Additions for kJIS0213 in Unihan.txt

Eric Muller, Adobe Systems Inc.
February 3, 2004

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Amendment 1 to JIS X 0213:2000 adds ten characters. I propose that we add the corresponding entries to Unihan.txt. We could either put them under the existing kJIS013 field, and document those additions, or create a new field. The mappings, taken from L2/04-024, are:

U+4FF1  1,14,1
U+525D  1,15,94
U+541E  1,47,94
U+5653  1,84,7
U+59F8  1,94,90
U+5C5B  1,94,91
U+5E77  1,94,92
U+7626  1,94,93
U+7E6B  1,94,94
U+20B9F 1,47,52

I don’t know whether the IRG practice is to freeze the source data when a character is created, or whether the IRG augments it as existing Unicode/ISO characters are added to the sources. If the latter, then these are candidates for additions to the source data in Amendment 1 to 10646:2003 (except may be for U+7626 and U+7E6B which already have J1 sources), and consequently in Unicode 4.1.

Also, I believe that the following entry is missing (this is for a character in JIS X 0213:2000):

U+69EA  1,86,04

I would feel bad to force us to reopen Unihan.txt for Unicode 4.0.1, but if we need to do it anyway, I would recommend to incorporate those changes.

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Author: Eric Muller

1February 3, 2004

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