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Target Dates

The original target dates have had to be postponed. As of 2002-November-1 the first stage has not been reached.

Date Stage  Comment 
2004-June-1 Proposed Draft This proposed target date would allow presentation of this
draft to the Unicode Technical Committee at its meeting in Toronto.
2004-July-25 Draft This proposed target date would allow public review and approval of
a draft by the Unicode Technical Committee at its meeting in Redmond.
2004-October-15 Final Draft This proposed target date would allow public review and approval of the
final draft by the Unicode Technical Committee at its meeting in Cupertino.
2004-December-15 Publication Earliest publication date


Asmus Freytag <>

Action Items

# Assigned to Description Result
MA2-C Martin Heijdra Rewrite his paper by 1-2004  
MA2-B Martin Heijdra Review agreements against 'lyaout rules' document  
MA2-A Martin Heijdra Summarize agreements from previous discussion mostly complete
see MD013
MA2 Asmus Freytag Set up a project home page at done
MA1 Asmus Freytag Ask Rick to set up a closed e-mail discussion list: done


Document Date Author Title
MD020 2004-11-12 Greg Eck Mongolian Glyph Table with Word Samples
MD019 2004-02-09 Martin Heijdra Sibe Shaping Rules
MD018 2004-02-09 Martin Heijdra Manchu Shaping Rules
MD017 2004-01-19 Martin Heijdra Todo Shaping Rules
MD016 2004-01-16 Timothy Partridge Updated Tables (AllDraft01)
MD015 2004-01-12 Matin Heijdra Intermediate Translation of Mongolian Rules
MD014 2003-12-11 Timothy Partridge Response to MD013
MD013 2003-12-11 Martin Heijdra Summary of current state of discussion
2003-08-25 Lisa Moore Minutes of UTC Meeting #94 (March 4-7,2003)
(see C48 and A30-A33)
2003-02-27 Tim Partridge Error report on Mongolian Vowel Separator
MD0010 2003-02-24 Prof. Quejingzhabu Comments on Mongolian Vowel Separator and other issues
2003-02-13 Paul Nelson,
Asmus Freytag
Use of ZWJ/ZWNJ with Mongolian Variant Selectors and
Vowel Separator
MD008 2003-01-28 Martin Heijdra Ali Gali, answers to Andrew (inclueds Andrew's question)
MD007 2003-01-26 Martin Heijdra Updated Mo, To, Si, Ma files
MD006 2002-10-22 Timothy Partridge Rough draft of Mongolian Shaping Rules
MD005 2002-11-18 Martin Heijdra Draft Table for Sibe/Manchu behavior
MD004 2002-11-04 Martin Heijdra Draft Table for Todo (and responses)
MD003 2002-09-16 Martin Heijdra Discussion on Unicode Mongolian
MD002 2002-09-11 Martin Heijdra The use of Free Variant Selectors (was: Discussion on Unicode Mongolian: the missing attachment)
MD001 1999-Aug Myatav Erdenechimeg,
Richard Moore and
Yumbayar Namsrai
Traditional Mongolian Script in the ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode
Standards" (UNU/IIST Report No. 170, August 1999)
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    * L2 document. The L2 document link is non-public. 

Other links of interest

NCITS/L2 document register (members only) [Search] Unicode Version 4.0, chapter 12.2 Mongolian
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 document register (public) Unicode code chart for Mogolian


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They have been neither reviewed nor approved by the Unicode Consortium.
 It is inappropriate to cite them as anything but "work in progress".

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