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From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
107-A2Mark DavisCreate a liaison statement to IETF asking that NFC be described correctly in an update to L2/06-204 section 3. (Done, but not as a formal liaison statement.) 2006-06-29Done 
107-A3Mark DavisCreate a liaison statement to IETF indicating that combinatorics are still a problem in L2/06-180. (Done, but not as a formal liaison statement.) 2006-06-29Done 
107-A4Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAfter editorial review, post UAX #29 for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31Done UAX #29
107-A5Rick McGowanClose PRI #84 for UAX #29. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A6Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a new UAX #41 to incorporate common references for UAXs, for Unicode 5.0. 2006-07-14DoneUAX #41
107-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAfter editorial review, post UAX #31 for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31Done UAX #31
107-A8Rick McGowanClose PRI #85 for UAX #31. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate Stream-safe Text Format and associated conformance clause into UAX #15. 2006-06-22DoneUAX #15
107-A10Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify the relationship of quickcheck properties in the definition of stable characters and their use in the concatenation of normalized strings, in Appendix A 8.1 of UAX #15.2006-06-22DoneUAX #15
107-A11Asmus FreytagFormulate a request to the officers based on L2/06-103 to add the two stability policies A and B to Property Value Stability.2006-06-02Done 
107-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate, review and publish UAX #15, for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31Done UAX #15
107-A13Rick McGowanClose PRI #86 for UAX #15. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A14Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate, review and publish UAX #9, for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31Done UAX #9
107-A15Rick McGowanClose PRI #91 for UAX #9. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A16Mark DavisDelete modifications that did not happen in PU UTS #10.2006-06-22DoneUTS #10
107-A17Mark DavisForward L2/06-082 to CLDR-TC and ask them to consider making changes based on the document.2006-08-02Done 
107-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate, review, and publish UTS #10 for UCA Version 5.0.2006-07-14Done UTS #10
107-A19Rick McGowanClose PRI #94 for UTS #10. 2006-07-14Done 
107-A20Mark DavisUpdate the word-break property of U+00A0 to "XX" for Unicode 5.0.2006-06-07DoneUCD
107-A22Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeAdd the latest stability policy text as exemplified in L2/06-106 to Unicode 5.0.2006-05-26Done Unicode 5.0 text
107-A23Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #75 to August 1, 2006.2006-06-09DonePRI #75
107-A24Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd info on scope of named character sequences to UAX #34, and other feedback received during the meeting.2006-06-29DoneUAX #34
107-A25Ken WhistlerAdd Lithuanian named character sequences to NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 5.0.2006-05-23 Done 
107-A26Ken WhistlerUpdated NamedSequences.txt in Unicode 5.0 to eliminate the sequence LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE AND OGONEK; 00E1 03282006-05-23Done 
107-A27Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UAX #34 for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31DoneUAX #34
107-A28Rick McGowanClose PRI #81 for UAX #34. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A29Ken WhistlerAdd annotations to the names list for U+047C and U+047D in Unicode 5.0.2006-05-23Done  
107-A31Rick McGowanExtend PRI #83 to August 1, 2006. 2006-05-31DonePRI #83
107-A33Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and publish UAX #24 for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31DoneUAX #24
107-A34Rick McGowanClose PRI #87 for UAX #24. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A35Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeBring up the topic of an FAQ for linebreak tailorability at the next editorial meeting. (See PRI #88 feedback from Kent K.)2006-06-29Done  
107-A36Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt giving U+05BE the "Dash" property for Unicode 5.0.2006-06-07DoneUCD
107-A37Ken WhistlerUpdate LineBreak.txt giving U+05BE the "BA class for Unicode 5.0; add U+05BE to the table of dashes in book. 2006-05-23DoneUCD, Unicode 5.0 text
107-A39Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #14 with the change of linebreak class for U+05BE in the visible dividers, and publish for Unicode 5.0.2006-07-31DoneUAX #14
107-A40Rick McGowanClose PRI #88 for UAX #14. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A42Rick McGowanClose PRI #89 for UTR #23. 2006-05-31Done 
107-A43Ken WhistlerUpdate NameAliases.txt and the names list with U+01A2, U+01A3, U+0CDE, U+A015 for Unicode 5.0. (See PRI #90.)2006-05-23DoneUCD
107-A44Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt with the 10 decompositions for Balinese.2006-05-23DoneUCD
107-A45Ken WhistlerUpdate CompositionExclusions.txt to reflect consensus regarding addition of precomposed Balinese. 2006-05-23DoneUCD
107-A46Asmus FreytagDraft clarifying text on the use of spaces with Braille symbols for Unicode 5.0. Add a note to the charts about the representative glyphs. (Added text to charts, none to Braille section of Unicode 5.0.)2006-06-19DoneUnicode 5.0 text, UCD
107-A47Rick McGowanClose PRI #90.2006-05-31 Done 
107-A49Asmus FreytagReview the linebreaking feedback suggested in L2/06-202.2006-06-02Done 
107-A50Asmus FreytagIssue a glyph erratum to make the glyphs for U+0340 and U+0341 the same as their canonical equivalents. 2006-06-02Done 
107-A51Ken WhistlerUpdate the annotations for U+0340 and U+0341 in the names list for Unicode 5.0.2006-05-23 DoneUCD
107-A53Rick McGowanClose PRI #92, stating that no action has been taken.2006-05-31Done 
107-A57Deborah GoldsmithInvestigate the title and licensing questions about kWubi and kFourCornerCode data for Unihan.txt and report to the Unicode officers by May 25, 2006.2006-05-19 Done 
107-A58Rick McGowanClose PRI #93 with consensus 107-C26 as resolution.2006-05-31Done 
107-A60Ken WhistlerUpdate the 5.0 DUCET for resolution of PRI #93. U+0D57 should collate as close to identically to the vowel /au/ as possible; use a tertiary difference.2006-06-14Done UCA
107-A62Rick McGowanInvestigate status of the older proposal documents listed in L2/06-088, page 56, item "e". Propose for the August UTC agenda as appropriate.2006-06-27Doneagenda
107-A68John JenkinsRemove kWubi from Unihan database beta and generate a revision of Unihna.txt for the UCD 5.0. 2006-05-23DoneUCD
107-A70Ken WhistlerMake relevant updates ot the Unicode 5.0 text to remove references to kWubi data.2006-05-26 DoneUnicode 5.0 text
107-A71Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake necessary updates to the UCD, UAXs, and web pages and release Unicode 5.0 data files by June 30, 2006.2006-07-14Done 
107-A73Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+0971. 2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A74Rick McGowanForward L2/06-137 to Make Ksar for WG2.2006-06-09Done  
107-A75Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Kayah Li 2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A76Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with name change for U+0D792006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with name change for U+0D3D2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A79Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with name change for U+2C7A2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A80Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with name change for U+A8B42006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A81Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Sundanese 2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A82Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+1C35 LEPCHA CONSONANT SIGN KANG2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+1DCB and U+1DCC2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A84Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 26 combining marks, U+1DCD - U+1DE62006-05-22Done Pipeline
107-A85Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 9 medievalist characters. 107-C37.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A87Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 22 Old Cyrillic characters, U+2DE0 - U+2DF5.2006-05-22Done Pipeline
107-A90Debbie AndersonGet Asmus a font for two glyphs for U+0485 and U+0486 based on L2/06-192.2006-06-22Done 
107-A91Asmus FreytagCreate a glyph erratum for U+0485 and U+0486.2006-06-22Done 
107-A94Ken WhistlerAdd annotation to the names list for U+20DD for Unicode 5.0.2006-05-23DoneUCD
107-A97Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 16 Arabic characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A103Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 27 Arabic math characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A106Asmus FreytagFollow up with author (Lazrek) re disposition of L2/06-1242006-06-02Done 
107-A107Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 10 astrology symbols.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A109Rick McGowanForward L2/06-171 to Mike Ksar for WG2.2006-06-09Done  
107-A110Rick McGowanFollow up with author of L2/06-171. Get font to Asmus Freytag, and signed font agreement. 2006-06-09Done 
107-A111Rick McGowan, Deborah AndersonFollow up with author of L2/06-173.2006-08-02Done 
107-A112Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+0BD0 TAMIL OM2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A113Rick McGowanForward L2/06-184 to Mike Ksar for WG2.2006-08-02Done  
107-A117Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 7 Myanmar characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A118Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 14 Myanmar characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A119Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 10 Mayanist characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A120Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 3 UPA characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A121Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 73 medievalist Latin characters, U+A730 - U+A7782006-05-22Done Pipeline
107-A122Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 20 CJK strokes, U+31D0 - U+31E3.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A124Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 4 new Vai characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A125Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 10 new Vai digits.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A126Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Rejang, U+A930 - U+A95F.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A129Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 46 Phaistos Disc symbols2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A133Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 6 chillu characters.2006-05-22DonePipeline
107-A136Rick McGowanAcknowledge receipt of L2/06-218 to R. Chitrajakumar and reporting disposition. 2006-05-25Done 
107-A139Ken WhistlerRequest the officers to create a Unicode position on the naming of character encodings, in particular, UTF-8-related.2006-06-29Done 

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
106-A4Michel SuignardSend Mark Davis text on why the bidi algorithm should not be changed, for incorporation into Mark's response on IDN nextsteps.2006-05-12ClosedMoot
106-A5Mark Davis, Marcos SanzCreate a UTC response to IETF based upon the discussion of L2/06-056 and send a draft to unicore before sending on to the IAB 2006-05-12Done 
106-A8Mark DavisReport to UTC on officers' action raised by document L2/06-014 (BOCU-1 IP letter).2006-05-16Done 
106-A9Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerGenerate a 5.0 UCA beta file.2006-06-14DoneUCA
106-A15Peter ConstableProvide appropriate glyphs or images to Rick McGowan for reproducing the table in L2/06-053 in the Unicode 5.0 book.2006-06-22Done Unicode 5.0 text
106-A26Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Unicode 5.0 Gurmukhi block description with the examples in section B of L2/06-030.2006-06-29DoneUnicode 5.0 text
106-A58Lisa MoorePut the new Maqaf document on the agenda for the next UTC meeting.2006-05-12Done 
106-A60Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UAX #15 when ready.2006-05-12DonePRI #86
106-A72Michel Suignard, Michael KaplanDocument the rationale for accelerating 4 Sindhi characters into Unicode 5.0 and forward to WG2 ASAP by Feb 15, 2006.2006-05-12Closed Unneeded

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
105-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDraft text explaining mirroring behavior of some symbols (for math) for the standard and UTR #25 and issue a second update.2006-05-12Done UTR #25, UAX #9
105-A3Rick McGowanExtend the closing date on PRI #75 and post a second update of UTR #25 from Freytag. The new closing date is Aug 1, 2006. Update the PRI text to include a pointer to the data file. 2006-05-16ClosedSuperseded by 107-A023
105-A15Mark DavisGather requirements for upper and lower bound collating characters.2006-05-16Closed Withdrawn
105-A19Mark Davis, Mike Ksar, Joan AliprandRequest TC46 to add the two new country codes to ISO 4217.2006-08-02 Done 
105-A21Mark Davis, Security subcommitteeDevelop a set of criteria for visual confusability to guide the development of the confusable data tables.2006-08-02DoneL2/06-055
105-A29Rick McGowanPost a PRI for the updated UTS #39 when ready, to close May 9, 2006.2006-08-02Closed Superseded by 106-A003
105-A34Eric Muller, Peter ConstableDocument the behavior of Malayalam chillu characters, "before" and "after" proposed addition of chillu characters. Clear exposition of the text representation issues. (Original action was 103-A67)2006-05-16DoneL2/06-207
105-A74Michel SuignardSend source data correction for amendment 1 to John Jenkins for incorporation into the 5.0 version of Unihan database.2006-05-16Done 
105-A82Mark DavisUpdate documentation in UCD.html in accordance with acceptance of items 2, 3, 5 of L2/05-292 as amended in discussion. Make the normative status consistent with chapter 3.2006-05-12DoneUCD.html

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
104-A78Michael EversonClarify U+1C35 LEPCHA CONSONANT SIGN KANG and submit a document discussing it.2006-05-12 ClosedIn ballot comments
104-A83Eric MullerAcknowledge receipt of the Vedic materials discussed in L2/05-228, and communicate what the next steps should be. 2006-05-16ClosedMoot, not done

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
103-A70John JenkinsCreate Proposed Draft UTR #38 from the Unihan database user's guide draft, L2/05-149, in time for the next UTC meeting.2006-05-16 DoneUTR #38, L2/06-206
103-A73Rick McGowan, Richard Cook, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Unihan.html to make the IICore field normative in the next version of the standard.2006-07-14Done Unihan.html

From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
102-A54Rick McGowan, Eric Muller, Editorial Committee Create a page on the Unicode website for educators, pulling together tutorials and other resources. Get Eric Muller's tutorial to put up as a tech note pointed to from that page. [Eric's portion is completed. Ready for review.]2006-08-02DoneUTN #23

From UTC #98 and L2 #195

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
98-A1John JenkinsDetermine the frequency of usage of the supplementary Hong Kong characters.2006-05-12Closed Unneeded