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April 14, 2008

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June 16, 2008

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Jennifer Garner





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Eric Muller, INCITS/L2 Chairman


INCITS EB Request for INCITS/L2 Clarification Concerning Requested Action on ISO/IEC FCD 15897 - Action Item a08.100 from the April 2008 INCITS EB Meeting


Jennifer Garner, INCITS Secretariat


At the April 2008 meeting of the INCITS Executive Board, the INCITS/L2 proposed contribution to JTC 1 concerning the SC 35 ballot on ISO/IEC FCD 15897, Information technology - User interfaces - Procedures for registration of cultural elements (in080353) was reviewed and discussed in detail. It was noted that the FCD ballot had closed on February 26, 2008 and had passed.  The US automatically abstained on the FCD.  The project was assigned to the program of work of JTC 1/SC 35/WG 5 to which the US had no TAG activity.  It was noted that the German comments on the FCD were along the lines of those proposed by INCITS/L2.

It was agreed that additional information was needed, and the following action item was assigned:

Action Item (a08.100):  The INCITS Secretariat will contact INCITS/L2 and see what action is being requested given the facts that FCD the ballot has closed, has passed, the US does not participate on SC 35/WG 5 and abstains on all WG 5 items.  The only way for the US to be involved would be for INCITS/L2 to request a project TAG assignment for ISO/IEC 15897 in SC 35/WG 5.

Requested Action

The INCITS/L2 response is due to the INCITS Secretariat (jgarner@itic.org) by June 16, 2008 for consideration at the July 2008 INCITS EB meeting.

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