16:20 Ticket #19 (Cross-site scripting vulnerability in confusables.jsp) created by rick
was CldrBug:8398 Someone reported to us via the contact form: A …
16:18 Ticket #18 (UnicodeJSPs: sun.text.normalizer?) created by srl
was CldrBug:6792 did the following to get java 7 to compile. docs say …
16:15 Ticket #17 (UnicodeJSPs: Globe.java uses outdated code) created by srl
was CldrBug:6791 wouldn't compile under java 7. see the enclosed. …
16:13 Ticket #16 (Patch for Character Picker data generation code to include latest scripts) created by cibu@…
was CldrBug:6734 The data and the list of scripts in the draft directory …
16:10 Ticket #15 (Utilities JSPs needs a feedback link) created by srl
was CldrBug:5633 If you add a link to …
16:08 Ticket #14 (wrong button label in "Unicode Utilities: BIDI (UBA)") created by filip.romanowski@…
was CldrBug:5349 the last button in this app: …
16:02 Ticket #13 (cldr/utility/bidi.jsp - escape mechanism for the ASCII hack, HTML ...) created by verdy_p@…
was CldrBug:4137 Suggestion for the CLDR online tools. I saw that a new …
16:00 Ticket #12 (CLDR utilities point to invalid Code2000 website) created by rick
was CldrBug:7776 On the bottom of this page: …
15:57 Ticket #11 (Revise picker data to clean up special sets (eg historic)) created by mark
was CldrBug:7051, split off of CldrBug:5339 (no description)
15:54 Ticket #10 (UCA charts do not highlight secondary expansions) created by markus
was CldrBug:7767 The UCA charts use red color to highlight expansions: …
15:52 Ticket #9 (add ticket link to online utilities) created by mark
was CldrBug:6945 from Steven: actually, a URL like …
15:50 Ticket #8 (Allow update of ICU jars) created by mark
was CldrBug:5620 From Steven: "However, the server has its own copy of …
15:48 Ticket #7 (wordbreaker (\b) not working with regular expressions in List-UnicodeSet ...) created by verdy_p@…
was CldrBug:3962 On …
15:46 Ticket #6 (Internal error for NFKC_Casefold page) created by armbrecht@…
was CldrBug:3924 Requesting the URL …
15:41 Ticket #5 (CLDR Utilities; Certain Properties Links Fail To Generate Results) created by craig@…
was CldrBug:7987 Going the the CLDR utilities properties tool here: …
15:37 Ticket #4 (Unicode Utilities high CPU load?) created by srl
was CldrBug:3488 The tomcat process was pegged at 99% cpu, and this was …
15:29 InterMapTxt edited by markus
CldrBug? IcuBug? UliBug? BCP (diff)
07:47 Changeset [820] by mdavis
07:35 Changeset [819] by mdavis
minor tweaks
00:43 Changeset [818] by mdavis


14:09 Changeset [817] by mdavis
14:08 Changeset [816] by mdavis
trying out different rounding schemes


17:58 Changeset [815] by scherer
cldrbug 7224: fix bugs, clean up warnings
07:30 Changeset [814] by mdavis
Provide for generating old versions, using -DUVERSION=7.0.0 (for example)
06:39 Changeset [813] by mdavis
change frequency tool to generate chart, tweak annotations


06:08 Changeset [812] by mdavis
fix the translit also
05:38 Changeset [811] by mdavis
fixed guava import
05:37 Changeset [810] by mdavis
05:37 Changeset [809] by mdavis
fixed files to unblock Markus


15:42 Changeset [808] by mdavis


14:46 Changeset [807] by mdavis
14:15 Changeset [806] by mdavis


03:56 Changeset [805] by mdavis
Added explicit code for testing new script invariant
03:47 Changeset [804] by mdavis
Added explicit code for testing new script invariant
03:23 Changeset [803] by mdavis
Added explicit code for testing new script invariant
02:09 Changeset [802] by mdavis
documentation and tweaks


12:29 Changeset [801] by mdavis
temporary versino of PropList?, syntax fixes to Unihan collators,…
11:40 Changeset [800] by mdavis
tweaks for 8.0


02:08 Changeset [799] by mdavis


07:22 Changeset [798] by mdavis
05:23 Changeset [797] by mdavis
Moved the ScriptPopulation? tool here, and cleaned up a bit. (Wasn't in …


06:30 Changeset [796] by mdavis
various updates
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