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From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
114-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 with editorial comments from public feedback.2008-02-21 DoneUAX #15
114-A2Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan that it is not feasible for the UTC never to introduce new canonical equivalences. 2008-02-12Done 
114-A3Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Edit the stability policy additions and forward to the officers for approval.2008-02-22Donestability policy
114-A3aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 to make the text consistent with the new stability policies. 2008-02-28DoneUAX #15
114-A4Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeModify the list of SContinue characters in UAX #29, per 114-C2.2008-03-05DoneUAX #29
114-A5Mark DavisUpdate SentenceBreakProperty.txt for SContinue changes.2008-02-28DoneUCD
114-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate 5.1 text with D51a and D56a plus other explanatory material from L2/08-047.2008-02-26DoneUnicode 5.1 text
114-A7Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate D60 and D61 from Chapter 3 for Unicode 5.1, per L2/08-047, as modified in discussion.2008-02-26Done Unicode 5.1 text
114-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake coordinated changes in UAX #29 for Unicode 5.1 (re ECCS and GC definitions). 2008-03-05DoneUAX #29
114-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange the text of UAX #29 to modify word break behavior before and after NL character sequences.2008-03-05DoneUAX #29
114-A10Mark DavisModify word break property as needed, per 114-C5. New property value for Word_Break = (Newline, NL) 2008-02-28DoneUCD
114-A11Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt for Word_Break = (Newline, NL)2008-02-28DoneUCD
114-A12Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with the new Word_Break = (Newline, NL), per 114-C5.2008-02-09DoneUAX #42
114-A13Mark Davis, Andy HeningerMark to regenerate the boundary tests, Andy to verify.2008-03-11DoneUCD 5.1 tests
114-A14Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate editorial feedback in L2/08-072 into UAX #29 for Unicode 5.1.2008-03-05Done UAX #29
114-A15Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #29 for Grapheme_Cluster_Break property value "Prepend" for Thai and Lao.2008-03-05DoneUAX #29
114-A16Mark DavisModify grapheme cluster break property as needed, per 114-C5. New property value for Grapheme_Cluster_Break = (Prepend, PP) 2008-02-28DoneUCD
114-A17Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt for Grapheme_Break = (Prepend, PP).2008-02-28DoneUCD
114-A18Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with the new Grapheme_Break = (Prepend, PP).2008-02-09Done UAX #42
114-A18aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeExplain the relationship between aksaras and extended grapheme clusters (EGC), and why aksaras are not included in EGCs, in UAX #29.2008-03-05 DoneUAX #29
114-A19Rick McGowanRespond to Michael D'Errico re tailoring and UAX #31.2008-02-12Done 
114-A20Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate conformance rules of UAX #31 to fix wording "precise list of any" --> "precise specification of the".2008-02-21DoneUAX #31
114-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate bidi feedback from L2/08-075 into UAX #9 for Unicode 5.1.2008-02-21Done UAX #9
114-A22Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAddress the problem raised in L2/08-075 for UTS #10.2008-02-21DoneUTS #10
114-A23Rick McGowanReply to author of UTS #10 feedback in l2/08-075, PRI #113.2008-02-12Done 
114-A24Ken Whistler, Mark DavisFinish UCA data tables, making changes as necessary for Unicode 5.1.2008-04-04Done UCA
114-A25Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #34 to fix two Khmer names.2008-02-14DoneUAX #34
114-A26Rick McGowanReply to Arthur Reutenauer re UAX #34 and his other feedback in L2/08-0752008-02-12Done 
114-A27Eric MullerFollow up with John Jenkins and Richard Cook on changes needed to UAX #38 for Unicode 5.1. 2008-02-09DoneUAX #38
114-A28Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change the bidi category of U+1929..U+192B from NSM to L and the general category of U+A802 from Mc to Mn.2008-02-13DoneUCD
114-A29Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson re his feedback on UAX #44.2008-02-12Done 
114-A30Michael Everson, Editorial CommitteeFollow up on U+203E font bounding box issue, reported by Chuck Caldarale. 2008-04-16Done 
114-A31Rick McGowanRespond to Benjamin Scarborough re suggestion for U+A789 and U+A78A and other items.2008-02-12 Done 
114-A32Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Update UAX #24 with an explanation for the use of the script property for combining marks only used with a single script.2008-02-20 DoneUAX #24
114-A33Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 5.1, U+1DCE ccc=230 -> 214, U+1DD0 ccc=220 -> 202.2008-02-13 DoneUCD
114-A34Mark DavisUpdate CaseFolding.txt in Unicode 5.1 to correctly handle U+1E9E capital sharp s2008-02-25Done UCD
114-A35Mark DavisUpdate U+2064 in PropList.txt to odi=F2008-02-26DoneUCD
114-A36Mark DavisInsert an empty 3rd field into DerivedNumericValues.txt and update documentation of the field(s) for Unicode 5.1.2008-02-26DoneUCD
114-A37Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Malayalam chillu text in 5.1 with Peter Constable's comment re "Unicode 5.1 beta: chillus" (done by Julie)2008-02-13Done Unicode 5.1 text
114-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate UCD.html to correct names for NFD_QC, etc., in section on UCD Property Files.2008-02-20 DoneUCD.html
114-A39Rick McGowanRespond to Oistein Andersen re comments on Table 3-6.2008-02-12Done 
114-A40Debbie AndersonReview comments on "Hooks and descenders in Abkhaz letter" in L2/08-075 and respond to author of comments.2008-03-27 Done 
114-A43Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeInvestigate the current ANSI patent policy to see if there are changes since Unicode adopted it.2008-04-18Donepatent policy
114-A44Mark DavisVerify the updates to the XML version of the UCD after Eric has updated it.2008-03-14Done UCD
114-A46Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with feedback received in the meeting.2008-02-09Done UAX #42
114-A47Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeClarify in UAX #14 that priorities between linebreaking opportunities are out of scope, if that clarification is needed.2008-02-21DoneUAX #14
114-A48Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Hosken about priorities between linebreaking opportunities.2008-02-13 Done 
114-A49Mark Davis, Andy HeningerMark to update Linebreak test generation program, Andy to verify.2008-03-11 DoneUCD 5.1 tests
114-A51Ken WhistlerAdd ISO comment fields for 4 Tibetan characters in UnicodeData.txt.2008-02-13Done UCD
114-A53Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Add a note in Unicode 5.1 to C7 in Section 3.2, update Section 16-7 changing "removal" to "replacement" and point to UTR #36.2008-02-28 DoneUnicode 5.1 text
114-A55aMark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Add a note to Unicode 5.1 drawing attention to the possible pitfalls in the uppercase, lowercase and titlecase issues.2008-02-28Done Unicode 5.1 text
114-A56Mark Davis, Eric MullerChange the default ignorable property and derivation in UCD.html (done) and DerivedCoreProperties.txt (done).2008-02-28Done UCD, UCD.html
114-A57Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Unicode 5.1 documenting changes in the default ignorable property. 2008-02-26DoneUnicode 5.1 text
114-A58aEric MullerInform the South Asian SC of consensus 114-C16 on Malayalam and schedule a meeting ASAP.2008-02-13 Done 
114-A59Murray Sargent, Editorial CommitteePost L2/08-107 as proposed update for UTR #25, along with diffed version, per 114-C17.2008-05-01DoneUTR #25
114-A60Rick McGowanCreate and post a PRI for Math TR to close May 8, 2008.2008-05-01DonePRI #112
114-A61Mark DavisPer 114-C18, add Greek, Combining_Marks_For_Symbols, Private_Use as block aliases to PropertyValueAliases.txt.2008-02-26Done UCD
114-A62Mark DavisAdd ASCII, Latin_1, Canadian_Syllabics as block aliases to PropertyValueAliases.txt. 2008-02-26DoneUCD
114-A63Eric Muller, Julie Allen, Editorial Committee Add the Tamil table in L2/08-078 to Unicode 5.1 (include aytham and srii), add relevant text, and note the acceptance of Tamil named sequences. (AI reassigned to Eric from Mark, for final table prep.)2008-03-07Done Unicode 5.1 text
114-A64Ken WhistlerAdd the Tamil provisional named sequences to the Pipeline table.2008-02-13Done pipeline
114-A65Michel SuignardRequest addition of Tamil named sequences to Clause 29 of 10646.2008-04-21DoneWG2 N3407
114-A66Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Chapter 12 (Section 12.1, Section 16.4) re IVD sequences, for Unicode 5.1. Also need changes for StandardizedVariants.txt and .html.2008-03-24 DoneUnicode 5.1 text
114-A67Michel SuignardRequest an update to Clause 20.5 of 10646 re IVD sequences.2008-04-21Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A68Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteePrepare a notice about a new version of the IVD. Add a pointer to the IVD from the homepage and other appropriate places.2008-04-18Done website
114-A71Michel SuignardAdd a reference to U_Source ideographs to ballot comments for Amd 52008-03-03Done ballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A72Rick McGowanUpdate the TR versions file to cover UTR #45 and other recent updates.2008-02-12Done  
114-A74Eric MullerSubmit a document on dandas to WG2, based on L2/08-110 section 1 as amended in discussion.2008-03-07 DoneL2/08-118
114-A75Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments that archaic Sinhala numerals should be removed from Amd. 5.2008-03-03 Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A76Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments that we continue to request that the Avestan Separation Point be removed from Amd 5. 2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with Tai Tham changes. See consensus 114-C27.2008-02-12Donepipeline
114-A78Michel SuignardAdd Tai Tham changes to ballot comments on Amd 5. See consensus 114-C27.2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A79Michel SuignardAdd comment consistent with 114-M1 re removal of 4 compatibility characters U+FA6B - U+FA6E to ballot comments on Amd 5.2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A80Michel SuignardAdd consensus 114-C28 re unresolved conflicting info for KangXi sources to ballot comments on Amd 5.2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A81Michel SuignardUpdate Amd 5 to correct U source to J source for ARIB characters in table on page 5; add to ballot coments. 2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A82Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments to correct the names of U+11FD, U+A973, and U+A96E, as approved by prior WG2 resolution.2008-03-03Doneballot comments, L2/08-123
114-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Vedic, in accord with 114-C29 and motion 114-M2.2008-02-12Donepipeline
114-A84Peter Scharf, Michael EversonUpdate L2/08-050 with recommendations from L2/08-110 and submit to WG2.2008-03-11Done 
114-A85Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeInclude removal of LB30 in changes for UAX #14 for 5.1, add informative note about parentheses.2008-02-21DoneUAX #14
114-A87Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #31 for 5.1, based on points 1 and 2 in L2/08-108.2008-03-03DoneUAX #31
114-A88Mark DavisAsk the officers to follow through on item 3 of L2/08-108 to add to the stability policies in the 5.1 timeframe. 2008-02-28Donestability policy
114-A89Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for updated stability policies based on item 3 of L2/08-108 for the officers.2008-02-22Done stability policy
114-A90Rick McGowanClose all the UAX PRIs for 5.1, and close PRIs for UTR #36 and UTS #10.2008-02-11Done  
114-A91Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 5.1, targetted for the end of March 2008.2008-04-04 Done 
114-A92Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease UCA 5.1.0, targetted for the end of March 2008.2008-04-04Done  
114-A93Rick McGowanForward Livre tournois sign proposal L2/07-332 with summary form to WG2, and respond to author. 2008-02-13Done 
114-A94Kamal MansourForward L2/08-044 to WG22008-04-04Done 
114-A95Michael EversonModify the Javanese proposal L2/08-015 to use a 6 column block, and submit the updated document to WG2.2008-03-10Done 
114-A96Eric Muller, Debbie AndersonDraft a document for WG2 to request that user communities be specifically called out in new script proposals2008-04-16DoneWG2 N3441
114-A97Rick McGowanPrepare a contribution to WG2 suggesting that the Japanese NB provide comments on L2/07-421, and forward the document ot WG2.2008-02-28 DoneL2/08-117
114-A98Rick McGowanWork with Leo Broukhis to update L2/08-030 and forward to WG2.2008-02-13Done WG2 N3386
114-A99Rick McGowanForward Kaithi proposal L2/07-418 to WG2.2008-02-28Done 
114-A99aRick McGowan, Debbie AndersonSend Anshuman Pandey's Kaithi font to Michael Everson and Rick for use with publication. 2008-04-24DoneWG2 N3466
114-A101Rick McGowanCommunicate comments and follow-up actions to Michael Everson on the Batak proposal L2/08-0112008-02-11Done 
114-A102Debbie AndersonWork with Lazrek to update Rumi proposal and forward to WG2.2008-04-11DoneWG2 N3430
114-A103Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for consensuses 114-C34 to 114-C412008-02-12Donepipeline
114-A104Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial Committee Update UTS #18 and post for public review.2008-02-26Done UTS #18
114-A105Rick McGowanExtend all open PRIs not explicitly closed in this meeting to May 8, 2008.2008-02-13 Done 
114-A107Debbie AndersonPrepare a UTC/L2 position paper on egyptological yod based on L2/08-087 and forward to WG2.2008-04-11Done WG2 N3431

From UTC #113 and L2 #210

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
113-A5Lorna PriestUpdate L2/07-334R and forward to WG2; ensure chart editor has a font. 2008-04-16DoneWG2 N
113-A6Richard CookSubmit his previous feedback document on NĂ¼shu as an L2/UTC document.2008-04-16Done WG2 N3433
113-A7Debbie AndersonFollow up with authors of L2/07-371; submit the followup document to L2 and WG2. 2008-04-16DoneWG2 N3433
113-A8Adrian CheukPrepare a document discussing what are the representations for numbers in the proposed Old Lisu encoding. 2008-02-05DoneL2/08-019
113-A12Michel Suignard, Symbols SCFinish the proposal on Japanese television symbols and submit doc.2008-02-05 DoneL2/08-077
113-A14Eric MullerDraft ballot comments on representing the 4 compatibility ideographs in L2/07-387 with VS, by the next UTC meeting.2008-02-09 Done 
113-A16Michel SuignardTake the glyph erratum for Ogham Space to WG2.2008-04-21DoneWG2 N3407
113-A34Debbie Anderson, Ken WhistlerDraft a rationale for using a generic middle dot for the Avestan Separator Dot. 2008-02-05DoneL2/08-088
113-A40Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeProduce a document that describes Unicode's policy on encoding dandas. 2008-02-05DoneL2/08-086
113-A43Eric MullerLead discussion on South Asian list of prsthramatra e. 2.1 of L2/07-343 versus section 9 of L2/07-230.2008-02-05Done 
113-A45Eric MullerBring up the open questions on Vedic to identify differences and drive to conclusion by Feb 4, 2008 for next UTC. On South Asian list.2008-02-05Done 
113-A46Eric MullerInform Gov't of India about the agreement to encode some characters with no substantive difference between proposals; other items (see minutes)2008-02-05Done  
113-A49Lisa MooreCarry forward agenda items C.2, C.10.2 and C.13.1 to next UTC meeting.2008-02-05Done agenda
113-A50Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDrive the changes to titles of UAXs, as in Consensus 113-C22.2008-02-05Done 
113-A54Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeAdd section in UAX #14 comparable to section 7 "Testing" in UAX #29.2008-01-29 DoneUAX #14
113-A58Eric MullerProvide an updated XML derived file for submission into the Unicode 5.1 UCD.2008-02-05Done UCD
113-A62Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeMake clear in PRIs what the closing dates really mean for particular items. 2008-02-05Done 
113-A65Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial Committee Make the changes to PU UTS #18 given in L2/07-349, and post up.2008-02-26DoneUTS #18
113-A67Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial Committee Add information on alternative uses of "\N" to UTS #18.2008-02-26 DoneUTS #18
113-A68Rick McGowanRespond to those who submitted PRI comments on UTS #18, to acknowledge feedback.2008-02-26 ClosedMoot
113-A71Michael Everson, Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Review consensus and action lists from this UTC meeting and prepare the list of necessary chart work and instructions.2008-03-10Done  

From UTC #112 and L2 #209

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
112-A19Cibu Johny Provide other independent evidence for Malayalam chillu ya. (Searched, none found outside Gundert.) 2008-02-20Done 

From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
111-A5Michel SuignardUpdate idnaprep based on PRI #96 feedback and re-post to the IDNA Update list.2008-02-05 ClosedMoot
111-A6Bharat BhushanCome up with a set of scripts requiring ZWJ/ZWNJ, within 1 month of this UTC meeting.2008-02-05 ClosedMoot
111-A22Andy HeningerContact Elika Etemad and Paul Nelson and get a justification for change to LB algorithm to allow tailoring of LB before space. Post result to UTC to consider.2008-01-29 DoneUAX #14
111-A27Peter ConstableCommunicate request (Consensus 111-C12) to have IDS sequences published as part of 10646, to WG2. (email sent 2007-10-24)2008-04-21DoneWG2 N3459
111-A28John JenkinsPrepare WD of PDUTR on U-source data for CJK ideographs, including the current U0 sources. 2008-02-05DoneL2/08-053
111-A58Debbie AndersonWork with Azzeddine Lazred and Rosa Comes to improve the Rumi proposal and get a Rumi font. 2008-01-29Done 
111-A60Rick McGowanWorking with Dr. Durrani, make an alternative nuqta proposal, to add spacing characters. K. Mansour, Ken, Mark to review.2008-04-21DoneWG2 N3460
111-A66Bharat BhushanContact Peter Scharf and Michael Everson, and come up with revised, single Vedic proposal.2008-02-05 DoneL2/08-042

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A6Mark DavisAdd an invariant test to tools, asserting (sc=XX) === (gc = [Cn, Co]) (added: Cs)2008-03-06 DoneUnicode tools
110-A19Mark DavisDocument in UCD.html what happens when an explicit value is not provided for the foldings and mappings listed in item #10 of L2/07-026R, except for special casing conditions.2008-02-20 DoneUCD.html
110-A19aMark DavisMake changes to blk and dt values as specified in items #8 and #9 of L2/07-026R. (AI not recorded in minutes)2008-02-26Done UCD
110-A98Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowanMake determination of the rest of the properties for all the new characters added at this UTC meeting, and bring proposal back to next UTC meeting.2008-02-05 ClosedUCD

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A20Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial Committee Add FAQs on issues raised in nextsteps doc. (On hold pending resolution of IDNA drafts.)2008-02-05ClosedFAQ, moot

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
103-A8Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeProvide documentation for the last resort font.2008-03-14Done