Subject: Emojipedia top requests
From: Mark Davis
Date: 2015-01-29

For your information, here is a breakdown of how the top requests on Emojipedia map to the current status of new emoji characters. The Emojipedia top requests in this list are broken into "Top" and "Runners-up".

  1. Already in Unicode 8.0 Candidates: 
    1. EP Top: Hockey, Volleyball, Taco, Burrito, Hot Dog, Eye Roll Face, Lion, Turkey
    2. EP Runners-up: Block of cheese, Cricket
  2. Emoji subcommittee Tranche 5 (for future version of TUS)
    1. EP Top: Fingers Crossed, Sick or vomit face
    2. EP Runners-up: Shark, Owl
  3. Emoji subcommittee runners-up (still in discussion)
    1. EP Top: Bacon, Potato (not sweet potato), Black Heart (black with emoji-pres, large, square*)
    2. EP Runners-up: Mango, Carrot, Giraffe
* Might be possible to reuse U+1F394 ( 🎔 ) HEART WITH TIP ON THE LEFT