Title:               UTC Rescinds Acceptance of Four Duplicate Radicals from JIS X 213

Source:            Unicode Technical Committee

Author:            Lisa Moore, Chair, UTC

Distribution:    Kohji Shibano, Chairman, JCS Committee

                        Takayuki Sato, Japanese SC2

                        Zhang Zhoucai, Rapporteur, IRG     

                        Mike Ksar, Convenor, JTC1 SC2/WG2

                        Arnold Winkler, Co-chair, UTC

Action:            For Review and Response by JCS

Date:               June 22, 2000



At UTC 83, the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) rescinded their acceptance of four duplicate radical characters that had been accepted for encoding at the following code positions: U+FA4A, U+FA5E, U+FA5F, U+FA66.  The UTC took the action to rescind their acceptance because it had not seen the characters before accepting them.  Once it became clear that these were duplicates of characters which were already encoded, the UTC could no longer accept them into the standard.


The corresponding duplicate characters are:


            U+FA4A looks like U+2EA4

            U+FA5E looks like U+2EC0

            U+FA5F looks like U+2EBF

            U+FA66 looks like U+2ECC


If there are reasons why these four characters should be encoded even though they are duplicates, then please provide that justification so that the UTC may consider it.