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Date: March 16, 2006
Enclosure: Template for Comments
Reply to: Deborah J. Spittle
Phone: 202-626-5746
Email: dspittle@itic.org

INCITS/T3 Rec. Due: March 27, 2006
Anticipated Accelerated INCITS Ballot: March 27, 2006 - April 25, 2006
Possible Reconsideration Period: April 26, 2006 - May 6, 2006
U.S. Vote to ANSI: May 8, 2006
JTC 1 Closing Date: May 13, 2006


INCITS/L2 Intl. Representative: M. Suignard
Subject: Advance Transmittal of ISO/IEC 10646:2003/FDAM2, Information technology - Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) AMENDMENT 2:  N'ko, Phoenician and other characters

The subject-referenced FDIS is enclosed for action and information as indicated. The document is distributed for ISO/IEC JTC 1 final letter ballot. The U.S. TAG is required to recommend a vote for the National Body.

ACTION #1 - Recommendation for U.S. Vote

The committee is to coordinate and develop the U.S. recommended position to INCITS for approval for submission to ISO/IEC JTC 1. The position must be submitted in a format consistent with the guidelines specified by the JTC 1 Secretariat in document JTC 1 N 5348.

The FDIS ballot began March 13, 2006 and ends May 13, 2006 (2-months only). The committee should confirm that its position on the FDIS is the same as it was for the FCD, or alternately, submit a proposed U.S. National Body position.

In preparation for submitting the proposed U.S. National Body position for the FDIS ballot, the committee should conduct a 30-day letter ballot or roll call vote if comments were accommodated at the FCD ballot resolution meeting which resulted in a change of the U.S. position, such as, approve with comments on the FCD ballot to approve, or disapprove on the FCD ballot to approve. The two-third voting approval is required.

The position options are: approval of the technical content as presented (no commens) or disapprove for the technical reasons to be stated. Technical and editorial comments will not be considered, as noted in section 9.7 of the 5th Edition of the JTC 1 Directives, JTC 1 N 7364.

Any comments developed in support of the U.S. position should be presented in the enclosed ISO Comments Template document.


The committee should return the U.S. recommendation to the INCITS Secretariat for approval by a INCITS letter ballot no later than March 23, 2006, so that, if necessary, a 10-day reconsideration ballot may be conducted and the U.S. vote forwarded to ANSI by the JTC 1 closing date of May 13, 2006.

ACTION #2 - Recommendation for INCITS Adoption

The committee should notify the INCITS Secretariat if this standard is unsuitable for adoption as an American National Standard. A vote of majority approval accompanied by comments specifying the reasons for non-adoption is required. The recommendation for non-adoption should be sent simultaneously. INCITS will adopt the ISO/IEC Standard unless notified, see INCITS Adoption Policy.


INCITS members should review the FDIS document at this time and anticipate the INCITS Letter Ballot on this subject posted to the Online Balloting System .