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From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A8Ken WhistlerChange the general category of U+02EC from Sk to Lm in the next version of the standard.2006-10-25 DoneUCD
108-A9Mark DavisRespond to Martin Hosken on L2/06-243, check if rhotic hook is used in orthographies and needs to be changed to gc=Lm.2006-08-09Done 
108-A11Mark DavisProvide text of a "note added in proof" re the NBSP erratum for UAX #29 for the Unicode 5.0 book. 2006-09-06DoneUAX #29
108-A14Rick McGowanRespond quickly to Kent Karlsson on the outcome of his document L2/06-265.2006-08-17Done 
108-A15Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a PRI based on L2/06-235 to define a stable normalization process.2006-08-22 DonePRI #95
108-A16Rick McGowanPost the PRI on stable normalization, to close October 31, 2006.2006-08-22Done PRI #95
108-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake updates and post UTS #39.2006-08-16DoneUTS #39
108-A19Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview and post UTR #36.2006-08-16DoneUTR #36
108-A24Mark DavisContinue to work with the collation registry authors to make it support Unicode collations and Unicode members' collations.2006-11-03Closedmoot
108-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate the linebreak properties of U+00A1, U+00BF AI --> OP; U+060C EX --> IS; U+066A EX --> PO in a future version of the standard.2006-10-25DoneUCD
108-A33Debbie AndersonFollow up on script-specific linebreak questions for N'ko and others mentioned in L2/06-224.2006-11-03Done 
108-A35Rick McGowanFind out what Government of Sikkim wants changed in 3 characters for Lepcha encoding. If specific erros are identified, bring them to the attention of UTC and WG2.2006-10-16 Done 
108-A38Rick McGowanReport to Everson and Andrew West there is no consensus on the 4 Balti letters. Discuss and come back when they have consensus.2006-08-17Done 
108-A39Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/06-229 that all of the characters he request for Tamil are already representable as sequences, and the standard doesn't include duplicate encodings.2006-10-31Done 
108-A41Debbie AndersonInvite David Perry to rewrite L2/06-256 into a UTN for epigraphers and paleographers. 2006-11-03Done 
108-A42Michel SuignardAdd the sets of 6 and 5 Roman characters documented in L2/06-234 to the WG2 requirements doc for a future amendment. 2006-09-28Doneballot comments
108-A43Michael EversonUpdate the roadmap with new block 10190-101CF, Ancient Symbols.2006-09-28Done Roadmap
108-A44Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with the 6 + 5 Roman characters.2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A45Debbie AndersonContact author of L2/06-234 to get updated proposal for submission to WG2 and submit fonts to Asmus Freytag.2006-09-28DoneWG2 N3138
108-A46Lisa MooreAdd C.7.2 L2/06-269 to the agenda for the next meeting.2006-11-01 Doneagenda
108-A47Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline to include U+A788 2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A48Rick McGowan, Lorna PriestForward L2/06-244 to WG2 and send a font to Asmus Freytag for printing. 2006-09-28DoneWG2 N3140
108-A50Rick McGowanFollow up with Lorna Priest on L2/06-259.2006-10-31Done 
108-A51Lisa MoorePut C.8.2 Proposal to Encode Additional Orthographic and Modifier Letters on the agenda for the next meeting.2006-11-01Doneagenda
108-A52Ken Whistler, Rick McGowanDocument the property decisions and other issues that need to be resolved in L2/06-259.2006-10-31Done 
108-A53Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+1035. 2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A54Michel SuignardAdd U+1035 to US ballot comments for Amd 3.2006-09-28Doneballot comments
108-A55Michael EversonProvide font for U+1035 to Asmus for printing.2006-09-28Done 
108-A56Ken WhistlerAdd 85 Cham characters AA00..AA5F to the pipeline.2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A57Michael EversonProvide font for Cham to Asmus for printing.2006-09-28Done 
108-A58Eric MullerUpdate L2/06-207 and submit revision to Rick McGowan for the document register. (and submit to WG2)2006-09-28DoneWG2 N3126
108-A59Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include name changes for 6 Malayalam Chillu letters, per consensus 108-C18.2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A60Mark Davis, Rick McGowanConvey Unicode actions on Malayalam back to government of Kerala and encourage them to provide feedback to WG2. CC to Swaran Lata, Govt. of India.2006-11-03 Done 
108-A61Asmus FreytagReflect the results of the UTC discussion of Korean issues in the UTC liaison statement to WG2. 2006-09-28Done 
108-A62Ken WhistlerAdd 6 approved characters for Telugu to the pipeline.2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A63Michel SuignardAdd 6 approved characters for Telugu to the requirements doc for a future amendment.2006-09-28 Doneballot comments
108-A64Michael EversonProvide a font for the Telugu character additions to Asmus for printing.2006-09-28Done  
108-A65Michel SuignardAdd 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to requirements doc for a future amendment.2006-09-28 Doneballot comments
108-A65aKen WhistlerAdd 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to pipeline.2006-09-07DonePipeline
108-A66Michael EversonProvide font for 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to Asmus for printing.2006-09-28 Done 
108-A67Lisa MooreAdd the following script agenda items to the UTC agenda for the next meeting: C.9, C.17, C.18, and C.19. 2006-11-01Doneagenda
108-A68Rick McGowanClose PRI #83 according to consensus 108-C22.2006-08-23Done 
108-A69Debbie AndersonContact Cyrillicists and suggest they make a new proposal for "beautiful omega".2006-11-03 Done 
108-A71Rick McGowanExtend the PRI close date for UTR #25, PRI #75.2006-09-28DonePRI #75
108-A74Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/06-251 conveying the sense of the scripts subcommittee. 2006-11-03Done 

From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
107-A21Lisa MooreAdd documents L2/06-178, L2/06-086, and agenda item B.12.2 to the agenda for the August 2006 UTC meeting.2006-08-08Doneagenda
107-A30Michel SuignardAdd Cyrillic glyph corrections for U+0486 to ballot comments.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A32Lisa MooreAdd B., document L2/06-135 to the agenda for the August, 2006 meeting.2006-08-08 Doneagenda
107-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt after Unicode 5.0 to change the general category of U+05BE to Pd from Po. 2006-10-25DoneUCD
107-A41Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UTR #23, removing the PD30 limited property definition, and publish ASAP. (Ready for final verification.)2006-11-03DoneUTR #23
107-A48Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt, giving the Bidi_Mirrored property to U+27C8 and U+27C9 in a future release of Unicode, after 5.0.2006-10-25DoneUCD
107-A52Michel SuignardAdd glyph errata for U+0340 and U+0341 to ballot comments for PDAM 3 of 10646.2006-08-11 Doneballot comments
107-A54Eric MullerRelay feedback on L2/06-206 to authors of that document.2006-08-08Done  
107-A59Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeWrite some FAQ entries regarding outcome of the Malayalam decision regarding /au/ vowel. L2/107-C26. 2006-08-21DoneFAQ
107-A61Lisa MoorePut "invisible letter" onto the August UTC agenda.2006-08-08Doneagenda
107-A63Michel SuignardWatch for the model for Hangul due from ROK by July 15. If it doesn't appear, prepare 10646 text for the August 2006 UTC meeting describing the effect of normalization sequences. 2006-08-08Done 
107-A64V S UmamaheswaranModify the WG2 Principles and Procedures to eliminate the question about implementation levels, for the August 2006 UTC.2006-08-08DoneL2/06-248
107-A66Lisa MooreCreate a standing agenda item under properties for review of new properties.2006-08-08Done agenda
107-A67Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDraft a cover letter to notify SC2 of changes to the standard that they normatively reference.2006-08-04DoneL2/06-278
107-A72Michel SuignardRequest Devanagari Sign High Spacing Dot at U+0971 for addition to requirements doc for Amd 3. 2006-08-11Doneballot comments
107-A78Michel SuignardAdd request for name change of U+0D3D to MALAYALAM SIGN AVAGRAHA to ballot comments for Amd 3. 2006-08-11Doneballot comments
107-A86Debbie AndersonSend font to Asmus for 22 Old Cyrillic characters, U+2DE0 - U+2DF5.2006-10-25Done  
107-A88Michel SuignardAdd request for 22 Old Cyrillic characters to requirements doc for Amd 3.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A89Debbie AndersonWork with author of L2/06-172 to produce a WG2 proposal and forward to Mike Ksar. 2006-09-28DoneWG2 N3097
107-A92Michel SuignardInclude glyph erratum for U+0485 and U+0486 in ballot comments for Amd 3.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A93Debbie AndersonSubmit L2/06-192 to Mike Ksar for WG22006-08-08Done 
107-A95Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowanDiscuss L2/06-181 offline and come back to the November 2006 UTC meeting with a consolidated proposal. Give font to Asmus and have him produce 3-column chart with additions for the proposal. 2006-11-01Done L2/06-359
107-A96Rick McGowanDiscuss necessary roadmap update with Ken Whistler and Michael Everson for Old Cyrillic additions. 2006-09-28DoneRoadmap
107-A98Debbie AndersonWork with author of L2/06-149 to submit revised proposal to Mike Ksar for WG2. 2006-08-04Done 
107-A99Debbie AndersonSend font for 16 Arabic characters to Asmus Freytag.2006-08-04Done 
107-A100Michel SuignardAdd request for 16 Arabic characters to requirements doc for Amd 3.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A101Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Debbie Anderson Follow up with authors of L2/06-138 to resolve questions and submit revision for August 2006 UTC meeting.2006-08-08Done 
107-A102Asmus FreytagCorrect the glyphs for U+2B41 and U+2B42 in Arabic math character repertoire addition.2006-11-03 Done 
107-A104Michel SuignardAdd request for 27 Arabic math characters to requirements doc for Amd 3.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A105Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Michael Everson Update roadmap for Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic symbols (U+10F00..) and send roadmap info to Asmus (and Uma).2006-09-28Done Roadmap
107-A108Michel SuignardAdd 10 astrology symbols to requirements doc for Amd 3.2006-08-11Doneballot comments
107-A114Michel SuignardAdd U+0BD0 TAMIL OM to requirements doc for Amd 3.2006-08-11Done 
107-A115Michael Kaplan Send a font for U+0BD0 TAMIL OM to Asmus Freytag.2006-08-08Done 
107-A116Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowanFollow up with Ralph Cleminson on Cyrillic proposal.2006-08-08Done  
107-A128Michael EversonProvide an udpated font for Rejang.2006-09-28Done 
107-A134Michel SuignardAdd 6 chillu characters to requirements doc for a future amendment.2006-08-11Done ballot comments
107-A135Eric MullerForward L2/06-207 to Mike Ksar for WG2.2006-09-28Done WG2 N3126
107-A137Lisa MoorePut L2/06-111, L2/06-119, L2/06-170, L2/06-163, L2/06-134 on August 2006 UTC agenda.2006-08-08Done agenda

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
106-A2Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate L2/06-055 into the public review of draft UTS #392006-08-08 DoneUTS #39
106-A3Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for the next draft of UTS #39 when ready for posting.2006-08-10Closed 
106-A19Jonathan Kew, Lisa MooreFollow up with Dr. Durrani of the Pakistan NLA explaining the policy on Arabic letters and asking for more information for those marks that we may want to encode generatively.2006-08-08DoneL2/06-240
106-A45Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerSplit the confusables data into 3 categories and add to draft UTS #39.2006-08-08 DoneUTS #39
106-A49Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Follow up with TDIL on named sequences for Gurmukhi.2006-08-17 Done 

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
105-A27Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial Committee Make changes in document UTS #39 and post for public review. 2006-08-10ClosedUTS #39
105-A38Michael Everson, Andrew West, Chris FynnRevise L2/05-244 taking into account canonical equivalence issues and text in the standard and comments in L2/05-338, plus the consideration of FA and VA for Chinese. (Tibetan for Balti.)2006-09-28DoneWG2 N2985, WG2 N3010, resolved in WG2
105-A48Debbie AndersonFollow up with user community of egyptological characters.2006-11-03Done 
105-A51Richard CookSecure agreement from all authors on an updated Egyptian hieroglyphics proposal and create a publicly reviewable document.2006-08-08ClosedMoot, overtaken
105-A53Debbie Anderson, Michael EversonCoordinate old Cyrillic encoding proposals.2006-11-03Done L2/06-357

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
104-A15Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerCommunicate to WG2 a revised list of mirrored characters for Annex E (once they have been firmed up for Unicode 5.0).2006-08-08Done