Preliminary minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting #198
Cupertino, 15-18 November 2004


Meeting location:  Cupertino.  Meeting hosted by Apple.


1                   Opening of L2 meeting - remarks from the chair

2                   Joint meeting with UTC

3                   Administrative agenda

3.1. Attendance and membership

3.1.1. Membership list

Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, MS, Oracle, Peoplesoft, RLG, Sun, Sybase, Unicode (11)

3.1.2. Members in jeopardy

3.1.3. Attendance

Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, MS, Oracle, RLG, Sun, Sybase, Unicode (10)

Yahoo attended as an observer.

3.2  Officers for L2

3.3. Approval of agenda [L2/04-386]

3.4. Approval of meeting minutes from L2#197 [L2/04-347]

3.5. Action items follow-up [SD-2]

3.6. Registration of new documents and assignment to the agenda

See L2/SD-3 for current document register

3.7. Upcoming meetings

UTC 102/L2 199—February 7-10, 2005, Mountain View, host Microsoft SVC

UTC103/L2 200—May 10-13, 2005, Pleasanton, host Peoplesoft

UTC104/L2 201—August 16-19, 2005, Redmond, host Microsoft

UTC105/L2 202—November 1-4, 2005, San Jose


4                   Reports and liaisons

4.1. WG20 (for perhaps the last time?)

Acclamation: The L2 committee wishes to thank Ken Whistler of his years of contributions to the development of WG20 internationalization standards, particularly the collation standard, 14651. In the final years of WG20, Ken served as its convener, and oversaw the closer alignment of WG20 with the JTC1/SC2 committee, where character encoding experts will more readily be able to contribute to the collation questions concerning new repertoire additions to ISO/IEC 10646.

4.2. SC22

4.3. WG2

4.4. SC2


5                   Ballots

5.1.  New ballots to vote:

Doc. #






Text for FPDAM ballot, SO/IEC 10646: 2003/FPDAM 1, Information technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) -- AMENDMENT 1: Glagolitic, Coptic, Georgian and other characters

SC2 N3760


10:0:0:1 to approve with comments


Text for PDAM ballot or comment ISO/IEC 10646: 2003/PDAM 2, Information technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) -- AMENDMENT 2: N'Ko, Phags-Pa, Phoenician and Cuneiform

SC2 N3761

2004-11-19 (note date!)

10:0:0:1 to approve with comments


5.2.  Ballot reports:

Doc. #





L2/04-299, L2/04-300

Text for FPDAM ballot, ISO/IEC 14651/FPDAM 2, Information technology - International string ordering and comparison -- Method for comparing character strings and description of the common template tailorable ordering AMENDMENT 2

SC2 N3758


8:0:0:3 to approve with comments


SC 2 Request to Make ISO/IEC 10646 and ISO/IEC 14651 Publicly Available

JTC1 N7487


8:0:0:3 to approve


Request for Endorsement of SC 2 Chairman

JTC1 N7489


8:0:0:3 to approve with comments


SC 2 Proposal for Stabilized Standards Within JTC 1/SC 2

JTC1 N7497


8:0:0:3 to approve


Proposed modifications to the SC2 scope

JTC1 N7490


8:0:0:3 to approve


5.3.  Letter ballot reports:

L2/04-355, L2/04-356

Recommendation for JTC1 N7488:  Proposed modifications to the SC2 Programme of Work

JTC1 N7488


11:0:0:0 to approve



6                   Voting on joint UTC/L2 meeting recommendations [L2/04-362]


7                   Delegates to meetings (SC2/WG2, SC2, SC22)

7.1.  SC2/WG2 meeting in Xiamen, China, 24-28 January 2005

Whistler, Suignard, Hiura, Freytag

7.2.  SC2 Editing Group for 14651 (to be held concurrently with SC2/WG2)

Whistler, Davis, Freytag


8                   Other

8.1.  L2’s relationship to CT22 in a post-WG20 world

8.2.  Call for volunteers: L2 chair

8.3.    Report on the transfer of ISO TC 46/SC 4 standards to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 (SC2 N3766)

8.4.  10176 Annex A

8.5.  Stabilized standards results within JTC1 (JTC1 N7497; L2/04-309)

8.6.  ISO 4217

8.7.  JTC1 plenary results (L2/04-404)

8.8.  Inappropriate referencing for string prep


Acclamation:  The L2 committee unanimously offered its sincerest congratulations to Arnold Winkler on hearing of his retirement from work.  While Arnold has not been present at meetings for the last couple of years, he has continued to aid our standards activities with timely promptings and wise advice on many issues. Our work as a committee was placed on much firmer footing during Arnold's tenure, as he established very effective document management and meeting structures, innovating to create long term partnerships with other standards bodies of great importance to L2. We will miss his contributions, but wish him all the best at the beginning of this new phase in his life.


9                   Adjournment