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Doc:  in060097
Date: January 23, 2006
Project: Standards Processing - 5 year National maintenance
Reply to:  Deborah J. Spittle, 202-626-5746, dspittle@itic.org
To: Mr. Eric Muller, INCITS L2 Chairman

Dear Mr. Muller:

Subject: 2006 Five-Year Maintenance Review of L2 Standards

In accordance with ANSI and INCITS policy, action must be taken during the four-year anniversary of a standard's approval date to either reaffirm or withdraw the standard. Should the TC's review result in a recommendation to revise a standard, a project proposal describing the proposed revision should be submitted with the recommendation to reaffirm, pending revision. If a standard is currently under revision, the customary four-year action would be reaffirmation of the current standard, pending completion of the revision.

Five-year maintenance actions should be completed (including a 45-day public review and 30-day INCITS letter ballot, followed by the 14-day request for BSR-9 approval) before the end of the year (December 2006).

According to the records of the INCITS Secretariat, your TC should review the attached list of standards and forward a recomendation to reaffirm or withdraw each standard. This review should include any associated amendments and corrigenda.

Each recommendation may be approved (2/3 rule) by TC letter ballot. Additionally, for approvals (2/3 rule) conducted at a TC meeting, a withdrawal recommendation is by roll-call vote and a reaffirmation recommendation is by meeting vote. Upon approval by the Technical Committee, the recommendation should be forwarded to the INCITS Secretariat for action by March 31, 2006.

If a recommendation is not forthcoming from INCITS L2 by March 31, 2006, the INCITS Executive Board shall make a recommendation on this issue without the benefit of the Technical Committee's input.

Your expeditious action is appreciated. Please contact me, if you have any questions.


Deborah J. Spittle
Associate Manager, Standards Operations


L2 - Character Sets and Internationalization (2006 Action)

TC: L2 - Character Sets and Internationalization
Project: 1241 - M
Standard INCITS/ISO/IEC 14651 :2001 [2001]
Title: International String Ordering and comparison -- Method for Comparing Character Strings and Description of the common template tailorable ordering
Status: TC notified of maintenance requirement in in060097. TC recommendation due 03/31/06.