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We are now beginning the vetting phase for CLDR 1.4. On the [main page], locales that need attention are indicated with a dashed box.

You will get an email about each of the locales that you are authorized for. Please review these locales with the Survey Tool and make sure the right choices are made for proposed items. In your review, please go through each of the sections:

  Code Lists:  languages | scripts | territories | variants | keys | types | currencies | timezones | measurementSystemNames?
  Other Items: characters | numbers | gregorian calendar | other calendars | references | misc 

The fields in each section that you need to review are divided into three categories (which you will see if you have Priority selected in the navigation bar.)

You don't need to worry about the other categories, where no proposed changes were made for this release (all categories are listed at the bottom of this page for your reference).

Please make sure that you have voted for all the items in each of the above categories.

Warning: When you are looking at the 'available date formats' in the calendars section, there are a few points to watch for (ideally these should be done in the tool, but there wasn't enough time). See AvailableDateFormats.

If others have voted for a different item, you'll see that on the page. Please communicate with them to try to resolve the issue and all agree on the most appropriate value. Click on their names to get their email addresses; you may wish to exchange phone numbers to make the resolution go faster.

The vetting phase ends on May 15, but don't wait to do the vetting or you may not be able to resolve the issues with the other vetters in time! To keep the system from slowing down, only a limited number of people are allowed on at the same time; please log out after you are done (you are logged out automatically if you have no activity for one hour).


Here are all of the categories (you only need to worry about the first 3): The final resolution of any items is according to the [resolution process]. Note that submissions by 'guest vetters' don't count in the voting. If you have any questions, contact your organization's representative.

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