Date: 1998-11-02

Title: Review process for the non-Han character tables for the second edition of 10646

Source: AFII

Status: Working Document


The bit-mapped fonts that were used for the first edition of ISO 10646-1 are no longer available to us as we have shifted over to a production process that requires outline fonts (TrueType). Since the first edition, synchronization with the Unicode Standard has become ever more important. While each standard presents different additional material, it is important that there are no discrepancies in the common material. With the new production software we are able to print from a single common database report, using a common suite of fonts.


There is a rough prioritization of the work along these thre major levels

  1. fill the holes (get all the missing glyphs/fonts)
  2. fix errors (technical)
  1. improve appearance (editorial)

Review drafts and comments

AFII will periodically create review drafts, as well as intermediate partial updates where needed. Each review comment submitted will be processed, and where possible, comment wills be resolved. Possible resolutions are: Accepted, Accepted in principle, Rejected, or Needs Review.

Accepted comments will be reflected in future review drafts or the final output. If a comment needs further review AFII will submit it to the editorial group of experts for final resolution. Accepted in principle means that the implementation of the change may depend on the timely availability of resources, and that their unavailability shall not delay publication of the second edition. All resolutions will be internally documented and as much as possible made available to the submitter.