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Versioned Charts

Version 28

Charts  Description 
Delta Data
Delta Data Most of the data that changed in the current release. See also DTD Deltas.
Locale-Based Data 
Verification Constructed data for verification: Dates, Timezones, Numbers
Summary A summary view of the main locale data. See also Survey Tool
By-Type A side-by-side comparison of data from different locales for each field.
Character Annotations The (draft) emoji character annotations in CLDR.
Collation Tailorings Collation charts (draft) for CLDR locales.
Other Data
Supplemental Data General data that is not part of the locale hierarchy but is still part of CLDR. Includes: plural rules, day-period rules, language matching, language-script information, territories (countries) and their subdivisions, timezones, and so on.
Transform Some of the transforms in CLDR: the transliterations between different scripts.
Keyboards Keyboard data

Caveats: These charts present some of the XML data in CLDR in a more readable form. However: