Sources for CJK Compatibility ideographs

Eric Muller, Adobe Systems Inc.
June 6, 2004

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This is the draft requested by AI 93-58: Draft a document to WG2 requesting that they require three mappings to identify each compatibility character: (1) the "real" Unified ideograph in 10646; (2) the source character in the standard they come from; (3) the mapping for the "base" character in the original standard for which it is a compatibility duplicate. These have not been provided for all compatibility characters up to now.

The “Principles and Procedures for Allocation of New Characters” (Document N2652R, dated November 24, 2003) includes the following submitter responsibility in section A.1, page 11:

8: Compatibility equivalents: If the submission includes compatibility ideographic characters, identify equivalent unified CJK Ideograph character(s).

The UTC would like to refine this requirement to:

8: Compatibility equivalents: If the submission includes compatibility ideograph character, identify:

This information is necessary to maintain the source data in the ISO 10646 data file CJKU_SR.txt and CJKC_SR.txt, to ensure that a compatibility character is needed for round-tripping, and to ensure that the mappings between between Unicode and other standards are consistent.

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1June 6, 2004

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