ethnologue uses "Gaelic, Irish" as the primary language name and provides "Irish", "Erse", "Gaeilge" as alternate names. In our index, the Irish translation will be found only under "Gaelic, Irish". If you have difficulty finding a translation by language name, you may want to use the Ethnologue to determine the primary language name.

We have a few translations for which we could not ascertain the corresponding Ethnologue language. For those, we use 3-digits identifiers, and names in parenthesis. Any help in identifying the language of those translations is welcome.

In the list of translations, we also give the code used by the OHCRH, for cross-reference purposes. Those are largely based on the Ethnologue codes, 14th edition, but not entirely.