Printed samples of Limbu script:

  1. Tanchoppa ("Morning Star") newspaper, year 5 no. 7. 20 July 2000. Kathmandu, Nepal. [Front page (600K) in Limbu (Limbu script) and Nepali (Devanagari). The lead story is about the publication of a new Limbu textbook for 3d grade -- see illustration. Computer print.] 

Low resolution pdf file of Front Page for sample print

  1. Gulliver-re lamdik. (Gulliver's travels). Abridged translation by B. B. Subba (Muringla Nugo). 1989, re-edition 1996. Dept. of Education, Govt. of Sikkim. Gangtok, Sikkim. viii + 88 pp. [Page 1 (64K); offset ms.]

Low resolution pdf file Page 1 for sample print

  1. Tongsing tokma mundhum ["Tongsing Ritual"]. Bairagi Kaila. 2052 B.S. [1995-1996]. ix + 389 pp. Royal Nepal Academy, Kathmandu. [One of a series of editions of Limbu rituals with translations, notes, and vocabulary. Page 35 (92K) is the first page of annotated text. The two upper sections on each page are in Limbu (Limbu and Devanagari scripts); the lower section is a Nepali translation (Devanagari script). Computer print.]

Low resolution pdf file of Page 35 for sample print

  1. Sumhalung. No. 2. 2054 B.S. [1997-1998]. Phekden, Panthar, Nepal. [Limbu literary review in Limbu and Nepali] [p. 113 (64K), a poem by Bhavani Tawahang. The Limbu question mark appears at the end of line 2. Computer print.]

Low resolution pdf file of  p. 113 for sample print