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From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Documents Status
106-A1Rick McGowanClose PRI #77 Done
106-A2Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate L2/06-055 into the public review of draft UTS #39L2/06-055 
106-A3Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for the next draft of UTS #39 when ready for posting.  
106-A4Michel SuignardSend Mark Davis text on why the bidi algorithm should not be changed, for incorporation into Mark's response on IDN nextsteps.L2/06-045Closed
106-A5Mark Davis, Marcos SanzCreate a UTC response to IETF based upon the discussion of L2/06-056 and send a draft to unicore before sending on to the IABL2/06-056Done
106-A6Mark Davis, Eric MullerHave a group look at the cases where ZWJ and ZWNJ cause an issue; check on refinement of rendering rules.L2/06-024 
106-A7Michael Kaplan Provide examples of well-formed character proposals to V S Umamaheswaran for inclusion in the WG2 Principles and Procedures.  
106-A8Mark DavisReport to UTC on officers' action raised by document L2/06-014 (BOCU-1 IP letter).L2/06-014 
106-A9Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerGenerate a 5.0 UCA beta file.  
106-A10Rick McGowanProduce and post a PRI for the extension of the Unicode 5.0 beta. Done
106-A11Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update UTS #10  Done
106-A12Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UTS #10 to close May 9, 2006. Done
106-A13Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Michael Kaplan, Vladimir Weinstein, Ienup SungRespond to the authors of L2/06-052 with UTC comments and recommendations.L2/06-052Done
106-A14Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDocument motion 106-M1 on Bengali ligation in Unicode 5.0. Done
106-A15Peter ConstableProvide appropriate glyphs or images to Rick McGowan for reproducing the table in L2/06-053 in the Unicode 5.0 book.L2/06-053 
106-A16Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Lycian and Lydian Done
106-A17Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Carian Done
106-A18Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerRespond to Michael Everson about the Sundanese proposal.L2/06-002Done
106-A19Mark DavisFollow up with Dr. Durrani of the Pakistan NLA explaining the policy on Arabic letters and asking for more information for those marks that we may want to encode generatively.L2/06-039 
106-A20Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 22 Cyrillic charactersL2/06-040Done
106-A21Rick McGowanFollow up with the author of L2/06-040 after codepoints have been assigned, to update the proposal and submit to WG2.L2/06-040Done
106-A22Rick McGowan, Deborah AndersonFollow up with Ralph Cleminson with UTC questions about the proposal in L2/06-042L2/06-042Done
106-A23Ken WhistlerAdd Gurmukhi annotations to Unicode 5.0.L2/05-371Done
106-A24Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline to include Gurmukhi Sign Yakash U+0A75.L2/06-037Done
106-A25Rick McGowanWork with author of L2/06-037 to create a proposal summary form and forward to WG2.L2/06-037Done
106-A26Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Unicode 5.0 Gurmukhi block description with the examples in section B of L2/06-030.L2/06-030Done
106-A27Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/06-030 that nasal sign placement in Gurmuhki should not be handled with variation selectors.L2/06-030Done
106-A28Ken WhistlerTake Section E of L2/06-030 (Udaat) into account when creating DUCET for a future version of the UCA.L2/06-030 
106-A29Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 3 Finnish characters.L2/06-036Done
106-A30Michel SuignardAdd 3 Finnish characters to ballot comments on PDAM 3.L2/06-036, WG2 N3031Done
106-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 2 math brackets.L2/06-054Done
106-A32Michel SuignardAdd 2 math brackets to ballot comments on PDAM 3.L2/06-054Done
106-A33Asmus FreytagSubmit the math character proposal L2/06-054 to WG2 prior to their next meeting.L2/06-054Done
106-A34Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowanWrite up a joint UTC/L2 paper on the issues with L2/06-027. Forward to WG2.L2/06-027Done
106-A35Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for two Tibetan punctuation marks.L2/06-044Done
106-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Mongolian letter Manchu ali gali lha.L2/06-013Done
106-A37Rick McGowanWork with Andrew West to submit L2/06-013 to WG2.L2/06-013Done
106-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for two Latin letters TZL2/06-028Done
106-A39Rick McGowanGive UTC feedback to author of Mayanist proposal.L2/06-028Done
106-A40Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 5.0 to reflect assignment of script property value "Zzzz" to unassigned code points. Done
106-A41Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerAdd comment lines for missing values in applicable data files for Unicode 5.0.L2/06-026Done
106-A42Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt to reflect change of script properties of 1802, 1803, 1805 to Common for Unicode 5.0. Done
106-A43Eric MullerProvide corrected document to fix missing "not" in reference to "formally defined".L2/05-379Done
106-A44Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Jamo_Short_Name property, as specified in L2/05-379R, in UCD.html and elsewhere as required in Unicode 5.0.L2/05-379RDone
106-A45Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerSplit the confusables data into 3 categories and add to draft UTS #39. In progress
106-A46Mark Davis, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeMake the Unicode 5.0 "beta 2" page happen. Done
106-A47Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for Unicode 5.0 "beta 2" to close May 9, 2006. Done
106-A48Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeInclude consensus 106-C23 info in the announcement and PRI on Unicode 5.0 "beta 2". Done
106-A49Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeFollow up with TDIL on named sequences for Gurmukhi. In progress
106-A50Ken WhistlerFix data for Named SequencesProv.txt to remove entries for Gurmukhi in Unicode 5.0 beta 2. Done
106-A51Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeExtend relevant open PRIs on UAXes for 5.0 to May 9, 2006, and post a notification of extension. Done
106-A52Michael Kaplan Relay information in 106-C25 to Michel Suignard for inclusion in L2/06-069 and L2/06-070 (ballot and comment documents for PDAM 3). Done
106-A53Michel SuignardCreate ballot comments L2/06-069 and another document L2/06-070 requesting new additions to Amd 3. Done
106-A54Eric Muller, Marcus Scherer, Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for documenting the special casing conditions in the UCD.L2/06-067 
106-A55Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview case-folding stability in L2/06-062 and ask the officers for permission to post.L2/06-062Done
106-A56Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt with the change of properties to U+10341 for 5.0 beta. Done
106-A57Rick McGowanExtract the text of the comment from Ilya Konstantinov in L2/06-031 re Maqaf properties into a new L2 document for future UTC consideration.L2/06-031Done
106-A58Lisa MoorePut the new Maqaf document on the agenda for the next UTC meeting. Done
106-A59Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UAX #15 per comments in the meeting and in L2/06-038 and post for public review.L2/06-038Done
106-A60Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UAX #15 when ready. Done
106-A61Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeLook at the suggested changes to UAX #9 in L2/06-010 and make appropriate changes in the UAX. Draft a PRI.L2/06-010Done
106-A62Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UAX #9 when ready Done
106-A63Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd clarifying text connected with rule L4 of UAX #9 to better describe mirroring in archaic scripts. L2/06-071Done
106-A64Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument in Unicode 5.0 and UAX #9 the exceptional behavior of FD3E and FD3F for bidi mirroring.L2/06-071Done
106-A65Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerCommunicate with Roozbeh Pournader on the outcome of his PRI #80 comments. Done
106-A66Mark DavisRemove extraneous references to HL6 from UAX #9. Done
106-A67Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate proposed update UAX #9 to include items from consensus 106-C27. Done
106-A68Ken WhistlerUpdate the bidi_mirrored field of UnicodeData.txt, based on outcome of PRI #80.L2/06-072Done
106-A69Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the preferred order top then bottom for Gurmukhi double vowels in Unicode 5.0. See consensus 106-C28. Done
106-A70Rick McGowanClose PRI #82. See consensus 106-C28. Done
106-A71Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFix typos documented in the feedback to PRI #88.L2/06-031Done
106-A72Michel Suignard, Michael KaplanDocument the rationale for accelerating 4 Sindhi characters into Unicode 5.0 and forward to WG2 ASAP by Feb 15, 2006. Closed

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Documents Status
105-A3Rick McGowanExtend the closing date on PRI #75 and post a second update of UTR #25 from Freytag. The new closing date is Aug 1, 2006. Update the PRI text to include a pointer to the data file.  
105-A12Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost the DUCET change management guidelines in an appropriate place on the website.L2/05-299 
105-A14Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeRemand L2/05-301 with changes suggested in the meeting and after editing by the Editorial Committee, post in an appropriate place on the website.L2/05-301 
105-A15Mark DavisGather requirements for upper and lower bound collating characters.L2/05-302 
105-A19Mark Davis, Mike Ksar, Joan AliprandRequest TC46 to add the two new country codes to ISO 4217.L2/05-291 
105-A21Mark Davis, Security subcommitteeDevelop a set of criteria for visual confusability to guide the development of the confusable data tables. In progress
105-A27Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeMake changes in document UTS #39 and post for public review.  
105-A29Rick McGowanPost a PRI for the updated UTS #39 when ready, to close May 9, 2006.  
105-A34Eric Muller, Peter ConstableDocument the behavior of Malayalam chillu characters, "before" and "after" proposed addition of chillu characters. Clear exposition of the text representation issues. (Original action was 103-A67)L2/05-210, L2/05-334 
105-A38Michael Everson, Andrew West, Chris FynnRevise L2/05-244 taking into account canonical equivalence issues and text in the standard and comments in L2/05-338, plus the consideration of FA and VA for Chinese.L2/05-244, L2/05-338 
105-A48Debbie AndersonFollow up with user community of egyptological characters.L2/05-300In progress
105-A51Richard CookSecure agreement from all authors on an updated Egyptian hieroglyphics proposal and create a publicly reviewable document.L2/05-311In progress
105-A53Debbie Anderson, Michael EversonCoordinate old Cyrillic encoding proposals. In progress
105-A58Mark DavisPursue the Sindhi hamza issues with the Arabic experts on the bidi committee.L2/05-251In progress
105-A74Michel SuignardSend source data correction for amendment 1 to John Jenkins for incorporation into the 5.0 version of Unihan database.  
105-A84Asmus FreytagUpdate the publication workflow document with the authorization to issue proposed updates for editorial changes and PRIs and the refreshing of drafts. In progress

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Documents Status
104-A5Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for a machine-readable list of metaproperties.L2/05-168In progress
104-A15Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerCommunicate to WG2 a revised list of mirrored characters for Annex E (once they have been firmed up for Unicode 5.0).  
104-A83Eric MullerAcknowledge receipt of the Vedic materials discussed in L2/05-228, and communicate what the next steps should be.L2/05-228 

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Documents Status
103-A6Asmus Freytag, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a chart for Named Sequences in the "charts/" section of the Unicode website, for review by UTC. In progress
103-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProvide documentation for the last resort font. In progress
103-A62Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update to UTS #18 (document revision 12) that addresses the issue in L2/05-121.L2/05-121In progress
103-A63Rick McGowanAfter UTS #18 is ready, post a PRI on UTS #18 to close May 9, 2006.L2/05-121 
103-A70John JenkinsCreate Proposed Draft UTR #38 from the Unihan database user's guide draft, L2/05-149, in time for the next UTC meeting.L2/05-149In progress
103-A73Rick McGowan, Richard Cook, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Unihan.html to make the IICore field normative in the next version of the standard.  

From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Documents Status
102-A54Rick McGowan, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate a page on the Unicode website for educators, pulling together tutorials and other resources. Get Eric Muller's tutorial to put up as a tech note pointed to from that page. [Eric's portion is completed. Ready for review.] In progress
102-A83Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post draft UTR #33.L2/05-045In progress
102-A84Rick McGowanCreate a new PRI on UTR #33 to close May 9, 2006. [Date postponed from 8/9/2005.]  

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Documents Status
101-A62Richard Cook, Rick McGowanProof the Pinyin readings and mapping data for the approximately 14000 ideographic characters from the XHC source and supply info to John Jenkins to update the Unihan database. In progress
101-A63John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with the new field from XHC source readings, and document the new field.  

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Documents Status
100-A47aEric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Indic conjoining behavior model after Unicode 5.0 (was originally intended for 4.1), including fallback behavior. Also examine behavior with multiple consonants. See 100-C22L2/04-279In progress
100-A48Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview the Indic FAQ to ensure consistency with the Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A50Eric MullerReview Indic scripts for inconsistencies with new Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A51Eric MullerReview the Sinhalese document with regard to ZWJ/ZWNJ usage consistency.L2/04-279In progress
100-A55Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake an XML version of the UCD available. Part of the plan for roll-out includes public review of the schema. Issue a PRI when ready.L2/04-220In progress
100-A61Lisa MooreFind out about CR NEL from an EBCDIC point of view: will there be files containing CR NEL and why did XML add it?L2/04-331 
100-A68Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTR #30: Character Foldings and post as UTR #30.L2/04-312, L2/04-320, L2/04-322, L2/04-325In progress

From UTC #99 and L2 #196

Action Who Description Documents Status
99-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFurther discuss the design of UCD tags.L2/04-167