Approved Motions of the UTC 106 / L2 203 Joint Meeting
Mountain View, CA -- February 6 - 9, 2006
Hosted by Microsoft

UTC #106 Agenda
February 13, 2006

[106-C1] Consensus: Take document L2/06-055 as modified in discussion and add to next draft of UTS #39 (L2/05-329).

[106-C2] Consensus: Advance draft PDUTR #36 to UTR #36 after incorporating comments during discussion.

[106-C3] Consensus: Approve the minutes of meeting #105 with corrections as noted in the meeting.

[106-C4] Consensus: Authorize the start of a 5.0 UCA Beta release.

[106-C5] Consensus: Issue a proposed update of UTS #10 to align with Unicode 5.0.

[106-C6] Consensus: There are significant internationalization issues with draft 6 of IAP Collation Registry (L2/06-052).

[106-M1] Motion: Add the chart of 6 Bengali consonant-vowel combinations from L2/06-053 as examples stating that ZW(N)J can be used to encourage or discourage ligation.

Moved by Murray Sargent, Seconded by V S Umamaheswaran

9.5 for (Sun, Basis Apple IBM HP UCB Sybase Verisign Google MS)
1 against (Adobe)
1 abstain (JustSystem)

[106-C7] Consensus: Accept the 29 Lycian characters for encoding at 10280-1029C (Lycian) in a future version of the standard, with block name Lycian 10280 - 1029F.

[106-C8] Consensus: Accept the 27 Lydian characters for encoding at 10920-1093F (Lydian) in a future version of the standard, with block name Lydian 10920-1093F. Request to change the name of "Lydian quotation mark" to "Lydian triangular Mark", and make it general category to "So". Request to change the glyph to look more like it actually looks in the inscription (more like a right triangle).

[106-C9] Consensus: Accept the 49 Carian characters at 102A0 - 102D0 with block name Carian from 102A0 - 102DF for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[106-C10] Consensus: Accept the 22 Cyrillic characters in document L2/06-040 with codepoints U+2DE0 to U+2DF5, with block name "Combining Marks for Cyrillic" U+2D30..U+2DFF. The following name conventions should be applied: remove the word "old"; change the pattern "buki-titlo" to "buki with titlo above".

[106-C11] Consensus: Accept the Gurmukhi sign Yakash for encoding at U+0A75.

[106-C12] Consensus: Accept 3 Finnish characters from document L2/06-036 for encoding at U+2C78..2C7A in a future version of the standard. The 3 characters are:


[106-C13] Consensus: Accept 2 math characters at U+27EC and U+27ED, for encoding in a future version of the standard. The two characters are:


[106-C14] Consensus: Accept two archaic Tibetan punctuation marks from document L2/06-044 at U+0FD3 and U+0FD4 for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[106-C15] Consensus: Accept one Mongolian Letter Manchu Ali Gali Lha from document L2/06-013 for encoding at U+18AA in a future version of the standard.

[106-C16] Consensus: Accept LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TZ and LATIN SMALL LETTER TZ from document L2/06-028 at U+2C7B and U+2C7C respectively, with U+2C7B to also be the "uppercase" and "titlecase" form.

[106-C17] Consensus: Give unassigned codepoints the script property value "Zzzz".

[106-C18] Consensus: Adopt the proposal of L2/06-026 to add comment lines for missing values in the UCD for applicable data files. Note: In Unicode 5.0 Unihan.txt is not an applicable data file.

[106-C19] Consensus: Change the script properties of U+1802, U+1803, U+1805 to "Common" in Unicode 5.0.

[106-C20] Consensus: Document the Jamo_Short_Name property as a "contributory" property for Unicode 5.0 in UCD.html, PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt. Ref L2/05-379R.

[106-C21] Consensus: Remove the Gurmukhi entries from provisional named sequences as suggested in L2/06-031.

[106-C22] Consensus: Authorize a "beta 2" for Unicode 5.0 to close May 9, 2006.

[106-C23] Consensus: UTC will stop taking input to Unicode 5.0 on certain properties beginning March 1, 2006. Properties affected are all those defined in UnicodeData.txt plus: Whitespace, Hex Digit, Diacritic, Ideographic, Numeric Value, Numeric Type, Script, and East Asian Width. Publish the frozen values by March 7, 2006.

[106-C24] Consensus: Extend all currently open PRIs on UAXes to May 9, 2006 unless there is good reason to close one early.

[106-C25] Consensus: The content of document L2/06-069 should constitute a "yes" vote on amendment 3 to 10646 and include only the text in T.7 of the (unnumbered) working draft. The content of L2/06-070 should include everything in the working draft except T.7 and T.8, with the addition of the characters accepted [from documents L2/06-036, and L2/06-054, fill in the chars later].

[106-M2] Motion: Ask the Unicode officers to incorporate the case-folding stability clause as documented in L2/06-062 into the web site after editorial review.

Moved by Mark Davis, Seconded by Rick McGowan

8 for (Adobe, MS, Sun, Apple, IBM, UCB, Sybase, Google)
0 against
2.5 abstain (Justsystem, Basis, Verisign)

[106-C26] Consensus: Align the properties of U+10341 with U+1034A. (Change the general category of U+10341 from Lo to Nl.)

[106-M3] Motion: Drop U+FD3E and U+FD3F from the list of characters with Bidi Mirrored property proposed in PRI #80.

Moved by Ken Whistler, Seconded by Eric Muller

7.5 for (Adobe, Basis, MS, Sun, HP, IBM, UCB, Sybase)
0 against
4 abstain (Justsystem, Apple, Google, Verisign)

[106-C27] Consensus: (1) Change rule L4 of the bidi algorithm in UAX #9 to exclude the mirroring of characters whose bidi mirrored property is "false", in the absence of a higher level protocol. (2) Add a new HL6 clause which allows a higher level protocol to mirror characters with the bidi mirroring property "false", for historic scripts and associated punctuation, private use characters, and characters in mathematical expressions. (3) From the new HL6 clause, point to the new commentary in section 6.

[106-C28] Consensus: Close PRI #82 with the resolution that UTC decided to use the first sequence, top then bottom, for Gurmukhi double vowels.