The President,

Unicode Consortium,

California, USA


August 10, 2006


Dear Mr. Mark Davis,

Subject: Issues in encoding Malayalam in Unicode


            It has come to our attention that the Unicode Technical Committee is in the process of taking decisions regarding the embedding of Malayalam in Unicode. We appreciate the initiative taken by UTC with regard to Malayalam in Unicode, and we are grateful for the patience taken by the UTC to evaluate and discuss the issues of Malayalam.


            The Government of Kerala is in the process of evaluating the problems of Malayalam encoding in Unicode, including the chillaksharam issues. Once a broad based consensus is arrived at, the Government will inform the results to the UTC.


            It is our hope that the UTC will take this into consideration and not take a hasty decision.


V.S. Achuthanandan,

Chief Minister,





Lisa Moore, Chairman

Unicode Technical Committee


Rick McGowan, Secretary

Unicode Technical Committee


Kenneth Whistler

Unicode Technical Committee