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UnicodeĀ® 15.0 Versioned Charts Index

New blocks are highlighted in yellow in the Character Additions table. Blocks which also have significant glyph updates, as well as the character additions, are starred. The "New Characters" column gives the number of new characters encoded in Unicode, Version 15.0 for previously existing blocks, or the total number of characters for new blocks.

Blocks containing no new characters, but with significant glyph updates or changes to standardized variation sequences are highlighted in violet in the Glyph and Variation Sequence Changes table. That table lists specific characters or ranges of characters with glyph updates in the "Code Points" column. This convention makes it easier to find the relevant glyph changes in very large CJK ideograph code charts.

For more information about these charts, please see Character Code Charts Help and Links. These charts are also commonly referred to as delta charts, because they document the "delta", or changes, between this version of the code charts and the code charts of the prior version.


Glyph and Variation Sequence Changes

Block Name Code Points Count
IPA Extensions 025E, 029A 2
Arabic 0616 1
United Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 144B, 14D1, 1506, 15C0..15C3, 15E8..15EE, 1601, 1604..1607, 160A..160D, 1614..162D, 1630..163F, 1646..1647, 165A 66
United Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended 18DB, 18EC, 18F1..18F2, 18F5 5
Sundanese 1BBF 1
Optical Character Recognition 2447 1
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 34DC, 3BF6, 3C43, 48B4, 4DBE 5
CJK Unified Ideographs 585F, 5F50, 6BC0, 7BC9, 833E, 93AB 6
Cyrillic Extended-B A66E 1
CJK Compatibility Ideographs F936, FA70..FA76, FA78..FA95, FA97..FA98, FA9A..FAD9 104
Old Turkic 10C47 1
Egyptian Hieroglyphs various (including new standardized variation sequences) 94
Khitan Small Script 18CCA 1
Wancho (font update) 1E2C0..1E2F9, 1E2FF 59
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B 20048, 20A1C, 2143F, 21A5F, 21C08, 21FBA, 22ACF, 23392, 238A7, 23D8F, 23F4E, 25D20, 26E30, 27BF8, 27C4F, 28633, 28B02, 28E9A, 29760, 2A60F 20
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C 2A84E, 2AF4F, 2B15C, 2B249 4
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E 2BB37, 2BD7D, 2C151, 2C1E0, 2C2D6, 2C5CA, 2C810, 2CD34 8
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension F 2CF4E, 2D25D, 2D3EC, 2D6A7, 2D7BA, 2D979, 2DA74, 2DA97, 2DC13, 2DDC0, 2DF10, 2DF78, 2E05A, 2E0AE, 2E516, 2E640, 2E680, 2EA63 18
CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement 2F804, 2F805, 2F833, 2F835, 2F84C, 2F84F, 2F852, 2F855, 2F887, 2F88B, 2F899, 2F8A0, 2F8A6, 2F8A7, 2F8AD, 2F8B1, 2F8B4, 2F8B7, 2F8BA, 2F8D0, 2F8E0..2F8E2, 2F8E5, 2F8E6, 2F8FE, 2F900, 2F901, 2F907, 2F912, 2F922, 2F926, 2F936, 2F938, 2F94E, 2F959, 2F95F, 2F96C, 2F99F, 2F9B8, 2F9BA, 2F9D3, 2F9DB, 2F9DC, 2F9E8, 2F9EA, 2F9EE, 2FA00, 2FA0D, 2FA1B 50
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension G 302FC, 30723, 30759, 30A6D, 30CF7, 30DBF, 31006, 3105D 8
Total 455