Source: Martin Hosken
Date: July 27, 2006
Subject: Re: document Sk vs Lm vs C

Dear Mark,

If we are collecting oddities, a couple stand out:

02DE     #    Sk     (˞)      MODIFIER LETTER RHOTIC HOOK
Occurs in IPA as a modifier (I must admit to be confused why this isn't
a combining mark, but hey)

02EC     #    Sk     (ˬ)      MODIFIER LETTER VOICING
Occurs in Akha and Lahu as a tone mark and is word forming

These three are punctuation marks and are not word forming even though
leaving them word forming wouldn't be a severe problem.
0E46     #    Lm     (ๆ)      THAI CHARACTER MAIYAMOK
0EC6    #    Lm     (ໆ)     LAO KO LA
17D7    #    Lm     (ៗ)     KHMER SIGN LEK TOO