South Asia Subcommittee Report

Monday November 3, 2008


E.1.1 Proposal to add three Kaithi punctuation marks (WG2 N3544) [SEI/Anderson, L2/08-370]


E.2.1 Malayalam: Comparison of dot-reph proposals [Johny, L2/08-306]

In addition to the alternatives presented in the document, we considered a spacing character that occurs before the consonant, but is rendered as a dot above the consonant, rather than a combining mark occurring after the consonant. It's a variation on D, let’s call it D′.

Ideally, the usual mechanisms, RA Virama {ZWJ/ZWNJ} Cons, would be preferred. However, those mechanisms are already used in legacy documents for the representation of chillus. For that reason, and considering keyboard interactions and collations, D' seems the most promising path.

We recommend to solicit input from the Government of India, and make a resolution at the February 2009 UTC meeting.

E.2.2 Malayalam: Valid combining mark contexts [Johny, L2/08-389]


E.3.1 Proposal to change some characters for Myanmar Unicode 5.1 [L2/08-408]

The proposal is fundamentally to encode glyph shapes, and reflects a misunderstanding of the Unicode model.