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Components of The Unicode Standard
Version 2.0.0

This page lists the components of Version 2.0.0 of the Unicode Standard. The version numbering and the role of each component are explained in Versions of The Unicode Standard.

Unicode 2.0.0 (July, 1996)

The new or changed Unicode Character Database files are in http://www.unicode.org/Public/2.0-Update/. A summary of modifications in the Unicode Character Database for this version can be found in UnicodeCharacterDatabase.html.

Note: The file Unihan-1.txt was inadvertently published for Unicode 2.0.0 in a truncated state. Instead of re-releasing it, the Consortium at the time posted Unihan-2.txt (dated 23 September 1996) in the /Public/UNIDATA/ directory. That version corrects the truncation problem, but also contains other minor corrections and additions. The file was formally released for the subsequent version, Unicode 2.1.2 (May, 1998). The permanent, archival link for that file revision is: Unihan-2.txt

The alternative uppercase 8.3 filenames shown in parentheses were those used on the CDROM released with Version 2.0.0.