Source: Sukhjinder Sidhu
Date: 2006-04-07

Subject: Clarification of Action Item 106-A69

The UTC did not adequately answer the issue in PRI# 82.  The top-then-bottom vowel ordering was merely an example, and other combinations of vowel signs also exist (for example, left-to-right).  Please can the UTC clarify the ordering of any combination of vowels.  I personally recommend the ordering "left, top, bottom, right" which is in keeping with the ordering already used in canonically equivalent vowel signs in the ISCII-based scripts.  Could the UTC also clarify whether this is to be extended to all ISCII-based scripts in Unicode, or just Gurmukhi.  Clarification in the Unicode 5.0 standard book would also be desirable.

The UTC may wish to review documents L2/05-344, L2/06-020 and comments on PRIs L2/06-031 .