Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set  (UCS)


                                      ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N 2278

                                                Date:  2000-09-20


TITLE:            Ad hoc Report on Japan feedback N2257 and N2258

SOURCE:       Ad hoc group (Sato, Everson, Whistler and Freytag)

ACTION:         For review and confirmation by WG2

DISTRIBUTION:    Members of JTC1/SC2/WG2


The ad-hoc met with Sato, Everson, Whistler and Freytag and concluded:


Document 2257:


(a) All characters noted individually in 2257 are indeed included in 2263.


(b) The names for the Katakana characters should be based on appearance using the word SMALL instead of AINU, and naming the character after the regular syllable of the same shape instead of using AINU phonetics. This harmonizes the names of the new characters with characters already in the standard.


(c) It is recommended to add 50 circled characters in empty slots in the 2400 and 3200 blocks as follows:

            circled 21-50 in two ranges from 3251-325f and 32B1 and 32BF

            black circled 11-20 and double circled 1-10 from 24EB to 24FE.


Document 2258:


(1) The names in 2263 are required by internal consistency of the naming of arrows. The two arrows cited in 2258 are part of a larger set.


(2) It is recommended to move proposed character 21F4 in document 2263 to 23CE and name it RETURN SYMBOL to harmonize with other keyboard symbols


     It is recommended to Unicode to annotate that this character is intended to cover both hollow and filled glyph variants of the RETURN SYMBOL


(3) This reflects a misinterpretation of IPA - no change recommended.


(4) It is suggested to rename proposed character 30A0 in document 2263 to KATAKANA-HIRAGANA DOUBLE HYPHEN. A generic name 'DOUBLE HYPHEN' is not acceptable, since there is a double hyphen that is used in some Latin typography. The CJK symbols block is full.


(5) These are intended to be unified


(6), (7), (8) no issues


(9) There is now a graduated set of three characters


            25C9 FISH EYE             (large inner circle)

            29BF CIRCLED BULLET (medium inner circle)

            2299 CIRCLED DOT (small inner circle)