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From UTC #113 and L2 #210

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
113-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate comments from Martin Duerst into a new draft of PU UAX #15. 2008-01-11DoneUAX #15
113-A2Rick McGowanReset all of the dates on open UAX PRIs to January 28, 2008.2007-10-26Done 
113-A3Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 and reissue PU UAX #29 for public review.2007-11-16Done UAX #29
113-A4Ken WhistlerUpdate Pipeline for four phonetic characters.2007-10-25DonePipeline
113-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeWrite an updated section of text on stateful format controls for Unicode 5.1; modify text on language tags in section 16.9 of TUS.2008-11-21Done Unicode 5.1 text
113-A10Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt to deprecate the language tag characters.2007-10-14DoneUCD
113-A13Eric Muller, Ken Whistler, Rick McGowanForward a revised version of L2/07-333 to IRG and request they provide recommendation on whether these are unifiable or not2007-11-16Done 
113-A15Rick McGowanCommunicate to Michael Everson about the glyph change to Oghan Space. OG SP2007-10-24Done  
113-A18Ken WhistlerUpdate NamesList with annotation for Ogham Space.2007-10-30DoneNames list
113-A19Andy Heninger, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Add material based on section 2 of L2/07-340, as elaborated in discussion, to PU UAX #14. 2008-01-28DoneUAX #14
113-A20Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd informative material re use of XCCS and default grapheme clusters in PU UAX #29. 2007-11-16DoneUAX #29
113-A21Ken WhistlerAdd named sequences in L2/07-331 to NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 5.12007-10-22 DoneUCD
113-A22Ken WhistlerMove the Lithuanian sequences from NamedSequencesProv.txt for 5.0.0 to NamedSequences.txt in Unicode 5.1. 2007-10-22DoneUCD
113-A23Ken WhistlerRemove TAMIL LETTER KSSA and TAMIL LETTER SHRI from NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 5.12007-10-22 DoneUCD
113-A24Eric MullerInform the South Asian SC of consensus 113-C5 and AI 113-A23 regarding Tamil in NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 5.1. 2007-10-26Done 
113-A25Mark DavisUpdate property files for UAX #29 with changes as in consensus 113-C6; update PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 5.1. 2007-11-15DoneUCD
113-A26Peter EdbergGather the list of characters for the new property value SContinue for the Sentence Break property; forward to Mark Davis. See Consensus 113-C7.2008-01-11DoneUCD
113-A27Mark DavisIncorporate the new SContinue property value into the Sentence Break property; update PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 5.1.2007-11-15Done UCD
113-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake relevant changes to PU UAX #29 to incorporate the new SContinue property for Unicode 5.1.2007-11-16DoneUAX #29
113-A29Rick McGowanRespond to Naga Ganesan with thanks for the input on PRI #104.2007-10-24Done 
113-A30Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #31 to add note in consensus 113-C8 (and related changes as discussed)2008-01-11 DoneUAX #31
113-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate Pipeline to reflect all changes accepted from the WG2 consent docket.2007-10-25 DonePipeline
113-A33Ken WhistlerUpdate the Pipeline for the CJK Ext C status.2007-10-25DonePipeline
113-A35Mark DavisVerify that the script property value is correct for the 5 Greek characters 1FC1, 1FED..1FEF and 1FFD. 2007-11-14DoneUCD
113-A38Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd to the 5.1.0 page additional text on ill-formed UTF-8 code sequences. 2007-10-30DoneUnicode 5.1 text
113-A39Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeInclude language from L2/07-368 on special casing in Unicode DoneUnicode 5.1 text
113-A41Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt to reflect Consensus 113-C18. 0951..0952 > Inherited; 0CF1..0CF2 > Common.2007-11-14 DoneUCD
113-A42Ken WhistlerAnnotate the names list for 0951..0952 and 0CF1..0CF2, re script usage.2007-10-30Done Names list
113-A44Ken WhistlerUpdate the Pipeline for reflect addition of 19 characters for Vedic support, from Consensus 113-C19.2007-10-25DonePipeline
113-A47Cibu Johny, Mark Davis , Editorial Committee Prepare 5.1 text explaining the use of Malayalam chillus, based on Consensus 113-C20.2007-11-28DoneUnicode 5.1 text
113-A48Cibu Johny, Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Provide documentation on representing the visuals and 3 possible models for Table 3 of L2/07-402, as in Consensus 113-C21.2007-11-28DoneUnicode 5.1 text
113-A51Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Create proposed draft UAX #44 "Unicode Character Database" 2007-12-06DoneUAX #44
113-A52Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PD UAX #44, to close January 28, 2008.2007-12-06DonePRI #118
113-A53Mark DavisGenerate text files for LineBreak for Unicode 5.1.0 [done]; clean up intro in HTML file [done] ; note info is not normative [done].2008-01-11DoneUCD
113-A56Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PD UTR #42 to reflect Consensus 113-C25; draft text for a PRI.2007-11-16Done UAX #42
113-A57Rick McGowanPost PRI for Draft UAX #42 when ready, to close January 28, 2008.2007-11-16Done PRI #109
113-A59Rick McGowanChange the text of Unicode 5.1.0 to reference UAX #42 and UAX #44.2007-11-16Done Unicode 5.1 text
113-A60Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerUpdate UAX #44 to reference UAX #42 and clarify their relationship.2008-01-11 DoneUAX #44
113-A61Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCome up with a better term than "Separators" for Section 5.5 of UAX #9, and make it section 5.6. Post update.2008-01-11DoneUAX #9
113-A63Rick McGowanExtend the PRI review date of UTS #10 to January 28, 2008.2007-10-24DonePRI #113
113-A64Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeStart the Unicode 5.1.0 beta review.2007-11-16Done 
113-A66Rick McGowanExtend the PRI review date of UTS #18 to January 28, 2008.2007-10-24DonePRI #111
113-A69Rick McGowanRespond to authors of other public feedback. 2007-12-18Done 

From UTC #112 and L2 #209

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
112-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #36 to reflect 112-C2; move the text about restrictions on ZWJ/ZWNJ to UTR #36 from UAX #31. (ready for review)2007-10-30DoneUTR #36
112-A11Mark DavisChange the wordbreak property of U+2018 to Midletter in WordbreakProperty.txt2007-11-14Done UCD
112-A15Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline re removal of 67 CJK characters from CJK Extension C.2008-08-31Closed Pipeline, not relevant
112-A16John JenkinsConvey to Dr. Lu and the IRG the request to re-encode CJK Ext C after removal of 67 characters as per L2/07-245.2007-10-17ClosedMoot
112-A18Ken WhistlerAdd names list annotation for U+0D7C as MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU RR and U+0D7D as MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU L.2007-10-22DoneNames list
112-A25Debbie Anderson, Anshuman PandeyUpdate L2/07-192 with corrections, add updated proposal summary form based on 112-C7, forward to WG2, and submit font to the editor. 2007-10-17Done 
112-A30Debbie Anderson, Anshuman PandeyRevise the Kaithi document L2/07-199 and resubmit for next UTC meeting.2007-12-17 DoneL2/07-418
112-A31Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt per 112-C9 with new Other_Math characters from L2/07-261.2007-11-14DoneUCD
112-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate ArabicShaping.txt with new joining group Burushaski Yeh Barree, for U+077A and U+077B, with dual joining type. 112-C10. Also Chapter 8 update. (UCD part done.) (See email 2007-11-06.) 2007-11-07DoneUCD, Unicode 5.1.0 text.
112-A33Lisa MooreAdd B.14.2 topic to agenda for next UTC meeting.2007-10-17Doneagenda
112-A34Mark DavisEvaluate the proposal L2/07-202 on script consistency issue with Greek accents before next UTC meeting (Oct. 2007)2007-10-19ClosedUCD, superseded by 113-A036
112-A38Ken WhistlerTake recommendations for joining type in L2/07-221 into account when creating the data files for repertoire added in Amd. 4.2007-10-22DoneUCD
112-A49Peter ConstableRelay input to WG2 that Samaritan is not ready for encoding.2007-10-17Done  
112-A56Lisa MooreAdd C.4 and C.4.1 topics to agenda for next UTC meeting.2007-10-17Doneagenda

From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
111-A13Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeNote the potential for security exploits related to UTF-8 conversion of ill-formed sequences in UTR #36. (ready for review)2007-10-30Done UTR #36
111-A16Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeOversee updating all the PU UAX's from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0. 2007-11-16 Done 
111-A22Andy HeningerContact Elika Etemad and Paul Nelson and get a justification for change to LB algorithm to allow tailoring of LB before space. Post result to UTC to consider.2008-01-29 DoneUAX #14
111-A30John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate draft UTR #38 boilerplate to indicate its change to draft UAX status. Post draft. 2007-11-16DoneUAX #38
111-A32Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for the draft UAX #38, to close July 30, 2007.2007-11-16DonePRI #117
111-A33Michel SuignardRequest in U.S. ballot comments the addition of the Adobe Japan IVD submission for Amendment 4 for 10646. 2007-10-15Closedballot comments, not done
111-A37Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt and UCD.html re trinary properties.2007-11-16DoneUCD
111-A58Debbie AndersonWork with Azzeddine Lazred and Rosa Comes to improve the Rumi proposal and get a Rumi font. 2008-01-29Done 
111-A63Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate L2/07-129 (with code points provided by Cibu) into beta documentation for 5.1.0. (for review by South Asian subcommittee)2007-12-06 ClosedMoot, superseded by 113-A47
111-A65Ken Whistler, Michel Suignard, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDocument the font change for U+03E7 in Unicode 5.1.0. 2008-01-09DoneUnicode 5.1 text

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A3Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt, changing the script property of all the characters in L2/06-399 with Katakana parts to Katakana script. Highlight this change in the Unicode 5.1.0 beta. (done except for docs)2007-11-16 DoneUCD, beta page
110-A8John JenkinsFix the regex in Unihan.html and Unihan.txt per section 1.1 of document L2/07-026. (Done in UAX #38 instead.)2007-10-18Done UAX #38
110-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument Consensus 110-C7 regarding conventions for booleans in UCD.html and in PropertyValueAliases.txt. Item #4. (UCD.html portion done) 2007-11-14DoneUCD.html, UCD
110-A13aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument the decomposition mapping for Hangul syllables in Unicode 5.1.0 text. See Consensus 110-C8. (2007-10-12 email)2007-10-26Done Unicode 5.1.0 text
110-A22Mark DavisRemove scc from PropertyAliases.txt and UCD.html. Add appropriate commentary in CaseFolding.txt [not needed after review] and SpecialCasing.txt.2007-11-14Done UCD
110-A31Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a beta page and issue a PRI for beta Unicode 5.1.0, to close January 28, 2008. (Updated from 5.0.1.)2007-11-16Donebeta
110-A45Mark Davis, Michel SuignardAdd a section to UTR #36 that explains the implications of character and property stability. (ready for review)2007-10-30DoneUTR #36
110-A92Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerMake changes to various properties, based on canonical checking results.2008-01-21 DoneUCD

From UTC #109 and L2 #206

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
109-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeImplement Consensus 109-C13, to preserve canonical equivalence by adding property values where necessary. (In particular, DerivedNumericValues.txt.) 2008-01-21DoneUCD
109-A28Rick McGowanPost PRI for updated UTR #36 to close January 30, 2007.(changed to January 28, 2008)2007-10-30 DonePRI #115

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A5Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the documentation of modifier letters in the text of the standard, in UAX #31, and in UAX #29. (See 2007-02-14 email from Asmus) (See 2007-09-06 draft from Ken.) (See 2007-12-19 drafts from Ken.)2008-01-11Done Unicode 5.1 text, UAX #31, UAX #29

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
106-A28Ken WhistlerTake Section E of L2/06-030 (Udaat) into account when creating DUCET for a future version of the UCA.2007-11-14ClosedUCA

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
101-A62Richard Cook, Rick McGowanProof the Pinyin readings and mapping data for the approximately 14000 ideographic characters from the XHC source and supply info to John Jenkins to update the Unihan database.2007-12-14DoneUnihan
101-A63John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with the new field from XHC source readings, and document the new field. 2007-12-14DoneUnihan